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Blue Rosepetals and Teardrops - SummertimeisBest

What if AU King Sombra never met Celestia? What if he met and fell in love with a beautiful yet mysterious mare with bright teal eyes? Based of the Reflections arc

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Chapter 1:The News

The sunshine warmed Sombra's face as he sat in front of a large silver window. The city of Canterlot reflecting in his clear green eyes. What am I going to do? It was a thought that found its way into his mind for a while now. Two of the most important kingdoms of Equestria where bickering at one another, ponys constantly needing help, and the mountains of paperwork waiting to be read and signed....or just read and then thrown away.

Sombra brought a hoof up to his head to rub it. He had been getting headaches for the past four months. His friends joke with him, saying that he thinks to much. But they all know that stress was the real awnser. Sometimes they would get so bad that he would have to stop working and go lay down for a while.

But this one was just a small one that went away the second he but his hoof down. Plus, the comforting thought of the night helped as well. Oh how he loved to look up at the stars and moon, it gave him a sense of relaxation. In fact, with his headaches making him fall asleep during the day he would sometime work during the night. He wished that would happen all the time, he truly did.

"Now I see why you always get headaches! You think to much, my friend", a voice joked from behind him.

Sombra smiled and turned around to see a tall creature with a lion paw and eagle claw for hands, a goat leg and dragon leg for feet, two miss matched horns and wings and a serpant-like tail. Wearing a purple mask and cape.

"Discord! What brings you hear?", Sombra asked in a gentle voice. Discord smiled and shook his head.

"You forget, that you where suppose to be attending the meeting two hours ago", Discord replied

Sombra's eyes widened. He turned to face the large clock that read 2:30. He sprung from his spot by the window and ran to Discord's side. Discord couldn't help himself, he began to laugh at the sight he had seen.

The two friends began to walk down the long dark hallway leading to the meeting room. That was where Sombra and his co-rulers had important discussions on important things like documents, their subjects issues, keeping their kingdoms in balance.....pretty much just ruler stuff.

After the minutes of silence the sound of a small chuckle was heard.

"A penny or two for your thoughts, my friend", Discord said as he put his lion paw on Sombra's shoulder. Sombra looked up at him and smiled.

"Well, Mr. Sir Discord, I can't really help it when it's apart of my job to think", Sombra said. Discord smirked.

Well, just try not to fall asleep at this one, it's serious", Discord said with the smirk growing bigger. "Or I my as well have someone listen to that sign". Sombra became confused until he felt something on the side of his face. Useing his magic, he pealed off what was a piece of paper that read 'SLAP ME' on the front. Sombra smirked. He began to mimic Discords voice.

"Its serious....Dude you never take anything seriously", Sombra slapped the piece of sticky piece of paper onto Discords face. The two friends shared a laugh as they came upon a large pair of blue doors with beautiful golden designs.

Using his magic, Sombra pushed one of them open reveling a large round wooden table with eight wooden chairs. Sitting at the table where four well known figures. A light blue alicorn, a green lovely looking butterfly creature, and two very identical ponys dressed in long black robes.

"Well, it's about time, where on earth have you two been? We've been waiting for hours", Trixie scolded the two. Trixie was the high teacher in the Canterlot School of Magic and was always there to teach the students and lend a hand...just don't make her angry.

"We where starting to think that you two had ran off and weren't coming", Queen Chrysalis signed in relief. Queen Chrysalis was the ruler of the changelings and the Unit of Love. Her job was to spread love and joy all across Equestria.

"We tried to tell them that it was just you getting lost into your thoughts again, Your Highness but they wouldn't listen, isn't that right brother of mine", Flim turned his head to face the his twin sitting next to him.
"Very much yes, Your Highness", Flam said with a smile.

The Flim Flam Brothers where the judges in charge of the trials in the court house. They made sure that everyone was on board with a decision and everything was fair. To the victims and the criminals. But they looked so alike, that the only way you could tell them apart was the fact that Flam had a mustache and Flim did not.

"Oh please we wouldn't dream of such things", Discord said as he sat down in his seat. Discord was the royal adviser to everyone in the room and pretty much your everyday super hero. Using his chaotic powers to help protect anyone from harm and to get the job done.

Sombra's lips curled into a gentle smile as he approached the table and having a seat in the chair at the front end. Sombra, of course, was the high ruler of Canterlot. It was his job to attend meetings and court trials, sign documents and keep the ponies healthy and well....By God! It's easier said then done.

"I appreciate your concern. But I've heard that this meeting was going to be about something serious, so what is this all about? Sombra said getting to the matters. There was a pause. The five rulers exchanged nervous glances before Chrysalis turned to face him. She cleared her throat before speaking.

"Um, well, we all have been noticing that with your lack of rest you seem to have trouble thinking straight most of the time, thus causing the headache problem and we think you might need a little more help", Chrysalis said gently. Sombra was shocked.

"No, no I'm fine, really you all don't need to worry", Sombra said with a smile. Discord also smiled
"Well, it's a little bit to late to say that", Discord said. His smile growing even bigger. Sombra began to grow confused.

"It's true, we've all decided that not only will we take more time helping you out but we have also asked for help from another kingdom", Flim said. Sombra stared at them, he knew that they where all like a family and was always looking after one another but who could've they had asked?

"Really, who?", Sombra said gently, of course he wasn't angry. He actually liked the idea, maybe now he could get more rest then he ever has. Everyone was silent for a minute. Unitll Discord flew right beside him.

"Your not going to like it but we've asked Princess Celestia to help you rule for the next three years ", Discord said. For a good three seconds there was silence.

"What!", Sombra shouted in surprise. Her? HER? Out of everyone in Equestria they had to pick her? Trixie smiled at Chrysalis.

"See I told you he wasn't going to like it", She said. Chrysalis rolled her eyes and turned toward Sombra.

"Sombra, listen I know you two don't get along", Chrysalis said

"Particularly hate each other if I'm not mistaken", Trixie said. Chrysalis eyed her.

"But, like us she's a ruler and we need all the help we can get and besides she's not that bad", Chrysalis said. Sombra giggled mockingly.

"Sombra this isn't just about you this is about Equestria. The Mane 6 have caused so much damage and who knows what they'll do next. Princess Celestia is a good friend of mine and she too is worried for the safety of this land, she is a very important ruler and you know that", Chrysalis said gently. Sombra scoffed.

"Oh, oh why yes let us all bow down to the mighty Princess Celestia, who does nothing but sit on that beach chair she calls a throne and raise's a giant lightbulb into the sky everyday, oh yeah she one heck of a ruler", Sombra said in a mocked tone.

"Sombra!, that will not be tolerated", Chrysalis snapped. She took in a deep breath and agusted her glasses.

"Now, if your done interrupting me with your childish humor I am glad to inform you that she will not be coming alone", Chrysalis said smiling a little.

"Really? Then who's coming with her?....Oh,please don't tell me she's bringing her 'pet from hell' again", Sombra said. Chrysalis scolded him yet again.

"That I'm not sure of but no, her little sister will be coming with her", Chrysalis said with a cheerful smile. Excitement filled the room.

"Princess Luna is coming here! You would be soooo lucky to even get a glimpse of her", Trixie said smiling. This made Sombra even more confused. Which Trixie seemed to notice.

"Princess Luna is the one who rise's the moon and creates the night sky every night, she has the special power to move stars and there's a that she has the ability to communicate with animals. Wow! I would think you would know that, considering you tend to work at night most of the time", Trixie said. Sombra's eyes widened. All this time he thought Celestia made the night sky before going into her time of slumber. He never knew that she had a younger sister.

"Don't worry, my friend it's like Trixie here said, it's hard to ever meet her, in fact they have started to say that to just touch her means good luck", Flim said
"We saw her once at a Winter Festival one time, she walked out onto the balcony, rose the moon, then disappeared back inside. Those who have met her say she's kind, funny, smart and very pretty" Flam said.

"Oh, but not as pretty as her older sister", Discord said in a dreamy voice holding his head with his eagle claw. Sombra smirked at him. Discord began to blush a little.

"What", Discord said. Sombra began to laugh.

"Oh, give it up already we all know you have a huge crush on her", Sombra said. Discord playfully pushed Sombra causing him to playfully push back. Chrysalis cleared her throat. The two friends stopped their little child like fight.

"Excuse us Chrysalis, please continue", Sombra said

"Thank you, yes Princess Luna is a very wonderful mare and I'm very glad Celestia is letting her come along", Chrysalis said. Sombra smiled

"Yes, though I have it met her I sure would like to, tell me Chrysalis when will they be arriving", Sombra said. Chrysalis's bright expression turned nervous.

"Well.......they.....um...they'll be hear in just a few minutes", Chrysalis said nervously. Silents filled the room yet again until Sombra put on the most pitiful expression he has ever made.

"Say what now", He whimpered.

Author's Note:

Well hear you go the first chapter.Let me know what you think.Enjoy!

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I like the premise of the story! Im sure the majority of dislikes are caused by grammer/spelling issues, but its nothing that can't be fixed! Please don't be discouraged! The content is good, as is your idea and I hope you continue with it.

I'm really sorry, I'll go and fix the mistakes as soon as I can I promise

CONTINUE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Please update i love it!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

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