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This looks promising. Gonna check it out when I'm off work. I have a soft spot for stories named after rock songs :raritywink:

Really nice so far. I liked the scenes between Skies and her brother. :rainbowlaugh:

I just have one question. Why do they need birth cards? Overpopulation? :rainbowhuh:

6216828 population control, you can only grow so much food on clouds. It is also the reason for all the same-sex couples.

Ah, I already forgot about the cloud seeding thing. I should reread Fallout: Equestria, it has been years since I've read it. :twilightsheepish:

And I thought all that "FoE fiction gets insta-hate" was a load of s:pinkiegasp:t. Yeesh!:facehoof:

6216828 As 6216979 said, yeah, it's a form of population control.

Glad people like it so far, there's much more to come! :raritywink:


I wana read but I don't have time with work :raritydespair:

I will be back :coolphoto:

I always thought that there's some sort of Fallout Equestria hater group. It would explain why every FO:E story has between five and twenty dislikes immediately after it's published. :applejackunsure:


Yeah, seriously. I skimmed this and I really can't see anything at fault here that would warrant such a dislike ratio. FoE side stories, stories that star only OCs, stories that have characters with black coats, they really get shafted without getting a decent read through first.

6220704 In all honesty it doesn't really bother me. I just ignore dislikes unless people actually comment on why they disliked the story. The current rating system is so open to abuse that I just go off comments and faves (or bookshelves nowadays, whatever).:pinkiehappy:

Personally, I think the Illuminati just doesn't like me.:raritywink:


Thats a really healthy attitude. Alot of us need to get there in this trigger happy dislike zone :trollestia:

Its sad though because alot of good stories are ignored for having too much red in their bar. So the writer and the reader are both missing out.

Now I have Guns 'n Roses stuck in my head.

A great chapter. You're really good at writing the emotions of the characters. I just wondered how poor Mrs. Shade feels now. What if she doesn't have a birth card either? And now started to panic about a foal she'd never have? :pinkiegasp:

I finished readin' Fallout:Equestria two hours ago. Looks promising.

6246466 Well, I'm honored to have this story be your first FoE fanfic! Hope it doesn't disappoint!:twilightsmile:

6244198 Thanks, appreciate the feedback! :rainbowkiss:


Oh wow. I assumed Red Mist would just help her leave and nothing else. From what I can tell, his best option now is to travel with Skies to the wasteland. He could return to the Enclave, but with the chance of being tried for helping a fugitive escape. If they could find a settlement then . . . . . . . . something. Also, does the Enclave Military Training II include Mist's power armor? If he's wearing any? Miss preggers here should definitely be left out of any and all combat situations.

6264564 I don't really know how perks and stuff work in Fallout (I've never played it :twilightblush:), but it's not related to his power armor. If he drops his armor he's not gonna go back to being a weakling or anything.:duck:



Oh, OK. I just assumed that his power armor might affect some aspects of his s.p.e.c.i.a.l. score, because they do in the game. Like increase strength but reduce agility.

Also, what if . . . . . . Perk attained: Pregnancy ll . People notice that you appear to be pregnant. reduce agility -1. People (other than raiders) are less likely to directly hurt you, usually.

You should play it! :pinkiehappy:Well, if your interested in a game that's part RPG/FPS/ThirdPS/open world/wasteland themed/fun/etc . . . violence . . :pinkiecrazy:

6265192 I've got plans for the different stages of pregnancy, that's for sure :pinkiehappy:

And I probably would try Fallout but my laptop can barely run Minesweeper at the moment, it practically runs off a potato battery at this point :applejackunsure:


This will be a very long comment, so bear with me.

So far, I like the story, there is real conflict, real emotions and characters seem to act in natural ways. The pacing is OK and there are some typos, but nothing that would make me pull my hair out. This story deserves at least a passing grade (so far) and I will go with a 7.5/10. Considering this, I find your current rating 30 likes/20 dislikes to be a bit harsh, this kind of rating is usually reserved for lower quality or cringe worthy fictions. I am guessing this might have to do with the general theme and/or that this is a FoE fiction which might be viewed as an overused crossover for some people. I have yet to read any of your other stories, but, considering that this one intrigues me, I might.

Now, on to the constructive criticism, this part will be long, but I might be able to make you understand the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system and its implication for how you characters actually work.
For short, I find that you set the bar extremely high with a main character at 9INT (being that it will be almost impossible to make a good in-character narration with Healthy Skies) and that The SPECIAL for Red Mist (because of his OP perk), makes his a One Pony Army 80's Action hero with no flaws.
I will endeavor to explain this.
I am under the impression that you said that you never played any Fallout game, yes? So I will explain the system for you. You of course know the meaning of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and that its value can vary between 1 and 10. 1 being extremely deficient and 10 the pinacle of human (or pony) achievement in that statistic. For a better illustration I will use INT, using something almost everybody knows, the IQ scale:
-5INT is average, 100IQ, the run of the mill human, neither particularly bright or stupid.
-4INT is fair, about 90IQ, slightly below average, not clever, but still a functional individual, difficult notions might be problematic, but day to day activity is not affected.
-3INT is poor, about 70IQ, fuctionnally retarded, about the same intelligence of down syndrome afflicted individuals. Advanced speech and academic notions will be difficult to achieve, but the individual will still be somewhat functional.
-2INT, is very poor, the average intelligence of dogs in Fallout, language might be composed of monosyllable and basic words, would be comparable to Hodor in GoT.
-1INT abysmal, possibly not even self-aware, non-functional as a human, driven by base instincts for behavior.
On the flip side:
-6INT, good, above average, about 115IQ, bright individual, slightly more capable of intellectual prowess than the ordinary citizen.
-7INT, very good, highly above average, about 130IQ, entry level for ''Mensa'', academic careers and multiple languages are easier, complex notions are relatively easy to understand.
-8INT, excellent, genius, about 145IQ, mental functions so good, they might start to not understand why normal people do not ''get'' notions that are so easy for them.
-9INT, impressive, super-genius, 160+IQ, far above normal individuals, be it philosophy, art, maths or particle physics, they with excel at it.
-10INT, Heroic, Legendary intellect, 200+IQ, on par with paragons of intellect such as Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking.
This is why I think, having a narrator character with 9INT is setting the bar high, if I were to make my own SPECIAl, I would give myself a 6, maybe a 7max, a character with 9INT is out of my league, its thought process so intense that I look stupid compared to them. This means it would be difficult for me to imagine how a super-genius would think about the world that surrounds them, thus writing one as a narrator.
As for Red mist, I find that military boot camps would not give such a GINORMOUS bonus to 3 Stats. I went through military training and my boot camp was 15 weeks, I lost weight and was in better shape, but Red Mist passed from 4 (bellow average) to 8 (excellent) in both STR and END for a (similar?) experience. 8STR is an amazonian woman or Arnold Schwarzenegger (well, he might have been maybe a 9STR in his prime) good. At 8STR, 8END, 8AGI and 8PER, Red Mist is Ninja-Die-Hard-Commando-With-Eagle-Eyes good.

This might have sounded very negative, but I hope I made you understand better the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system and why Stat augmentation is a big deal for characters in Fallout, it is really difficult for a character to gain stats (the intense training perk gives only a +1 in one stat) and for good reasons.

6315702 I thoroughly appreciate the feedback and will probably reassess my choice of SPECIAL stats.


EDIT: Done, better? To be fair, Skies is supposed to be a smart character and Mist's MOS requires him to be as well. I do plan on balancing his higher S/S/A out by making him sub-par with most firearms.

Also, I aim to give Pegasi characters inherently better P and A as a sorta racial thing. Earth ponies/Unicorns as well as other races get similar treatment with different traits.

Also, what were you? Army?


Much better, those stats fall under more normal character, but they still have very decent stats, most above the average individual. At 7INT Healthy Skies is intelligent, but not scary intelligent. However, she is still your character, do with her as you please. As for Red Mist, that is much better, halving the bonuses renders him a lot less OP, but, considering you described him as a very thick (noticably more muscular) as a physical description, maybe you could have lowered his STR to 7, by making his base STR 5 and lowering one of his other stats. Again, no pressure. Also, I noticed you lowered his perception to 7. It was OK to have him at PER 8, having high Stats was not the problem I was really lamenting here, but much rather the fact that the perk made him good at everything, basically with no flaw. Give him 8PER and 8AGI if you want, making him an awesome gunpony, but this means he will have lower stats in CHA or INT or LCK, because nopony can be perfect.
I really hope you understand that I did not want to make your characters more average, but just more manageable (in Skies's case) or less OP in everything (in Mist's case).

As for me, yes, I was in the Canadian Forces for three years. I wanted to be an Armoured officer, but of the 4 phases of training, I failed the last one... So am not in the CF anymore, still, I am qualified to shoot with a 25mm Bushmaster auto-cannon and crew command AFVs. Useful life skills?

Navy boot camp in a nutshell.

Fellow squid?

I'm not a fan of Fallout.

But even I have to admit this story kicks some serious flank.

Looking forward to more.:twilightsmile:

6324474 if you can add more to the clop ch about how he did it and fall to pull out in time that would be the cool

So. It begins.

Looking forward to more.

I really like this story.
I was happy to see a new chapter. Keep it up.

I'm really enjoying this story- it's so hard to find FO:E fics that I like nowadays. Incredible work. :twilightsmile:

After this chapter, I am revising my grade to 8/10. The story is getting better and I like it, continue like this, man.:moustache:

I think we need to swap the strength and intelligence stats don't you?

I think I love this story.
I was so happy to see a new chapter, that I must love it.^^
The tension there is. Can't wait to see where it's gonna lead.

good chapter very few bring up the hatred that runs between races in the wasteland.

Oh my God...

My favorite stats are her lowest...

This... is going to be a fun read! :pinkiehappy:

Why am I done!? I didn't want to be done! :fluttercry:

Oh well, you can't rush art...

And Art this is! This is a great story, you've made us care about the characters in such a short time. I find it amazing how you managed to accomplish that.

I am looking forward to the next installment of this. :pinkiehappy:

I like this chapter, I find it's take on point of view to be very interesting.

By far one of my favorite Fallout E. Stories, another great chapter.

Um... Any chance we can get a specific date for the next installment? :fluttershysad:

7093384 To be perfectly honest: no, sorry. :ajsleepy:

The reason this one came out so late is because my editors are currently dealing with personal stuff, and that takes precedence over ponies.

Hopefully the next chapter won't take so long, I've already got most of the first draft done.

But who knows, I've got a feeling the wait could be worth it...:raritywink:


7096084 Tis alright, take your time, and tell you editors to slow it down if they are indeed in a rough patch of life.

Ohh! I don't know whether to be fearful of the Trollestia face or to be excited about it... :twilightoops: Oh, well. :scootangel:

Really nice chapter. (I love this story ^^)
I like fact that the characters are dealing with the wasteland itself more than just the products of the wasteland.
Hope the next chapter will come out sooner, ;)

Also, thank you fimfiction for not notifying me this chapter. It's only luck that made me realise a new chapter was out. :(

Well that wasn't foreboding at all. Our Heroine really needs to get some way of defending herself.

7513599 A gun would be lovely, but I'd settle for her recharging her taser at least.

Well, I have to say, I may be revisiting this chapter in my nightmares. What deranged demon could do half of that?

Well, the chapter didn't disappoint in the fear factor. I look forward to more. And thank God for more Endurance for our hero!

I wonder if she will stay intact enough with her being such a civvy. The wasteland isn't a place to be panicky or for baby-sitting. When the raiders attack after weakening the caravan, things will go bad.

God almighty... I didn't think things could get worse than Burnout. I forgot that Ghouls are to be feared a thousand times more than Raiders. Damn, we already lost a great character, and in a terrible way.

Well, here's hoping the next Chapter has some good, or at least not bad news in it. Greatly written as usual, I look forward to more.


Well, here's hoping the next Chapter has some good, or at least not bad news in it.


7907910 Welp... That answers that... Bugger it, this poor mare can't catch a break. It's like the original Fallout Equestria all over again, with a pregnant Littlepip.

Oh, damn fighting scene with causality in FoE № 145436474! :pinkiegasp: Look, good chapter bla bla.. :ajsmug: I hope story gets somewhere. Somewhere where it can be tagged "complete". :trixieshiftright:
Keep writting. :twilightsmile:

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