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A travelling samurai arrives in Ponyville, much to the chagrin of it's residents when his mannerisms constantly put everypony on edge. It doesn't appear the earth-pony even speaks the same language, yet he's determined to sell his wares. Ponies can't seem to get a handle on him, but some unlikely sources help them get to know this new friend. The power of friendship and the elements of harmony are just what's in store for our hero. You don't have to pay admission until you finish watching the show.

友情は魔法です!- Friendship is Magic!

(Does contain some hints of Adventure, though remains predominantly 'Slice of Life'. Tags updated as elements are incorporated into the story!)

Friendship is Magic was developed by Lauren Faust, and My Little Pony is property of Hasbro!)

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More please.

I like where this is going:pinkiehappy:

I like how the story is progressing.

This has a lot of potencial. Please do go on.

Don't stop at the hoof, Rainbow Dash. Make sure to put the whoooole leg in your mouth.

Aaaaand now I woke up the whole house with my laughter. XD

The ending with the protagonist being capable of talking, albeit a broken version, of English was entertaining, especially the girls' reaction.

This is really good, keep it up!

I can't help it but ship Hiroki and Applejack:)

Another chapter well done.

tried to translate but it keeps goofing it up.
keeps thinking its French instead of..
romanji? is that the right term for it?


As a sidenote, author notes for each chapter will be updated to have a list of all Equestrian/Neipponese (English/Japanese) translations!

Fu fu fu, the whole Hattori Hanzo/the Bride conversation between Twilight and Hiroki amused me very much.^^b


:derpytongue2: Excellent! I was hoping someone would get the reference.

My pleasure entirely.^^ On a side note, I think I will be unable to NOT hear Hiroki´s text in old man Hanzo´s voice from now on.


I actually hear Hiroki's voice in my head as such.

"What brought you to Ponyville? I mean... if you don't mind me asking..."
"To find the perfect blossom."

And then deflower said "blossom".

This chapter just screams Japan.

:trixieshiftright:I still think the blossom thing means he's looking for a lady friend. Me thinks this one in particular caught his eye >:ajsmug:

Gotta say that his encounter with AJ was sweet.

Really liked Hiroki's interaction with Pinkie, especially with Pinkie misunderstanding the date (reminded me of Griffonstone) and her shipping Hiroki with AJ.

If they do not end up together by the end of this fic and have little Sakuras running around:

Hiroki wiped his brow on his foreleg, suddenly feeling rather tired. Was it aftershock of that confectionary bomb he'd consumed, or was Pinkie Pie secretly leeching energy from those around her in order to stay so buoyant?

I KNEW IT!!! Pinkie is an Energy Vampire!!! Quick, someone make a fic of this!

Yare yare daze... this is getting insane.

6458501 Are we talking N0s-4A2 type? or DIO type?

Nice chapter. I liked hoe Hiroki bonded with RD.

interesting fillings for the rolls. but then Poni are vegatarians.

I would have to go with the N0s-4A2 type. I'm leaning more toward comedy then violence, but with its share of suspense now and then. Maybe a mystery fic that starts out with Twilight wondering why she's always tired after getting a visit or hanging out with Pinkie. I know I would read something like that.

Oh hohoho, a japanese-esque pony? Sign me up, Faved and reading. :pinkiehappy::heart:

It was funny to see Rarity forcing a spa session on Hiroki

Nice chapter, as usual.

Oh, Hiroki you saw an Imp, alright. The rare, equestrian Demon-Bunny to be exact. Tsk, tsk, Angel, stealing Hirokis notes for whatever weird bunny reasons of yours.

Love that you put the translation in here.

I want more Japanese!

I don't think Fluttershy world's have just stupid there.

Guess it will be an am outdoors affair

it would be Equish, not English.

Next up, hibachi tricks

huh, looking at the nobori, it does look like the emblem of Jack's clan...

This chapter was great. It was interesting to see more of Hiroki's cooking skills and his culture. Likewise, I liked his interaction with the Princesses, his confrontation with Gladius, and his funny interaction with AJ.

Should there be a Romance tag? Because it's sweet to see both Hiroki & Applejack to be together.


Well we see Neighpod?

Time to go to a hibachi

"Perfect." said Hiroki, his eyes resting on the same six blossoms that had appeared the previous day when his new friends had dined with him. "They are all... perfect."

Considering that I just re-watched "The Last Samurai", that particular phrase being quoted does NOT fill me with the warm tinglies.


Holy crap you're right... I hadn't even realized I'd done it. Time for a wee edit. :facehoof:

The smile was faint, but Applejack could tell it was sincere as she got a look into his deep, viridian eyes. She blushed and nearly the shade of the pink cakes as she took one.

Still Hiroki looked over at Applejack and their eyes met again. They peered at each other for a few moments, cherry blossom petals showering around them like a gentle snowfall.

"Come by any time you wish... I would enjoy having you." said Hiroki. This caused Applejack to stop and look back at him, blushing. The samurai recognized his blunder, but too late to hide a similar rise of color in his face.


Dun dun dun. This could become Rurouni Kenshin

The villian sounds like a Dragon :raritystarry:

Let me guess, What is going on is the Empress doesn't know what's happening and is blinded by the General like in the Avatar series?

I love to see more Samurai lore, and the Neghpon culture :twilightblush:

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