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Cause changelings are bad guys who put ponies in pods, are capable of brainwashing their victims and Chrysalis looks like a dominatrix in black leather? Does that sound like a premise that inspires consensual fics?
But to be fair I know of some changeling impregnation stories that aren't rape : Solar Secrets, Chrysalis' Egg Basket has some chapters which are consensual, Twilight's Misadventures has some Chrysalis and willing impregnation in there, but I don't know which chapters.
Maybe there are more.

6173994 I certainly kept that in mind when I wrote this. I wanted to keep it away from the darker side of things making them seem as willing as possible.

Oh yeah? FINE I'll write you one of those then! Clean consensual sex with clear consent for impregnation. Do you want eggs with your order?
After I finish writing a story where Chrysalis rapes a bunch of ponies though, this conversation has inspired me. :rainbowlaugh:

Only way to prove it is for me to do it, so what the heck, I'll just use this account for writing clop.
Since this is not something I would normally write give me some premise. Chrysalis or just a random changeling? Mane 6 or other? Impreg or oviposition?

Cause writing is fun and I like a challenge? Do I need a better reason?

mmm that contains list , count me in....

There is one I remember spotting a while back of Fluttershy volunteering to be a willing breeder mare.

Seen it happen before.

As for this story: I take it it's complete? I mean, it's not tagged as such. Could be fun to see the other half of the Changeling population have fun with the captured stallions.

Or, oh! How about the guard capturing a number of female Changelings, and they're handed over to the stallions who just lost all their own females? You know, to compensate them. Heck, maybe Chrysalis herself decides to rid herself off some of the female drones and gives them to Equestria as a peace offering!

6176285 I never really imagined them to have females. More like bees, where there are only males and the few females are queens. Hence their reasoning for going after mares.

Interesting story. I want more!

What about a story in which a dying Chrysalis begs for the Mane Six to bear or carry her last remaining eggs to ensure the survival of her species?

Kaneki_ken is right this is still kind of dark what with the whole mind control thing. Still there are other darker and straight up messed up stories on this site so I give this a 3 on the dark scale.

However I do like how this is turning out and I hope you write at least two more chapters at least. Or more if you decide to drag it out by focusing on one of the Mane Six and few other side characters. The final two chapters could be of the Sisters' fall and the new Equestria under Chrysalis. Leaving the chance for a sequel in which Chrysalis sets her eyes on the human world.

PS- This story really has me hoping you decide to write a sequel to your first story.

Well, actually, a bee-hive is made up of one fertile queen, the males who will mate with her, and infertile females who do things like gathering pollen and defending the hive.

But I understand what you mean. They're not really bees, just somewhat like them. Too bad though, seeing the stallions turn the tables on the Changelings would've been very nice.
Ooh, that gave me a mean idea. What if Chrysalis changelingifies a few of her captive mares? They'd look like Changelings but be still female. Then put them somewhere close to Ponyville for the ponies to pick up and arrest. They waste their time interrogating the fake Changelings, who don't know anything, while the real Hive hides their traces.

Is this story done? It seems that way of the first chapter, but is marked incomplete.

I'm curious what will happen to all the stallions taken and put into pods. Converted into more Changelings? Made into more broodmares? Or just farmed for love and forgotten in the background?

If this story is not yet done, I'm interested to see where else it would go.

Okay then what kind plot/story would YOU come up with?

All I come up with now is that lesbian couples or mares that want a baby seek out changeling males to impregnate them. Maybe in an alternate Equestria where there few males and the changelings are their only means to reproduce.

Or another in which the Hive has been seized, the Mane Six or some other mare(s) go and keep an eye on the changelings. With the changelings rendered vulnerable and powerless since the Canterlot Wedding, the mares are able to see a different side to them and enter a new age of pony-changeling relationships.

Or how about Chrysalis sends her daughter for peace talks and she ends up hooking up with one of the Mane Six with unexpected consequences?

6176743 I planned to write another chapter or two that would wrap up the storyline in Equestria. With the changelings realizing how well their plan worked, they do somethings to attract more willing mares from other places into their hive. The stallions aren't going to be happy.

Do female changelings exist in your universe? Poor males could use a break :rainbowlaugh:

This is f*cking good. Thank you for writing it. Fav'd and watching for more deliciousness.

How much of the mares have been raped then? Which girls was given a special treatment <sloppy seconds>?
anyway I love your story! ;D

If they could pleasure them that much, they'd probably be able to find volounteers. Probably wouldn't have a problem getting this kind of thing.

Uhh, did they do that to the fillies too?

6179963 There's only adult mares and stallions in this world.

You sure there's no way the pony stallions can get anything out of this? I mean, poor dudes, with even more mares running after the batch that was brainwashed before... Chrysalis is going to push them into doing something reckless if she keeps it up.

Can't she send one of the lesser queens over to become pony broodmare in return? It does have the added benefit of keeping that one out of her mane. One less queen to challenge her authority.

Obviously the spa sisters.

>>Very Sleepy
hmm I thought that about 100-200 mares are mated to them. It is correct? 

Indeed, and I wish do it with Mane six, Roseluck, Lyra,nurse redheart...

6181218 Something like that. But they won't be lonely for long.

Huh, kinda thought it would end with someone telling how cliché another's story... guess not.

Curious for a continuation though.

Chapter two is up! Hope you all enjoy.

I certainly enjoyed this chapter.

Personally I wouldn't trust the Royal guards for anything. I mean seriously, what have they ever actually done that's been useful?
And yep, I was suspicious as soon as the whole stripping thing occurred. If they were really looking for corruption, wouldn't they actually scan the mares themselves?

So they keep arresting innocent stallion for the things the Changelings do?

Wow. I'd really be p*ssed if I were them. I hope they get some chance to repay the 'lings for this.

6195812 Yeah stallions and mares really get shafted in this story. In different ways however.

6195836 Gender swap them in the next chapter please.

At this point I don't see the stallions getting any breaks. Chances are they will either be trapped in cocoons or kept under mind control and used as slave labor.

Next chapter I hope we get to find out what is happening with the mares at the hive.

6199666 that sounds like a pretty good idea actually. I wonder how many people would object to that.

6200433 Depends on who you turn into a mare, Gleaming Shield Princess Bluebell are a couple of good examples.

>>Very Sleepy
I would like to hope that their gender is changed to the female from the male and they will heartily be given the opportunity of pregnancy. =)

oh well, What do about the sex treatment of menopause ponies? It is still likely to be given their chance of activation of the ovaries if they have are sexual body.

6206837 While we're on that what about the foals? Should we age them up as well?

I think it should not give the vaginal or anal fucks except oral for the foals. rather than they should serve to support the sexual hunger of changeling.

You can't write foalcon if the foals are anthro, or human. I think knighty's worried that if we do allow it then some countries won't be able to view this site. Either way, the author will have to age up the foals or straight up not include them; those are the rules. :fluttershysad:

6223203 Why do you think I suggested aging them up to the right age?

6223562 I'm about half-way done with it. Writing the sex is hard.

6223749 I know this Is clop and I should not overthink it. But a part of me believes that is all the mares have changeling babies We will end up with the extincion of the pony race.


What happened to the CMC? Were they also legal age or are they 'waiting' till the time is right for them to have foals?

6233112 I've thought of all of that for the next chapter. Everything except where everyone goes to the bathroom.

6233819 The CMC are in the story and legal age. I just choose to ignore writing any parts regarding pregnancy with them.

Final two chapters are up! Should probably tell me if there are any errors in these, as I probably didn't proofread them nearly as much as I should have.

Already have an idea for another fic to write though. A bit more tame than this one though...

Didn't get to see how they got Cadance. Shame.

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