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I am totally expecting him to become the god of travelers. Because some one has to have their back, and be able to guide their luck. Of course, being a chaotic neutral God means he can flip the whole event if he wants to, or make people follow a simple "weapons drawn means fight, decide now" sort of unspoken code shared by highwaymen and random travelers. Of course, the ponies would barely pay any respect to him, because they rarely, if ever travel. Meanwhile, the nomadic buffalo revere and respect him, the Griffins pay tribute and respect before they go on a campaign, the horses show nothing but calm respect to him, the minotaurs make small dedicated shrines between towns, and the changelings are aware of him, if only tangentially.

6198109 And dragons would most likely pray to him over the course of the dragon migration, for safe travels and all.

6198198 I forgot about them. I knew I was forgetting a race!



6198261 So it won't have sexy sex stuff?

6198306 Don't worry, it will. This is Dox, remember.


DJ I know you told me to stop this but I really can't let this chapter slide...


Well... That happened. I honestly don't know how to react to that.

All I can say to this is: o_O

what the hell is happening. Though if you ever want a crossover with my story you just need to let me know liking the story so far DJ

Dox make his revenge with the DM. Yeah!!


So, instead of the Merchant and DM being the default controllers of the dice, now it's Avarice and the Merchant. Because time-space folds. Alright, I am interested in what chaos is born from that.

What will happen to his old token? Will it become useless now?

6207640 if you noticed after tossing the new one into the void ava noticed the old one became the new token, wonder what that means for the megamare power lotto Displaced Dox helped though

That means I have to do a crossover with Flutters Is Shy in the future to figure it out.

You ask what the hell is happening.
Chaos and whimsy, my friend. Chaos and whimsy.

Aww it's refreshing to see a fellow CoC fan keep up the good work.

Watch out for Bimbo Liquoer, Dox!~

Another excellent chapter, as per usual.^^

So, even with Recall, Doxuna forgets stuff. Like teleportation. Upside, he met up with Kyth and XJ-9, downside, Jenny doesn't much care for her being ditzy and forgetting facts of magic.


Unless you happen to have some of Rathazul's potion or something similar lying around in which case imbibe away I say! :pinkiehappy:

I had a blast working on this with you.:derpytongue2: Can't wait to see where Dox's adventures will lead hm next.

Right after I get to the end of the previous chapter, a short while of despairing that it would be some time before I got to read the next chapter later, and lo! A new chapter doth appear before thine eyes! Glory of glories! ... and back to prowling around my to read later list. :ajsleepy:

... Teasing poor Twilight like that is kind of evil. Only kind of, because she has wings and magic. Guess Wanderlust didn't care to explore that world. Oh well, onwards to shenanigans!

XDDD to the end with Twilight there. XD

...Anyone else feel really sorry for Lyra?

The change makes sense, in story, because of course DM wouldn't want the Traveller around such important characters, "corrupting" them.

Good chapter, but why the heck is the DM acting like that, sending others after him to keep him out? That's not how it was when he left before. He had only been acting like he didn't want anything to do with him. The DM wasn't acting evil enough to where one should cut him off from Equestria. Heck, him sending those after him seems really out of character. Unless something happened to turn him evil. Just seems odd.

If you don't remember, the DM hates the Traveller. As Dox is now the Traveller, and EMBRACING that role, the DM hates him.
Please keep that in mind.

6922541 That was never said. Only that he hated the monster Avarice's infection turned his body/mind into at the time. It still just seems really extreme to me what's going on. I never saw the DM as an evil guy honestly, yet this is painting him as such. Though then again, with you stating his dislike of 'the Traveller', well, we don't know WHY the DM hates such.

If you don't remember, the other Traveller, THE ORIGINAL ONE, was killed by people that the DM sent after him.

As for why, it was because the Traveller was taking bits of the world the DM originally created, and was putting them in his own, a place called Eberon. That, and the Traveller's gifts. XD

6922644 Traveler's gifts? (Though, that does make more sense. Hating him due to him stealing things from him.)

The Traveller was known for giving others 'gifts' that almost always backfired in some way. He was quite the troll.

6922648 Ah. No wonder the DM hated the original Traveller. Still think he's being extreme, but I can see why he hated the original.

Ok your small story discription needs re-visiting because it switches from he to she back to he again then tells you the main character is female.

i dont understand the explanation for why the story is dead

Is the dungeon masters story over?


The Voice should be the same to minor alterations, but I expect no charge to the voice.

Antro begins when in this case a pony race is standing on their back limbs/legs/feet and front
Limbs arms .
The Pony race traits remain but have hands which are more precise than hooves

What is going on.

With the armour and is that nightmare moon? The Armour.

How it happened?
Alternative future?

So that was Dungeon master.
After which chapter of dungeon master begins that story

So big question, why was this cancelled?

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