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You do realize there was no nuclear winter in Fo:E, as there was no nuclear anything; right?

Yes, I do realize that. The significance of the name will be revealed later in the story.

What I read as of now is quite good, although I would like a bit more in-depth descriptions, like how are the charakters looking, what coat and mane color do they have etc... Also, maybe they were described, I`m rather tired at the moment, so in that case I take it back. :scootangel:

Other than that: Finally a story in the between-time between the great war and when fallout usually begins, this is gonna be great! :yay:

So the tech of FoE follow that of the show for the most parts, and while I have seen airships galore have I never seen a helicoptor in the show. Giving the big boss guy a golden personal blimp would be much more snazzy than a tech helicoptor if you ask me.

"replied the mare. ." delete

Thank you for pointing out the grammatical error. I've corrected it.

Although the tech of FoE proper mostly follows the show, I have seen great variation between FoE spinoffs on how closely they follow this. Some try to stay true to the show while others are basically just the Fallout games with ponies. My vision for this story is, admittedly, probably closer to the latter.
I like your idea for the blimp though, and will consider it when I rewrite this section soon.

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