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A series of short stories revolving around behind-the-scenes spanking. (Not tagged-Sunset Shimmer). I moved some stories to another account. These are now in "Warmth of the Sun" and "An Important Talk."

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*Looks at Tags*
A story with the word naughty in the title that isn't a clopfic?
*Looks at description*
Hmmm or is it....

Interesting. I agree, the end was cute. Looking forward to a sequel.

Never seen this idea put into words. I'm impressed. Usually everyone focuses on Sunset earning forgiveness from the mane 6 or the princesses.

6713266 Yeah, I was thinking if Sunset needs to earn forgiveness from anyone it's Flash. That whole "used him to get popular thing" would have really hurt him if he found out especially if he sincerely loved her. Thanks for the review.

I'm not fond of the episode. It was a regression of Luna's character. She actually was even more about NMM than she was in "Luna eclipsed" in season 2.

BTW: have you checked this out already: http://pastebin.com/u/SkyeHigh

Comment posted by marinus18 deleted Jan 31st, 2016

6891250 Most people I know use the two interchangeably. Probably shouldn't though.

I know they do but the two words just don't mean the same thing.

6891250 Er, I disagree. Luna probably is intimdated by Celestia. She is the big sister after all. (Literally, Tia's quite a bit bigger than her and was once able to imprison her within her own celestial body. Not saying they don't love each other, but they're not truly equals. Equal in power and rank, but not equal in their relationship. And that's not a bad thing. Luna seems to be the kind of person that needs quite a bit of guidance-or a smack across the bum when needed. That and is Luna truly an adult? She threw a tantrum because no one was paying attention to her and got sent to a cosmic time-out seat. Then she went all emo self-harm. My headcanon is that she's the alicorn equivalent of a teenager.)
That's my headcanon anyway. Thanks for the review.

pretty good but there are improvement points:
A good idea might be to rename the "parliament". Also you could have Crimson figure out it was Celestia faster. Also make Celestia more regal when in the shop.

Crimson nodded. "I'm certain that you're angry and upset. But when disciplining a child one must do it in a spirit of calmness without anger. If you do it while angry you run the risk of going too far."

Discipline and punishment are not the same thing. You can't use them interchangeably.

Luna stood. "About, Sister?"

I would think Luna would react surprised by Celestia's serious tone.

Luna's face crumpled before she recovered herself. "You had no right-"

Luna would react a lot more fiercer. She would get quite angry that Celestia thinks she can just control her like one of her students. After all Celestia and Luna are sisters and therefore equals, at least that's how Luna sees it.
Keep in mind that Celestia and Luna are both adults. They are equals and Luna is the only pony in all of equestria who is not intimidated by Celestia and has no problems throwing her out or arguing with her.

"Perhaps, but I've already made the decision. Luna, all I want to do is move on from this. I don't want you to feel guilty anymore. Maybe this will help you get rid of your guilt. I don't know if it will, but I'm willing to give it a try."

Wait, can or can't Luna choose to do it or not? That's a little confusing. Since Luna is an adult she herself has to be convinced it's going to be for the better. If Luna refuses there is nothing Celestia can do about it.

She hadn't intended to create a second one, but some part of her had. The same part that held onto all the guilt. Maybe a good, hard spanking would finally allow her to let all this guilt go. And her sister, her loving sister, was the one she had hurt the most with her foolishness. So, it made sense that her sister administer the punishment.

Wouldn't she care about her loss of dignity in front of her sister? Maybe they did this when they were fillies but they aren't fillies anymore. They are grown mares.0

So, she made her way over to Celestia and bent across her lap. Celestia laid a foreleg on her shoulder. It almost felt like a hug. Luna held onto that warm thought as the paddle came down across her rear end. Luna yelped. The next smack was just as hard, falling on a different side of her bottom. Now that the spanking had begun in earnest, Celestia began to pepper her bottom with spanks.

I would think that would bring back a lot of memories for Luna when they were fillies. Seeing Luna's inclination to act on impulse and her strong emotions I would imagine she got into trouble more than once. Also I would think Celestia would talk to her about what exactly this is about and why it's needed.
Also you should make the spanking longer. Make them talk more and actually mention the first hit. I would think Luna hasn't been spanked since she returned from the moon so the first hit would be quite a shock for her. Also the instinct about fighting back would occur to her naturally. She can be fairly aggressive and she would then have to suppress that instinct and let herself be punished.

A nice finish would be Celestia tucking Luna in bed like a filly and Luna dreaming nice dreams.

(I usually make a review as I am reading the chapter because I often tend to forget what I wanted to say. I'm finished now and I reposed my full comment.)
I see Luna as in her early twenties; something like 23.
However if she was a teenager she would still want to be seen as an equal to Celestia. That's what the entire NMM thing was about in the first place. Teenagers are by nature rebellious and Luna might be able to be intimidated by Celestia but she wouldn't just give in without a fight. The tentabus would be quite a personal issue for Luna and she wouldn't want her sister sticking her muzzle into her business.

Not a bad end to a decent romp among the ponies ^^. I do like the idea of Luna subconsciously still harboring doubt and creating the tantibus again. Personally I think it should've been that way in the show as well.

If I had to point out a couple things... Crimson Brush didn't use her hoof on Twilight Sparkle :P. As well, Celestia hiding herself to enter the store makes perfect sense, but assuming Twilight has talked with her about who CB is, I would think Celestia would've dropped the disguise when the coast was clear, seeing as she can't really be subtle considering the durability of alicorns. And a tiny nitpick...

"I suspect that I do, but it is not my concern." Crimson responded. "I am glad to be of service."

Might I suggest "Crimson responded, her concerns alleviating somewhat, as her suspicions were confirmed" Otherwise it sounds like she was suddenly blowing off her worries, and possibly was only putting up token concern for the sake of her reputation. But it might just be me looking into things :P.

Though I'm grateful that you had Crimson reluctant, and questioning, as she would be in that situation. Overall good work ^^.

6891800 Thanks for your review. I made Crimson's feeling of being relieved more clear.

This was a sweet little story. Thanks:heart:

Chapter title's kinda clich├ęd, but still a good read nonetheless.

6892052 what happened to Royal Spanking? I like that story so much

7200532 I'm editing it. It'll be back up soon.

Any chance of a spanking story where Celestia is the one that gets spanked by Twilight for not believing her about there being something wrong with Cadance during the wedding? Maybe something with Twilight thinking that she's getting the spanking, only for Celestia to correct her and point out that their roles are going to be reversed?

7205187 Huh. That's an intriguing thought. I might get back to you on that one.

Didn't you have this chapter already published before the one with Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer? Because I remember this chapter being already published AND mentioning Princess Celestia punishing Sunset Shimmer in it.

7208076 I did. I edited it. (Don't remember why I took out the reference to Sunbutt Jr. I put it back in.)

I'm not so sure. I like the idea as well but I think you should make up the situation yourself. This takes place so far after that it wouldn't make that much sense anymore.

7223622 I could place it right after the wedding.
Y'know, once I finish my other 25,000 projects.

I'm uncertain about it. After all Twilight was in the wrong.

Just got around to reading this collection. The stories were quite nice, but their emotions were all over the place. The ones that you even remotely tried to take at a slower pace were good reads, but all in all your writing style felt really rushed and raw. I particularily disliked the Trixie and the Twilight Sparkle ones, and kinda skipped the last one because I don't really like the OC in question. My biggest problem were that the styles in those stories clashed so very much with the established canon of the show, beating demons out and necromancy in general aren't something I want to associate with ponies, but that's more of a preference I guess. Special mention goes to Twilight mentioning "an ordinary leather-bound book" in a world where all animals are treated equal. This would be similar to someone thinking a book bound in human skin was the norm in our world.

The Scootaloo fic was pretty nice, keeping with the characteristics of both ponies. This time my problem was really more about the name of the chapter in combination with the subject matter of a maybe kinda disabled pony. Other than that I found the idea of Scootaloo's parent's not really knowing what to do with her and ignoring what she does most of the time very fitting, and her and RD's interactions were pretty heartwarming. Rainbow's own story was pretty cute, but once again very much rushed. I also would have put the preening as an aftercare for the spanking to underline how personal and safe it made RD feel. The clear winner of the story was Fluttershy, who actually had some really good points about Fluttershy always dodging responsibility from even some pretty major dicktastic moves. The mane six overall get scot-free from a lot of big stupid stunts as well, so it was nice to see Flutters herself feel the need for punishment and penance.

All in all, a fun read. I would have preferred to have more meat to the stories and for them to have a more organic pace and A LOT more description, as I was quite often confused about the settings and environments in which the events too place. Once again the Rarity/Fluttershy story is the best example of how to do descriptions properly. There are some parts that didn't fit to the format of short vignettes you were writing, as in these sorts of stories everything should be relevant to the story. For example the visit to the spa didn't have any impact to the story. Instead, Rarity and Fluttershy could have started talking about Fluttershy's feelings while alone in the bath or sauna, Fluttershy opening up as her muscles relaxed and finally opening up to Rarity. More organic that way than just finishing the spa visit and then talking while walking through the streets of Ponyville. It would also have allowed for you to have more time to describe how Fluttershy was acting and showing her distress, maybe mentioning how even though her muscles were relaxing, there was tenseness and apprehension that the usually relaxing treatment couldn't alleviate.

Ehh. Again I'm rambling. I just came here to check your stories because you've been reading and commenting on my stuff. Was positively surprised to find someone who has similar interest as I do in subject matter :twilightsheepish:

7281360 Thanks, Senpai! And some of this is my early work. I really did rush back then. (You should read the last chapter, its really good, I swear)

7281360 Huh. Now that you mention it should I put a dark tag on this for the demon possesion thing?

7281775 Nope. Dark is for when the mood is dark and evil, for when the forces of evil are about to win or have a good chance at it. You can check the tag FAQ of the site.

Sorry if I commented on an earlier fic. I thought that stuff that was half a year old wouldn't be THAT old, but that's probably because I've been here waaaaay too long. It was just the first one that tickled my fancy. :twilightsheepish:

7200532 I decided to add Royal Spanking to Warmth of the Sun

I'm glad this one at least wasn't excessive. This seems like a much more realistic disciplinary spanking of a child than the really painful ones in so many fics.

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