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Oh my, do keep writing this. Turning the entire world into a game...now that is quite an interesting premise. I eagerly look forward to MOAR.

Scootaloo as a monk, Apple Bloom as a engineer and Sweetie as a bard hn? I dont know who started it but these seem to be the most popular classes for our favourite band of little Helions.

The whole world is now a game hn? Let the insanity commence!:pinkiecrazy:

While having a 'class' might be a normal thing to follow and aspire for in the land of Equestria, the world itself isn't 'a game'.

They don't have health bars, if they cast 'heal' on an undead it isn't going to 'life/die', and most importantly, their classes are only extensions of their cutiemarks and special talents.

They give all the different classes different names, but they aren't constrained by them.

Many games donĀ“t show the health bars or at least have an option to blend them out. Maybe our dear protagonist has not found the right "key" until now?

Ah kay. My statement still stands because for Colton it is very much a game. A sick, twisted game full of weird shit and psychotic unicorn ladies.

Now I am pretty curious, to you get a "class" before or after getting your cutiemark in this Verse?

6193336 Wow, that makes it even better! So many "classes" and you're the perfect one to fit your "class." That would be the most amazing game ever, though probably not possible with current game development software. But yes, I understand that the entire world isn't a game, but it's very game-like. Not a bad thing, and I can't wait to see where this will go.

Traditionally, after. Ones special talent is taken into consideration when they themselves take up their chosen vocation. This might be as simple as an art passed down from parent to child, or as convoluted as the child of a baker seeking refuge in a monastary because they felt their talents could be better spent as a monk or nun.

Why is the merchant in this a female? The Merchant is clearly male, and isn't dressed like that either.

6193782 The Merchant doesn't have a gender and even if it did... Multiverse Rule 63
Awesome~ And for those lazy to Google:

not even sure what that was at the end, but it kicked ass. Loving this story so far, its definitely up to your usual greatness.

Figured the Gamers Mind thing would settle down his attitude, even in his thoughts. Even The Gamer realized he wasn't thinking like normal after a while, after all.

Figured since it said that it was anthro that they'd at least have pony ears for him to notice.

All the ponies look like humans. All other species are anthro. Weren't you paying attention to Zecora?~

Halle-FRICKING-lujah! There's finally a Gamer Displaced!

6193988 I was. Just doesn't make sense really. Especially with the pony vernacular. I just figured that he might have just ASSUMED they seemed human, till he notices where their ears are.

They look like humans, but unicorns still have horns, and pegasi still have wings. It isn't supposed to make sense, that way the terminology and vernacular can piss off Colton all that much more.

"They're humans. Why the heck do they call themselves ponies? They aren't ponies. Why can't you weirdo's just make sense?"

Try saying shift+tab It might open an internet.

OK, this seems like an interesting story. I hope there's an update soon as Colton seems like an entertaianing protagonist.

Colton is kinda... crass. His response very well might make a sailer blush.

Hi kettle, names pot, have we met?

I even noticed one poor sod selling off a REALLY highly detailed model of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

I smell another spin-off. Also, which version did you mean?
Original, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, or Epsilon?


Maybe the merchant decided to try a new con. People were getting wise and had to mix it up.

6194020 Well, though anthro ponies could conceivably evolve to have hands.... feet are another matter. So, I take it they at least still have hooves and differently shaped shoes, and he's just not noticing those?

Hmm.... now that I think of it, your work reminds me of this guy's human artworks: http://jonfawkes.deviantart.com/

Oh, and funny thought. What would happen if he, after levelling it to a larger size, used that monster trap on either a Changeling or even on a pony?

Currently, it only works on beings that have attached a soul or other fuel source to a container -body- that is in all technicality, not living.

If it were to be leveled up, it might be able to convert a changeling to live off of his own life force, but it wouldn't be able to erase it's memories like it had the timberwolf.

So basically, top level would turn it into a 'turn enemy' instead of a 'slave monster' type spell. Think, pokemon. They don't really have magic or anything, but pretty much every pokemon that is battled will almost immediately go Stockholm for the human that crammed them into a tiny little ball.

6194517 That's what I had in mind too, actually. XD A very useful tool, to say the least, eh?

Zecora, Matilda, and every single other intelligent being capable of speach in the show is now an anthro.

All ponies look completely human -feet and all- except for the wings and horns of the pegasi and unicorns. They call their race ponies for a reason Colton isn't quite sure of. And yes. ACTUAL humans exist, across the mirror in Canterlot High.

Extra note. While Earth Ponies don't have any additional physical features to differentiate them from a pure blood human, they do have a stronger internal physiology. They have denser bones and muscles, which often lead to weight related jokes among them. Nothing quite as funny as two girls who look exactly the same size, having a weight difference of over fifty pounds. Thats a thing, right? Add to that the fact that in Pegasi, a portion of their bones are hollow.

So basically, any earth pony could be classified as having 'super strength' as compared to most humans. Not superman strength, but still above average.

6194564 Oh, what if the earth ponies have thicker fingernails than humans, due to having evolved from humans or something? Something subtle, but notable.

The only problem I have with the fanfic so far is how in the second chapter you have a sudden jump from in town in Ponyville with Fluttershy to the cutie mark crusaders in a dungeon with him or at least I am assuming its him showing up at the end... could you fill that out? It was sudden and very jarring as a reader to have to switch perspectives like that. Otherwise I love the story, greater pacing and better characterization/dialogue. It just simply works and leaves a lot of plot hooks for the reader to salivate over. The changes you make to the settings leave questions that we the readers care about and want to have answered. This story can easily become a great fic...

Now on a more personal side I hope this is before the first episode of the show so we can see your SI go through the same struggles with them. He shouldn't get a 7th element or whatever but it would be nice to have that happen rather then have him come in after the plot as already gotten started. It even fits with the back story we know of from the canon plotline. Fluttershy and Rarity where friends before the incident and regularly went to the spa together.

Also I hope you pick up the later abilities and skills of the gamer rather quickly like massage. Implementing those changes to the setting because of his abilities would be interesting. Perhaps massage only work on physical fatigue for everyone but the gamer so Twilight goes loopy but is still physically fine after a day or so? Eh, its your story and I am looking forward to its continuation and really hope it doesn't just get stopped here.

Don't worry about the sudden shift from Colton to the CMC. The third chapter starts where he left off, giving a nonverbal descriptor to how he got from talking with Fluttershy to ending up crashing through a dungeon ceiling.

I was definitely going to have it take place before the third season, just so I could show the process of Twilight going from

Job; Arcane Mage

to her leveled up -read, alicorn- job of

Job; Arcane Master

But the idea of starting off before S1 ep 1 sounds enticing. Have to add in some retcon backstory regarding the CMC (Just have them meet earlier, they do go to the same school after all) but it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

They do have thicker cartilige and fingernails. Technically.

Denser, for sure. Not thicker. Just denser. Harder to break, more durable. You should see the pains some of them go through trying to cut their nails, or shave them down.

I would recommend putting in an interlude divider then showing that that last scene was at some point in the future and in a different location. Right now its just comes off as a sudden jarring switch from one track in the story to another. Something like this perhaps?

~ In another place and time ~

It just generally helps when we the audience have some warning before it switch's it up like that. Perhaps this could be a week before that first episode so your character has enough time to grind a bit and become relevant rather then bungle along behind the main cast? Might be funny if he was working part time in the library for room and board purposes so he has some place to sleep and then suddenly twilight sparkle walks in one day and take over.

It's supposed to to be jarring. Just by context it's quite obvious it's no longer centered on Colton anymore, and the jarring sensation sets the tone perfectly for the situation the CMC find themselves in.


Well as a reader I am going to have to respectfully disagree then.


Okay, just one quick question for you. When that transition hit, and you realized you were suddenly with the CMC in an inhospitable location, did you feel comfortable?

Colton, if you could change the User Interface(UI) on your powers, would you, how?

Hey Colton, why would the ponies think you're also a pony, if you don't have hooves at the end of your legs, like they did?
Edit: Never mind, I saw it answered in an earlier comment.

Woot love the manga(need to find new site to catch up on it) totally reading this.


It took about 3 paragraph to get to that point first. That's the problem. Make the scene change obvious and there wouldn't be all that confusion and it would be much nicer.

Finished reading, it's awesome and I love your equestria.

Thanks for the link you rock!

6194324 that or he has an appriantice

Not what I asked~

Did you feel comfortable?

Before I even begin reading this... I both love, and hate you for writing this...

:raritycry::raritydespair: Why didn't I think of this?

Sorry. :twilightblush: This is a great idea and I hope this gets all the likes it deserves!

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