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The Lyra Heartstrings

Ponyville Choir member, anthropologist. I live in Ponyville, Equestria, with Bon Bon. I am willing to roleplay, although it would be weird to roleplay as myself...


Things that almost nopony and nobody knew! You haven't heard of Myth Wanderer, Griffinclaw, anything. Well, mostly anything. This photo of me looks cool, although it's from the 'Internet'. Main characters, hm? Me, Bonnie, Twilight is a kind of big part, and other, since there's ponies who aren't there, who are also a kind of big part of this. I also can't believe there's humans who pose as me!

This also has notes I wrote down on the phone I have! Adventures, and things I did! Likes and dislikes? That doesn't really matter, this is mostly for telling about me.

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"Got anything knew on humans?"

That would be "new."

Otherwise, it's nice to meet you, Lyra! Welcome to Fimfiction.net!

That's okay.

Hey, if you've got any questions about this website (or humans in general), feel free to ask me!

I made a group :heart:! Wondering if anypon- anyone, wants to join?

I had bags under my eyes. "I look terrible!! you're right.. but it's so addictive!"

Capitalize "You're."

"Just the phone alone,

Insert "leave" between "Just" and "the."

Yeah, I remember when I first started playing Angry Birds. The only thing that got me to stop was Team Fortress 2.

6219844 Yep, you're just like Bon Bon. What's team fortress 2? Is it another phone game?

No, it's not. Your phone's not powerful enough to handle it. It's better handled on other devices, such as a PC, a Mac, an Xbox, or a PS3. If on the off chance you manage to get ahold of one of those, then yes, you can play it.

6219873 What are those? I only know of TV Computers and Phones.

PCs and Macs are different types of computers.

6219888 Okay, but I doubt I'll ever get one. Myth probably can't make them, though I'll ask. What about that exbox and ps3?

The Xbox and the PS3 are game consoles-- that is, computers meant specifically for games.

Me and Bons usual bench


I felt all my privacy gone.

Lyra, you don't even know the half of it.

By the way, R34 is short for Rule 34 of the so-called "Rules of the Internet." It states:

If it exists, there is porn of it.

Pfffffr ahahahahahaha!!!!! This is an awesome fic! I hope to see more soon!

On the other hand (hoof?), posting Not Safe for Work (better known as NSFW) images (which R34 is classified as) or linking to such material (including Mature-rated stories) is against Fimfiction's site rules-- chiefly because, otherwise, Fimfiction would lose its advertising money.

I have two words to say, but it's a small spoiler. Click to see: Gender Change in the spoiler, it's kind of what you think it is, but also not at the same time.

Wait... no!! I just realized this'll go on from a long time ago to the present, which technically isn't the present!! Paradoxes!! What have I done!?

Meaning that today wouldn't be today but it would be yesterday or sometime before that, which would lead to another chapter but which gets posted way ahead of the time when it actually took place! Then tomorrow would be over 1 month ago, so that chapter would make it seem like the present, which it is not. Oh... my head hurts. Paradoxes everywhere !!

As the French would say, this chapter takes place in a week with four Thursdays.

In English (or Equestrian, as you call it), if we want to say that something's not going to happen, we often say that it would happen "when pigs fly," or "when Hell freezes over." "In a week with four Thursdays" is the French equivalent, which was the first thing I thought of when you mentioned the time paradox.

6222712 Oh Brench.. I don't speak that. Well technically the first chapter took place a while ago, although I published it on a different date and made it look it happened in the present.. sort of. The chapters I posted already happened some time ago but if something were to happen tomorrow it would be uploaded like 2 weeks ahead of it since I'm doing the first time I got the phone up until the present which will never happen since there is no present as long as I keep writing the past. Stop making my head hurt!!

you discovered R34 that early? Ouch, hope your mentality isn't scared to much.:fluttercry:

Join my group for spoilers, notices, and more!

Important notice: On Tuesday, I'll be gone for about a month or so with Bon Bon. Please don't leave me guys!

Don't worry, we'll be here. Hope you and Bon Bon have a good trip!

6271653 Well, not back back, just back.. as in back to sharing my life in a story :heart: still, the paradox is going to kill me.

6271653 And I'm still on vacation with Bon Bon (although what are we taking a break from?)

I back from me and Bon's vacation! Back to writing chapters of my life -.-

6350158 slight delay in chapter writing, we were unpacking and now I'm settling back in. New chapter will be done sometime this week, as Myth, and no, I'm not kididng, was embracing us for the past two hours.

6354492 I'm so tardy.. okay.. my phone's screen broke, but don't fret, I'll try to make a new chapter :3 if I don't, then I don't. Sorry for the huge delay, or, a month and a half -_-

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