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As the light succumbs to the darkness at night, I succumb with it. (Formerly I-am-a-Nightmare. All of my old stories I literally did when I was 12. Please don't judge me)

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Comments ( 8 )

I like it. It is really well done. One can see this increasing madness, getting worse and worse. It is really well done.

That was unexpected ... :fluttercry:
Added to Sad Luna.

This is madness!!

Although Luna dying always tantalizes my heart, this is a nice interpretation.
I like how you showed Luna growing distant from her subjects as well as her sister. And I love Luna to be herself in both, Princess of the Night as well as Nightmare Moon, the same beings with the same mind. It makes the best stories.

No this is Sparta!!..... wrong time?.....:trollestia:

meh, just a year, not a big deal.

"No this is Patrick:flutterrage:" would have been better:trollestia:

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