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I love love love to write and get my ideas out to the world.And I hope the world enjoys them in the process.Thats what being a writer means to me.


Things are not looking well for King Sombra. He has criminals causing panic and destruction and a kingdom to protect and piles of paperwork to do. What a mess! His fellow co-rulers are worried about him, so they contact Princess Celestia.....a ruler in which King Sombra does not get along with well. But he soon learns that not only has she surprisingly agree but she is not alone. Her younger sister, Princess Luna will be a tending her. Their first meeting turns to friendship, and friendship turns into love. But can is survive when their kingdoms go to war?

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I like the premise of the story! Im sure the majority of dislikes are caused by grammer/spelling issues, but its nothing that can't be fixed! Please don't be discouraged! The content is good, as is your idea and I hope you continue with it.

I'm really sorry, I'll go and fix the mistakes as soon as I can I promise

CONTINUE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Please update i love it!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

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