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Maybe I'll upload something here. Maybe I won't. I haven't written fanfiction in a loooooong time.


Those not born with the ability all dream of a chance, if only for a few moments, to fly.

Even if he is merely a tortoise with a simple mind, Tank was no different that the millions of other dreamers that covet the sky. Ever since his Yellow Mistress helped him hatch from his egg, he always marveled at those who have the capabilities.

As of yet though; he has not appeared at any of the pet play dates, nor has The Blue Mistress. If anything, the two are rarely even seen together. Concerned, Owlowicious attempts to consult with Tank whist they fly regarding the matter. The two have grown close since Tank has been fitted for the peculiar contraption strapped about his shell, despite their differences.

((A story from my Tales of Animalism series
Featured on EQD on 6/3/12))

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My, my, the pets are far more formal than they should be, Don'cha think?

I was going for a kind of parallel universe feel, admittedly. :pinkiesad2:

The minute I saw this, I had to read.

and if you were going for a parallel feel, well, it's good! I think you did a fine job. not much else to say, unfortunately :twilightsmile:

Why, this is a most elegant yarn. Please accept this talisman of a mustachioed Little Lord.:moustache:

A pet story! Ah! So much win! I can't get enough of these, which is a shame, because I don't see many. :pinkiehappy:
I love the friendship that they've developed in this, the natural flyer and the tortoise, just like RD and Tank. Especially the references to the other pet's relationships; I found myself accidentally defending Opal. :twilightsheepish:
A saddening, but realistic, take on how RD & Tank's relationship might be like considering we never see them. I suppose we can't see everyone we want. *Cough* Fancypants. *Cough*
Owlowiscious' voice. Hot. Makes me wonder what Gummy would sound like.

I really want to see you write something like a pet sleepover with all of them alone or something. God, I would read that so much. Anyway, yet another superb story which requires certain appendages of mine! :raritywink:

I love the way you made a formal little society! pet fanfics ftw!

Thanks for a kind comments, peeps. :rainbowkiss:

If I ever write about Gummy, he will sound like the saucy lovechild of Morgan Freeman and Captain Hack Harkness. :trollestia:
Actually, you just gave me an idea~

I kinda like that Tank and the others refer to Luna by name, instead of 'Indigo Mistress' or whatever. It gives the Princesses more of a mythic feel, like they're connected to the animals of Equestria as well as the ponies. If that's a mistake, don't change it.

Glad someone noticed that. :rainbowkiss:

I'll be waiting, slightly aroused.

Then we can move onto the rabbit mafioso Angel.

This is great! I like the concept that all of the pony-pets are linked to their owners on a deeper level and it's kind of amusing to imagine them acting on their own accord, at times. Fun and sweet little piece, you've done well!

So cute!!!

Do please keep this up. Write more about the pet's lives!

a.deviantart.net/avatars/l/u/lunahuzzahplz.png?1 They like me!

Very enjoyable. T'was a fun read indeed. I approve.

At first I was like, "Where are Winona and Gummy?" The next thing I know, "Perhaps you might take your idle time to partake in some social outings with Brother Gummy or Sister Winona."

Mind = Blown

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!:pinkiesad2:

I must say, I did enjoy this a lot. I do hope there's more to it? I wouldn't mind seeing through each of the pets' eyes and even continuing the story of Tank's loneliness and his Mistress' habit of leaving him, though this story does wrap everything up nicely. Well written, as well, which is always a plus I've loved to see in stories. You've definitely the gift of writing few possess.

Continue as you may, or not. I will read through the rest of your stories now that I've sampled some of what you have to offer here. Thank you for writing this.

Loved it. You really need to write more MLPets stories. It'd be interesting to see Tank's relationship with Angel, seeing as how they probably already knew each other for quite a while.

Also, I figured Gummy would sound pretty young compared to the other pets. He is a baby alligator after all.

This needs a sequel, like, presently.

You should continue this :) Be nice to see what Tank might get up to when he goes to visit Gummy and Winona.

Thanks for all the awesome comments everyone :pinkiehappy: You guys are seriously my lifeblood at times. :heart:

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Truth be told, I am 'sort of' working on a sequel presently. It won't be near as this serious though since I'm trying to break out of my motif, so don't get too excited. :twilightblush: It won't even have Tank as the main character.


Meh, I like Tank but that will still be interesting. You found a good subject and you write it very well. I'm watching this. :rainbowderp:

awww, poor tank, I do think this sort of examples why rainbow as cool and lovable as she is might not make a good big sister for scootaloo, I mean sure if anyone ever bothered scoot or she was having a bad day rainbow would be there for her but rainbow is a rather... I guess busy mare.

She has places to go and things to do, but maybe tank could find ways of following her somehow?

Oh yeah... um not sure how notifications work but if you have a bunch of favorites and then unfavorites and a thumbs up and a down and some junk like that er... my bad, got it sorted out but if there is something like that thought you should know who's to blame, again sorry about that

Wow, this is great! What a unique subject!
It took me a minute to figure out who "Little Lord Lavender" was. Added Alliterative Appeal for the win! :twilightsmile:
I like the insight into the world of ponies' pets. I didn't expect them to speak so formally, but I'm glad they do!

I have one single complaint about this story: you ended it.

Seriously, there's the potential here for a lot more story. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be very interested in reading it.

But other than that, you do very good work. You may have a like, a favorite, and a loving glance from big mac:eeyup:

And the formality of the dialogue just spot on.

Well, I've published a sequel for you guys! Twice as long and starring our favorite alligator. Hope you enjoy it!

Great fic! Have to read the sequel soon. :pinkiehappy:
One thing bothered me a bit, though. Those titles of Mistresses, Masters, Lords, Brothers and Sisters gave me the feeling like the pets were members of some secret masonic lodge. :rainbowlaugh:

Don't see a lot of fics involving characters like this. Kind of a tough task, honestly.

Excellent job, though.

Need to see Tank again in the show...


That's it. I want to see a spin-off focusing on the pets with this brotherhood mindset now.


680268Ohh, good point, i didn't even notice that!

The way you wrtoe the animals perspective is extremely charming. Their way of talking and interacting with another is heart warming, and perfectly fits in with the Equestrian canon.

The only thing that got me down with this story is that I felt very sorry for poor Tank throughout most of it. But perhaps that was a necessary evil needed to convey the emotions. I'm glad it had a happy ending, even though it may have been more of a bittersweet type.

Wonderful fic, would definitely read again!

I just found this story today and I absolutely love it! The animals' voices were wonderful and matched their personalities quite well. Great job!

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