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This is where the stuff gets HYPE and I can't explain why.


She looked bored, lying up there in the crescent moon with only clouds and ice-white stars for company. Glass slippered hooves dangled over the edge and swayed. Her chin rested on a blue foreleg.

“Hi there,” you said from the ground below and hoped you called loud enough.

Luna fluff, because I got the itch baaaad. Wonderful cover image used with permission by the cool Jopiter

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More Sky's the Limit when?

How is this not a top fic? I don't get it.:rainbowhuh:

No, because that would make people happy.

“A star just fell. Someone's going to find something fascinating in their garden tomorrow. It's on schedule, more or less.”

Because it kind of fits. :twilightsmile:
I guess. :applejackunsure:

My God, it's full of carrots.

It's the confoundedest mystery, it is.

This was cute :twilightsmile:

Just what I needed on a cool summers night
I enjoyed it!
Night everyone

Jazz why.

This is a good story. Thank you.

That was some dang good fluff. Thanks for this, it's all too rare for me to come across cute fics like this.

Wonderfully sweet and dreamy, thanks for sharing it!

man, i didn't know how much i love slice of life moments till now.

no questions asked, just casual acceptance of the situation and a moment of quiet appreciation of the night.

love this part:

“Ye-,” more laughter, “yes. Sorry, I, ah. It's...uh,” You wiped your eyes. “There's a seven year old version of me that's pretty excited.”
“No, not here.” You pointed to year head and then behind you. “When I was younger, I wondered being on the moon was like. It's a harder trick to pull off back home.” She looked confused. “Call it a cultural fixation.”

tho IMO he should have pointed down. i don't know how i didn't get around to reading this.

Glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes you just gotta stop and chill on the moon, y'know?

And oh wow there was some hot 'n sweaty typo action happening there. FIX'D.

This has an appropriately dreamy atmosphere, in my opinion. I like it. Very fitting for a conversation with the moon princess.

Feeling a sudden bout of excitement bubble within you, you rush back to your home, only to come back outside moments later with a canvas, a paintbrush, and a few colors in hand. There was a lot of work ahead of you and little night to do it, but in the end you pulled it off and created your impression of the night.

It was a gentle night.

A calm night.


A starry night

7091840 you sir are a genius

This made me smile


What a great premise. After reading so many "realistic" fics just having something magically physics-defying like a cloud staircase to the moon was wonder inducing. I was waiting for her to teleport him up to the moon. It reminds me of reading fantasy for the first time as a child. Enjoyed this very much, thank you.

That was beautiful
Thank you.
It was like a fairy tale and yet mature
I loved it. Honestly possibly my favourite fic on the site, it conveys so much in such a short amount of time


Aww, this is such a fun and creative read. All around wonderful story.

Author Interviewer

I had low expectations coming into this, but that was really excellent.

I like to promise nothing and deliver less, so when the opposite happens it's to everyone's advantage. Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it, amigo. Also THERE'S A READING OF IT WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN WOAH.

Some Lucky Dreams-tier slice of life, this story right here.

Words can do no justice of how amazing this is.

I just now saw this? :facehoof:
What a great story

Enjoyable till the last word.:yay:


I dunno. It's adorable and sweet, but it lacks the same emotional gut punch of say, My Little Dashie. It's more of a drabble than a fully fledged story as well. If this became a series of shorts where the relationship between the protagonist and Luna was explored it would probably get more traffic, but as it is it's the kind of thing you read once then don't have to read again due to it's light fluffiness. Still awesome either way!

This was a sweet story.

Wholesome and smile-inducing. Thank you.

Truly magical.
In all the best ways :)

Honestly, after years passing by, my tastes have evolved while it seems this fandom died. A shame to be sure, but after a reread of this fix, I think it may be what I choose to remember the fandom by.

A beautiful slice-of-life Gov with a mysterious character that the fandom loved, and a human. I love how curious but uniquely normal he is. I love the tone of the whole story. I don’t know quite how to describe it, but it feels like walking down the street late at night and you make a friend with someone who’s just fundamentally different, and you likely wouldn’t be friends with them if you weren’t both tired and relaxed.

I’m just shocked how much I still love this doc after 5 years. Thanks for the pleasant memories, man.

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