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A demon and a changeling that has been banished from his hive get caught up in the changeling invasion in Canterolt, both trying to help and both trying to keep their secret safe. Seems fate is with them, as their meeting is one they will remember for many moons.

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The colt narrows his eyes, walking up to the mare. “You’re injured.” He moves lifts his hoof to try and get a better look at the wound, but the mare slaps it away. “I don’t need your help, changeling!”

A small mistake, two characters can't talk on one paragraph.

For the bold text, either use moves or lifts.

6160193 Moves lifts? Wow, didn't even notice that, thanks!

6160204 No problem, although now I wonder if this story can be considered 'Complete'

6160207 It's just meant to be a short story. But if you could elaborate...?

6160294 Uh... This was the only story I had planned for these two... But perhaps I could expand on the story, or try and come up with a story for them. I don't know if that will end up happening, though...

6160213 I assumed by the description we'd know about the changeling's banishment and the demon's origins.

6160500 Ah. Perhaps I will expand on their story, though I don't know if I will.

6169742 Yet she also said she was asleep for those ten thousand years. Answers will come in later chapters!

6259185 Yay love!:heart:

So many questions, wow! Don't worry, everything will be answered, one way or another!

6260341 I think I have about half of it, maybe? Yeah, about half of it I've planned out, the rest I take in stride. Ideas grow pretty quickly in my mind, so it didn't take long for me to start planning a bigger story.

A little ironic for the Changelings to be calling her such names.

I never said they were.

6268143 Wow, I think that's actually the first time anyone's said that on any of my stories. But if you look at the story, you'll notice that it's still marked as "incomplete," meaning yes, there will be more~

I know it's just soo good that I CAN'T WAIT! for more...:derpytongue2:

At the bottom you spelt eyes wrong...

6295788 Frack, I did! Thanks for letting me know!

6320687 That was actually kind of my inspiration for this story, so I'd thought it'd only be fair if I referenced it as least once!

6363563 And that's when you go and reread the story!

6364343 Perhaps. Though I don't guarantee anything.

I'm so used to past tense that this caught me off guard.

Pop Quiz: what if Celestia just... revealed her? Wouldn't the populace revere the Princess enough to accept that she's a good demon at Celestia's word?

The memory fades, Eclipse’s eyes returning to their normal colour as she disconnects their minds. “My memory after that is fuzzy. I don’t really remember what happened, but I was put to sleep, encased in crystal. After ten thousand years, the casing broke, and I woke up. Celestia had started looking after me then, Cadance soon adopting me as her sister.”

This... brings up questions. Wasn't her dad Sombra? It seems like that's what's being implied. But Sombra was sealed away 1,000 years ago, not 10,000. So...?

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