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I'm an MLP/Sci-Fi crossover writer. 'Nuff said. My stories seek to answer but these three, simple questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC5QT6CWiSM


When the Tantabus, an entity born of sorrow, threatens to break free into the real world, only one hero is fit for the job of stopping it: Wizard.

Alternate ending to “Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?”
(This is what I call a “Henshin One-Shot”, a one-off battle between a Kamen Rider and an Equestrian villain with no real story surrounding it. Kamen Rider Wizard crossover)

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Heh, ya know what? Not bad, sure it's outta nowhere, but for what this is, not bad at all! As a fan of Wizard, I'll give this a 7 out of 10, nicely done. Looking forward to anything else ya send down the pipe!

How bout one about Gaim?

I have two other Kamen Rider stories in the works that include aspects of Gaim (Inves and/or Lockseeds), but not the continuity. I actually need to watch Gaim soon so I know I'm getting the details right, but I'd have to go through Blade and Hibiki first to get other details and because I'm a stickler for going in order as much as possible.

Whenever you do watch it, be prepared.

6198966 Prepare to throw grapes, kiwis, cantaloupes and evil grapes at Mitsuzane, he'll become a ppiece of crap

"Mai-San!" is his vocabulary!

Author Interviewer

This was fucking nuts and I loved it.


Wizard is the third Kamen Rider series I got into (first being OOO, second being W, FYI), and I fucking love it! Of course, considering how many parallels it has with Madoka Magica, a show with a ludicrously similar plot line, of which I also love, it was almost expected. Anyways, Wizard is awesome. I love how you maintained all of the little jingles and 'Shabadoobie touch to Henshin' stuff.

By the way, here's a new video to put, since the original video now no longer exists.

Thanks, it's hard to keep track of linked videos dying and all.

Drums began playing from nowhere, followed by someone singing, “Maji ka, maji de, magic da sho-ow tiiiime!” Trumpets then joined in.

Twilight stared at Haruto. “Really?”

Haruto shrugged. “It’s a dream, I can do what I want. Now…,” he swapped rings on his right hand again, turning towards the Tantabus, “showtime.”

can't argue with that logic

“I can’t tell if this thing is supposed to be 3D or 2D,” Haruto said. Then he noticed one of its tendrils slice a glowing tear in the night sky. “Oh? But it seems to be trying to break the fourth wall.”

... I have no idea what to say to this :rainbowhuh:
Any fun short with one of my favourite Riders

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