• Published 4th Jul 2015
  • 894 Views, 35 Comments

Batmare: Year One - Muramasa

Ponyville is riddled with horrid crimes and bad memories. A billionaire named Applejack plans to change it, by becoming the savior her city needs: the Batmare.

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Riddle Answers

Thank you for reading the story! I will now post the answers to every riddle I've asked over the course of the story.

Riddle #1: An Echo.
Riddle #2: The Letter X.
Riddle #3: The lions; they would have starved to death.
Riddle #4: A Waterfall.
Riddle# 5: This is a Caesarian Shift with the number to decode it being 14. I'll let you see the message for yourself.
Riddle #6: A Gun.
Riddle #7: The man had the hiccups. The water was to treat it, but the gun scared him enough to make them go away.

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Comments ( 5 )

And now the next question? Sequel?????????

6340360 Are you doing a sequel? Hope Batmare Year Two comes soon.

6340360 If you do start doing it can I ask a favor? I would like to see Batmare in more peril. I like your story, but I feel like you made her too good for the villain to be a threat. In your next Batmare story I would like to see her show more that she is mortal, but she will do what she needs to protect everyone.

6340360 Are you doing a Sequal?

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