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Is that a terrorist?!?


A beastly plague has descended upon Ponyville, filling its streets with blood and madness. Its denizens desperately wait for reprieve, and a stranger steps into the nightmarish haze. A cure must be found, questions must be answered.

The Hunt is on.

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I have been waiting for this since this game came out!


>Mfw Visiden Visidain writes a Bloodborne crossover

This might end up being a +100000 word story.

This got me thinking of who would be who:

Applejack would be Father Gascoigne, the loving family man who lost himself to his work and went mad.

Twilight would be Gehrman, The First Hunter.

Pinkie Pie, obviously, would be Micolash, Host of The Nightmare. Always laughing and playing chase.

Fluttershy would be Vicar Amelia, the tragic cleric who was undone.

Rainbow Dash would be Alfred, fiercely loyal to her master, Spitfire... Martyr Logarious.

Rarity... hmm, Witch of Hemwick Charnel Lane?

Luna, again obviously, would be the Moon Presence.

And I think Celestia would be Queen Pthumeru.


Really, Jake? You're going to equate my best pony with a screaming hag and one of the easiest bosses in the game? Rarity may appreciate a little avant garde in one's fashion choices, but she's bound to find covering yourself with freshly plucked eyeballs to be tacky

Ghast Coin should be a dead giveaway for another boss. The Mane 6 will show up here, but they'll be higher up the hierarchy so to speak.


Hey, it could be worse. I could have made her The One Reborn. :pinkiecrazy:

Okay then. Who would you cast her as?


Only the most beautiful and elegant boss in the game is fit to be Rarity.

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos.

Seriously, though. I obviously won't spoil my casting.

This is really interesting. I've never played Bloodborne, though what I've heard makes it sound like it's one of those games that are pretty tough.

I like your decision to use first person present in this, it really has that sense of urgency to it. Plus, no tense mixups that I saw, which is pretty impressive.

Gah! Why did I have to go and start writing my own Bloodborne fanfic before this came out? Now I'm gonna have to finish the stupid thing before I can read this one! (By the way, very, very happy to see you writing this. You're probably one of the best dark fiction authors to take on this crossover.)

Short, but very meaningful. Hitting the Read Later button...now!

I pretty psyched about this. Honestly Visiden Visidain is the only person I would trust with a Bloodborne crossover.
Hopefully our hero stumbles upon some of the Powder Kegs' inventions. They always made the most fun toys XP

Are you making this your own story Visiden, or is it just straight up ponified Bloodborne? Because while I love your writing, I'd rather not spoil myself since I'm meaning to get around to playing Bloodborne eventually. (As soon as I get a PS4)


Great liberties will be taken with Bloodborne's storyline as with MLP.

6432588 Okay, let me rephrase that, will I be spoiled on the various twists and lore of Bloodborne?


To a degree. I'll avoid simply ponifying Bloodborne as much as I can, but I can't promise a completely spoiler-free fic when it's a crossover.

6432794 Fair enough, I'll take the leap and hope my future Bloodborne experience isn't too ruined.


Honestly? I've been thinking, and she'd probably be a good pick for Eileen the Crow. Elegant, deadly, and generous to do the job that no one else wants to do: a hoonter of hoonters. :pinkiecrazy:

And I just giggled uncontrollably over imagining Maud as the Doll. :rainbowlaugh:

Please tell me this is something you intend on finishing. I know you have other stories in progress, but this has the makings of the next Fallout Equestria. Not popularity, since that particular lightning strike of chance won't happen ever again, but in terms of a grim, action packed roller coaster faithful to the source material.

Can't wait to see how you handle this.


I know you have other stories in progress, but this has the makings of the next Fallout Equestria.

No pressure, right?

I do intend to finish. Upheaval chapter first, then the next one for this.

Well, that's quite thrilling.


"Hunter of Hunters," he replies.

No, no. It's "Hoonter of hoonters."

You know, I was wondering why you had the Outsider tagging along with Gascoigne, but then I remembered that you can summon him for the Cleric Beast fight. Very well played.

Now the Outsider can finally dream and meet my waifu get some understanding and arm himself. The night and the dream are long, good hunter. May the Good Blood guide your way.

Oh another exciting chapter! I like how the Outsider's main strength appears to be his quick wit. A trait that shall serve him well on the Hunt. Also great job on capturing the Gothic atmosphere of Yharnam. I remember being excited by the architecture and scenery when I first saw the trailers. So it's nice to see someone else did as well XP

Then everything fades to nothing.

you forgot the "YOU DIED" message.

Ah, it wouldn't be a souls game without the main character dying...and here I thought you were writing a no death run.
I really do need to get a PS4...


I mean lets be real here, if the story was 100% accurate the main character would have died fruitlessly karate chopping a beast to death....Or was that just me?:twilightoops:

Yeah, but then we would have to put

6529098 It's possible with patience to kill that wolf with the karate chops. If you can time it right....well, unarmed is the fastest r2 charge attack in the game, and it is possible to backstab the dang thing.

Makes sense. Applejack would be the kind to sacrifice herself and stay within the Dream until the Hunt can finally end. Can't wait to see what the Good Hunter can do now that he has his tools.

Saw cleaver and pistol? Fucking plebe. Axe/Blunderbuss FTW...

Boy, that doll is a real... know-it-all. What, expected something different?

A very clever interpretation of the Hunter's Dream and it occupants. I really enjoy how you are combining the lore of both series into something that is familiar yet different.

Nah, blunderbuss is nice and the axe is amazing, but I always preferred the whip for its speed and move set and the pistol because the faster draw allowed for tighter timings on a parry. Besides, the rifle spear is a shotgun halberd that scales with skill - it's the best of all the weapons I've just listed (except the pistol) and scales with skill so that it can be paired with the blade of mercy and encourages leveling your bloodtinge so that you can properly use the Evelyn alongside the spear.
Though I agree that the saw cleaver is pretty pointless.

Wow, another chapter within the month, well done. :rainbowdetermined2:
Not having played Bloodborne meant most of this chapter went over my head, but I think I get what's happening.

Your comment earlier today reminded me that I still had this story on my list, and I've actually had the chance to play Bloodborne since I added it, so here I am!

So, overview. Present tense is an interesting choice. Took me a while to get into it, but I think I'm at the point now where it works for me. I can think of a few reasons that it would be advantageous for a story like this. On the other hand, I'm not fond of the pacing. It's okay by this point, but for the first proper chapter, it felt like we covered a little too much ground for the word count. After we meet Ghast Coin, the lovingly detailed fight scenes bring it down to acceptable level, and I like that we had a whole chapter dedicated to the Hunter's Dream, but covering Iosefka's Clinic, the first encounter with the beastly townsfolk, meeting Gilbert, and meeting Ghast Coin in one less than 5K chapter seems excessive.

For the ponifications, so far, I'm a little underwhelmed. I trust that you have a lot of worldbuilding and backstory planned out to explain how we got from canon MLP to this setting, but at present time, the Bloodborne half of the crossover seems to have subsumed the fic almost entirely. The order of events has changed, but for the most part, the story at present reads like a novelisation of the game with a few name changes. Gascoigne to Ghast Coin, Yharnam to Ponyville, Healing Church to Church of Harmony, and hands to hooves.

The only real significant changes so far are the beasts all sharing motifs with the timberwolves, and Gherman and the Hunter's Dream being Applejack and Sweet Apple Acres. And even there, I feel like AJ is too much like regular Gherman, since it doesn't seem very much like her to fob off the protagonist's questions about his lost identity and just tell him to get to killing beasts, especially since it's obvious that she does have some answers. I'd expect her to be more sympathetic to his situation than that. Still, these changes are interesting, and I eagerly await whatever revelations about those elements the plot will bring.

Minor notes:

Ghast Coin moves through the streets like he's walked them hundreds of times before, but I have to note that his clothes are quite different from the ones I've seen the ponies of this place where.

Spelling mistake here. Also, Ponyvillians is uncapitalised in a few places in this chapter.

"Be at peace in death, umbasa."

Vis, you're getting some Demon's Souls on my Bloodborne cross...

Woah, deja vu.

Well, that's quite thrilling.

This made me laugh more than it should've.

"I like it," I reply. "I'll pick this one."

What kind of sick individual picks the saw spear? He deserves to get eaten by beasts after that. Hunter axe master race.

Anyway, that's all for now. Despite my quibbles, I'm very much liking the story so far, and I look forward to seeing what you do with it from here. You're a decent writer, and you've got a passion for the Souls series, so the prospect of a story like this with you at the helm is an appealing one. My only advice is to try not to be predictable. I'm sure you've got a few surprises and clever worldbuilding explanations up your sleeve already, but just consider dropping them a little earlier if it looks like there's going to be a long stretch of chapters like these where the crossover is especially faithful.

I'll be waiting on that next chapter, Vis. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Listening to the Hunter's inner monologue about enjoying the visceral attacks was interesting to say the least. Sort of got me thinking about my last run through the game. As a player we are incentivized to act on the helplessness of our foes. The bonus of damage, brief invincibility, and in some cases health recovery are highly desirably.

When you think about it's kind of genius game design. It encourages you to be aggressive, while thematically portraying a world where we can see the outcome of such behavior clearly. On some level I wish the game explored these subjects more from a narrative stand point, but I suppose that's just another reason why I'm digging this story. :raritywink:

Have I mentioned how good your writing is Visiden? Even if I have, I'll say it again.
Also, HOLY SHIT, you've gone full grimdark, I'm not sure whether I should be enjoying it or be glad that the Upheaval series merely sticks it's leg into the grimdark pool rather than wading right in like Undone.
I can see the Hunter very quickly going full psychopath, he's already halfway there, with plenty of delusions to boot. The increasing disconnect with more, saner, schools of thought, should be interesting to see hopefully with some juxtaposition against saner characters, if that description can really apply in a town like this...

This guy got a successful parry on his first try.

I do not understand how this is so.


Obviously, he stole Applejack's insta-stagger gun. No need to wait for an attack, just point, shoot, then stick your hoof in there.


Goddamn hackers.

This pony needs a ledge.

Vicar Belle

Oh, no. Oh, Sweetie, I'm sorry...

Great chapter. Like how you combined the two encounters. My only criticism up to this point is the names. Ghast Coin was okay, but "Hen Reek" is kinda cheesy. You might consider "localizing" a bit more, using pony names in place of simply ponifying the names of the characters.


Like... do I even want to know what Hen Reek's special talent is? Based off his name, I guess he shovels avian feces...


Yes, in the same way Applejack's special talent is boozing and Rarity's special talent is being rare. Or Silver Spoon's talent is cutlery or Filthy Rich's talent is just being rich.

Besides, shoveling avian faeces is vital in Ponyville/Yharnam. Have you SEEN the crows there?

Oh geez I don't want to imagine a world where one's blood vials could get destroyed but certain attacks. But these little details really help bring the story to life. Overall this was an enjoyable read, with the savage battle between the hunters being of particular interest.

Bonus points for taking pot shots at Project Horizons immersion shattering chapter footnotes.

Embrace the phonetic accent, Vis. You know it's the only true way.

Great perks, by the way. Absolutely vital for any playthrough story.


Seek Paleblood to transcend the hoont.

Was wondering when someone would make a Bloodborne fic,theres a lot of Souls fics but to my knowledge your the first to make one. Gonna be following this for sure.

"Fear the Old Blood"

Id like to share something with you guys, while your reading this story go and check out Alex Roe's channel on youtube ill leave a link and listen to his Bloodborne covers it can really set the atmosphere for some of the chapters. https://www.youtube.com/user/RoeTaKa

I'm really digging this spin on the bloodborne lore. I can't wait to see how the princesses play into this adaptation. Overall a very interesting installment.

Okay, we're beginning to see some real divergeance. Less hostility from the Church, and the addition a fetch quest. It's different. I like it. And we're learning some of the other parallels sooner than I thought we would.

Cadance as Oedon really threw me through a loop, though. I guess there are worse parallels than alicorns with Great Ones, but it's still strange to me. Something's gotta change in a big way to accomodate that, and I don't know if it's the plot becoming less Lovecraftian to accomodate the fact that MLP's alicorns aren't really Lovecraftian entities, or if the alicorns are going to be revealed to have changed in some way to accomodate making the setting more like vanilla Bloodborne. I hope for the former, if only to shake things up a little more, but I fear the latter is more likely if the rest of the fic so far is anything to go by.


Something that I had to consider carefully is that a lot of things in Bloodborne are optional. You don't have to go to Old Yharnam, or Hemwick, or Cainhurst, or the Nightmare Frontier, so it becomes a challenge to involve these areas.

Another thing is that I do not want to do chapters of Good Hunter doing chalice dungeons, but I want chalices to hold some significance.

Cadance is not invisible. That's as far as I will reveal about her for now.

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