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Side story to A little loopy.

In Starswirl's experiments he stumbled across a spell that created a stable time loop. Though initially unintended, he decided to take on some experiments.

Anything that was within the same room as him would not reset along with the loop, including ponies. And once Starswirl spends the end of a loop in a room to which somepony resets, well... poof. That pony's gone, forever, never to be heard from again.

But what if that's not the case? Maybe they're not gone forever, just, somewhere else. Clover the Clever happened to be one of those unfortunate ponies. ... I wonder where he is now.

Just a short little idea I had. I thought I'd just write it up and see where it goes.

Cover art based off of Twilight's Imagination by saturnspace.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 21 )

That was a wonderful idea, very enjoyable to read. I hope you will continue with some more chapters.


Why not continue it?

I had an idea for a second chapter but it never got written up. Could continue it, just wasn't sure about it.

I'd also like to find some cover art if I can. :twilightblush:


Thanks, but that seems less relevant that the search on derpibooru. I'll continue looking.


6199626 I wish you the best of luck.

How does that look?



I'll just add a credit for the original artist.


6199755 You do know there's a source option when editing the story settings, right?

I know that but the image isn't exactly what the original was. I modified it in several ways.


Very good and I agree, trying to fix something in order to make it better does not usually work, it only gets worse. I like the second chapter and I hope you find time to write another chapter.

Wow, wonderfully entertaining and makes you wish there was more, a lot more.

You are an excellent story teller. This was so enjoyable to read.

A correction is needed in chapter 5, first line of last paragraph: 'She was answered by another squawk from Philomena’s page'. The last word 'page' should be 'cage', I think.

Another great and mystifying chapter <3


This is overdue for another one. (almost finished) I aim to turn this into a proper epic if I can.

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