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So like tons of others out there, I got tricked by that merchant. Brought a prop, vanished and tossed into Equestria....all that good stuff. Difference is, I arrived a few years BEFORE Luna went Nightmare Moon. Took some time, but me, Luna and Cel became good friends. Problem is, last thing I remember is Luna spazzing out. Now that I'm up and about again, I've got only one question.....why am I in the middle of the forest? And where in TARTARUS are my HEADPHONES?!

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Dude I for one love the story so far. Just try and explain stuff more often like the setting or what they are wearing and what not.

Wasn't there another World's End crossover?

6182869 Yo. Haven't updated it in ages though.

Nice story so far, keep it up, breh!

I could be your proof reader, if your fine with it. Also Nick made that entrance like a boss.


Yes! I would seriously appreciate it. If anything, you'll get the drafts of the next chapters monday latest

So what kind of fic is this? I know it's not one where the actual character is there because it says Nick instead of Neku so what kind?

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. WHAT?! His fault? Please Explain.

Oh christ...Celly's turning into Tyrant Sun...time to find some damn tokens

This is really good, but one question remains when is the next chapter? :rainbowhuh:

Where's the rest of the chapter?

6936065 I agree. Why is it cut off?

6936311 same here. I'm all good for suspense, but there are many ways to go about it. cutting the chapter off half way though is not one of them.

I apologize folks. Didn't realize that it cut off the way it did. Trust me, there was ALOT more than that. Literally foaming at the mouth in rage at this problem. By tomorrow afternoon latest, It will be fixed properly that I swear. :pinkiecrazy:

That look on his face when he gave it back...it was like he knew something from

From, what? There is no punctuation, this bothers me way too much! This means there could be missing dialogue! We might never know.


Sir, I think I have it fixed....If it's still cut off, please tell me. I refuse to have a half-baked chapter here:pinkiecrazy:

Twilight you don goofed. You don goofed cause he will get his revenge ooooooh boy will he get it

Why would he destroy the pins he couldn't currently use? That's just a big waste.... He could figure out how to use them later, or if they needed recharging, if his level was too low, and so on..... after he dealt with the more prevalent issues at hand....

"Ooookay? I guess that's fine. Tomorrow, we need to talk about the elements. I'm sure you'll need training..."

Trailing off, Nick stared at each of them, though his attention focused on Pinkie, Twilight and Spike the longest.
"Meh. I'll be outside whenever you're ready Fluttershy." With that, he stepped out the door, leaving the group confused at his words."


I have no idea who is supposed to be talking here. There's no real indication

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