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Nearly every human on Earth has mysteriously vanished, those left behind have been transformed and magic has permeated the land and infected the wildlife. You'd think this would be trouble enough for one guy who just wants to enjoy the holidays, but he lives in Australia, where everything wants to kill you. And now they're magical too. Oh boy.

This story is part of the “Ponies After People" universe.

Thanks to Beth S. for editing!

Chapters (3)
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Nice cliff hanger ending. Particularly for those who find this story first. Protagonist is in for an interesting time. I'll admit, I was hoping for an earth pony, but can't win them all. Though, if all that alcohol carried over from his human body to his pony, he's lucky to be alive... But not as important.

I'll admit, I was kinda hoping for an earth pony but meh.

Thank you Greycait! You're my first ever commenter :pinkiegasp:

Sorry to disappoint but my protagonists journey requires his external magic ability, and also the main story features a earth pony so I wanted to stray away from that.

As for the alcohol, his extreme levels of alcohol is what causes his initial distress. Luckily though his human body was able to metabolise the liquor before The Event to stop him dying as a pony.

Well, second commenter here!

You have a nice beginning going. Are you Aussie? The story sounds like it, which is good. Hope to see more of the flavour.

Right, constructive criticism time:
Especially in the first part you skip from past to present tense and back a few times, that makes reading a bit less enjoyable. Nothing major, just be aware of it?

Something to maybe edit contentwise:

I would need to get used to using them if I want to survive.

He hasn't realized yet that he's utterly alone at this point and his actual survival is at stake (at least you didn't describe it, just hinted at it with how his friends wouldn't open the door, one sentence would be enough), but I guess he's about to do so now with the quiet highway.

Apart from these minor issues: looks like you're off to a good start. I liked the hangover waking and the bird bombing ;)
Tracking this.

Thank you second commenter! :rainbowlaugh:
I knew there were some verb tense issues, I just hadn't spotted any in my last read through. Thanks for that, I'll have a thorough look through and change it all to past tense.

As for the second issue, the protagonist meant 'survive' as in a casual term. But I can see how it could be read differently; like he knows fully about the situation he's in. I might change that too.

And yes, I'm Aussie :yay:

Yay! PaP has gone to the Southern Hemisphere!

Ah, a pug. Tiny Terror, it is.

Yay, more from down under! Really glad to see you're continuing this.
Quality: very, very, very much improved!
So he figured out a kind of hoof-bound telekinesis? That's... interesting. Definitively not seen before in any of the other stories.
Now how to survive going outside the gate... not easy with pugs around. Small monsters.

And I'm pretty sure there's more people than us two tracking this. You'd hardly have thirteen likes if that wasn't the case ;)

Not bad for your first chapter.

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Your protagonist needs a cycle rickshaw or pedicabs, with electric assist.

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So he figured out a kind of hoof-bound telekinesis? That's... interesting. Definitively not seen before in any of the other stories.

Unless you count the original episodes, as Earth ponies, like Applejack can hold objects in the hooves as well.


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