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After having to flee ponyville trixie finds herself alone in the everfree forest...or so she thinks. After being ambushed trixie thinks this is the end of her, But just as she slips out of conscious she hears the beast yelping out in pain and is able to see a blur of motion before her as her vision fades. When she awakens what she decides on doing next could change her world for better or for worse.

This is slightly dark but im not sure if the rest will be it depends on the feed-back I get.
(This is a fic based off season one Trixie.)

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 4 )

Tis good. The use of 3rd tense for Trixie well, it's Trixie, it works. Good job.

purty good
you should probably picks a tense
"trixie thinks she has escaped him"
"Trixie felt the wolf claws touch her forehead"

Your right but when i first wrote it completely third person it just didn't sound right when you read through it.:ajbemused:

waiting for the next chap.

Interesting idea, I hope you keep it up.


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