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Millenia ago, when Discord first claimed control of Equus, he decided on a whim to send a random selection of ponies to a distant and inhospitable planet. As centuries passed, those ponies gradually forgot their home and their sudden exodus and remembered only myths of strange beasts and great rulers.

Nearly two years ago, when an astronomer discovered a distant star orbiting its planet and sending out huge amounts of magical energy, it sparked a space-race between Eris's two massive, technologically advanced superpowers; New Pegasopolis and New Unicornia.

Now, the pegasi are on their way to the strange world, and the unicorns are not far behind. Once there, these ponies will have to deal with the strange implications of their discoveries, and the residents of the planet will face challenges of their own. While none of the explorers from Eris embarked on a mission of conquest, the concept is far from a strange one to the ponies of that bitter and divided planet.

This story's prequel, Another Mare's Sky, details the events leading up to the launch of the ships destined for Equus. It provides context for these ponies' society, but reading it is not necessary in order to understand and enjoy this story.

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I'm very glad to see this story will actually be reaching Equestria rather than stretching it out

Finally, we are so close to the initial first contact.

Not sure if it really counts as 'first contact', but seeing a creature that embodies both Pegasus Wings and a Unicorn horn? Heresy! Even though Discord technically had the same.

great chapter. Can't wait for them to find out Discord is a mildly tolerated former tyrant

That spider log- is that an FTL joke?

I love that game to death, but I wasn't specifically thinking of it when I wrote that. Alien spiders have been a trope in a few different things I've read and watched, and it seemed fitting.

6234737 he had wings and horns, but not pegasi wings or a unicorn horn

Excellent story so far.

I fully expect that Discord will get severely interrogated for all those OTHER projects he did in the past, once the story about the Eris ponies' origin gets revealed :twilightangry2:

and so the OTHER party shows up... this can only go down hill.

why am I not surprised...

Are the of off-worlders going to meet a reformed discord? Or try to brake him out (maybe succeed and learn that he is a troll of the worst kind the heard way)? Or learn that what he did to them was simply for his own amusement?

Haha, there's more on the way very soon, don't worry. Put things on hold for the holidays and exams, but the next section will be out shortly! You should be notified if you're following the story or anything. As for your other questions... We shall see. :trollestia:

"The Vanquishing of the Villain Discord," he read aloud.


Religious-ideological shenanigans inbound. Nothin' like a common enemy to kickstart peace.


It feels like a shame the story is going in this manner. The reluctance to talk about things with the Equestrians is just causing more ground for misunderstandings.


But not unbelievable. How would you feel if someone celebrated the apparent death of your god?

Luckily, the fact that Twilight's an alicorn places this as post-season 3, meaning that Discord's out and about, and reformed.

That means he can tell the Erisians to calm the hell down. Hopefully before things get too out of control.


That's exactly what I expect to happen, but I also expect it to get a lot worse before that happens. It's an instant deescalation, meaning that it can get extremely bad before throwing that in. I just find it a shame that the story seems to be tilting that way.

Yes he can. But knowing him, he willn't do this till a situation become a literal shit-storm.

Holy heck what did the unicorns DO to make their ship go so fast as to be only DAYS behind the Pegasus drive?

I don't mean the initial speedup they did, i mean they must have done something to speed up IN FLIGHT!!!

Man i love this story!

When can the next chapter be ready by?!

Given that "Dry Lancer" ("de Lancie"?) stallion's appreciation for Pinkie's chaos, his command of the Erisian language, and his confidence that the crew will "see him tomorrow" (perhaps resplendent upon a stained glass window?), I'm willing to bet that Discord is already well aware of the situation and approves of it highly.

He was quite proud of the long game his plundervines played, the ones planted before his original imprisonment and sprouting after his second release over a thousand years later.
Imagine how much he'd enjoy a storm of chaos eons in the making?

Discord better make sure his followers don't hurt anyone. I could see him making their weapons just produce funny sounds instead of proper damage. Of course he's going to get an earful for not telling the princesses about these ponies when they arrived. Of course Discord would just say it would have been too dull.

Im interested in seeing what happens next.

Oh man, shit just got real, tbey straight up killed that pony D:
And worse now they know it was for no reason at all., I can't see how this will end well.

I would like to know how celestia knew they killed the guard

... Did the ship just return to their home planet with Celestia on it but none of the other crew?

Celestia what did you just do!!! I know they killed a pony by mistake but you shouldn’t have teleported into their ship to upper hand them because what you did was a sign of war.

But mostly this was all a misunderstanding since they believe your ponies killed Discord and had to live fast but man you just cause a huge problem now with another world seeing this as a act of war. :rainbowderp:

What's this? An update?! :yay:

I've been curious at to where this story would have gone.

Where was the mistake? One of them just straight up murdered a friendly guard, shooting him from. The. Back no less. Heck, the guard trusted them! At that point, as far as the poor dead body of Buzz and what family he has is concerned, that was an act of betrayal. While I'd have loved for a completely peaceful resolution, now I'm perfectly fine with a slightly more defensive stance on Equestria's part.

I do have this to say: while the other crew members didn't do anything wrong (as you say, they fled because of a simple misunderstanding), I don't particularly care if Amethyst is thrown into Tartarus and left there. One can argue that she was acting in a situation akin to being stuck in hostile territory, but that will only go so far.

Also, about the act of war thing. Amethyst killed the guard, and if boarding a ship for a good reason (i.e. harboring a murderer) is an act of war, then killing a guard is definitely one; guess which came first. If war starts, the aggressor would be the other world and not Princess Celestia.

P.S. Sorry if I sound aggressive, I'm just frustrated and irritated and peeved that Amethyst just had to go trash the chances of a friendly meeting. I understand the need for drama now and then, but I've just seen so much first-contact scenarios with this particular cliché.

P.S.S My opinion may change when I cool off more (yes, more, at first I thought that Amethyst might as well be executed), but for now...


:rainbowlaugh: It’s ok I agree with you that silly unicorn would do something like that when the spaceship is faster then a Pegasus... Also, that sweet dude was going to let them leave :fluttercry:

From the story so far I think Unicorns are pretty much believe they are superior like it was back then but a lot worse that they probably are train from foul hood to take out the enemy without a second thought.

Your right she did strike first so Celestia has the right to action quickly but it would be tough to actually declare war since she World doesn’t have the tech to travel from planet to planet but I bet they’ll use magic to get over there...

I have to wonder how each tribe sees Discord? Like does one believe in Chaos & another Harmony... Would be cool to see what their beliefs are of him and how each one is different making them who they are because as the saying goes. “What you believe in is what you become.”

But yea the others weren’t really in falt except running away to probably almost call him that this planet has killed Discord :rainbowderp:

It seems Eris is tidally locked with its star? Given their consternation at the sun transiting the horizon, that must not be normal for them.

Which means...half the planet is a sun-blasted desert, and half is in eternal night and probably fairly frigid. And ponies live in the twilight zone in a ring perpendicular to where the sun and planet face eachother. :twilightsmile:

survive planetary re-entry at relativistic speeds...

That's why their mission plan wouldn't have actually worked... they'd have to find a way to decelerate, or be obliterated, or miss entirely and go flying off in the wrong direction. Forever! :pinkiecrazy:

Day Lancer

Dammit, John, you're breaking the fourth wall again!

It'll be interesting to see where this goes if it continues again someday.

9226263 No, Eris has a day night cycle. They were just talking about how here it isn't because the planet is spinning, it's because the sun is actually moving around it.

9170155 A sign of war? THEY started the war! They stole stuff that would probably have been given them freely as a gift, if they'd just asked, then murdered somepony on the mere chance that he might tell somepony what they'd done. All because of their frigging paranoia.

At this point, by their rules, Celestia would be quite justified in teleporting to their soalr system and dropping both of their moons on the planet. After all, they've proven themselves hostile, rather than just being potentially hostile, and the only way to prevent them form becoming actively hostile is to erase them from the universe.

As for Discord, it's all fun and games until somepony gets murdered by your paranoid creations.

Please continue, I want to see what kind of slapping these morons get.

I imagine Luna having a "discussion" with Discord in the royal Canterlot voice as she tries to get Celestia's sun to listen to her. A discussion of her she plans to HARM him.

What a lovely clusterfuck!

Yeah, I figured that's what happened when she cut out last chapter.

Ten heads turned as one to see Discord, floating over the sheer cliff in a sitting position on the other side of the now de-barred window, looking disappointed with his head cupped in his hands and his elbows resting on the windowsill. The bars from the window, now shaped into a stick-figure, stood in silent judgment as it leaned against the adjacent wall.

Finally, he's here. Time for some good old exposition for the crew.

He began with assurances that Buzz, the pony shot during their panicked escape, was not in fact dead. Discord had been watching, popcorn in claw, until that moment, and had intervened to stabilize him before the stallion had even hit the ground. After all, he explained, nothing is more boring than a corpse.

Thank Celestia! Or is it thank Discord?

After that, Discord moved on to assuring them that Equestria really was as saccharine and innocently idealistic as it seemed. He explained that the stained glass window to which he had brought their attention -- as well as the accompanying placard he had delicately mistranslated for them -- depicted his being turned to stone, not killed, and that he had thoroughly provoked them into doing so.

To me, at least, "The Vanquishing of the Villain Discord" doesn't imply killing him that much, though I suppose that in combination with pictures and misconceptions that it'll seem like that.

Also, I wonder what the ponies first brought to Eris would think if they hear that the being who messed up thier lives is now worshipped by thier descendants. Quite ironic, wouldn't you say?

Nopony seemed entirely satisfied with that, though, and Crystal pointedly observed to Amethyst that this did not make things right.

Unfortunately for Amethyst, that we can agree on. I'm fine with the other crew since they're being mostly rational in a peaceful way, in fact, I might even like them. As for Amethyst, we'll see, we'll see...

Similar beings have been forgiven, after all.

Discord cleared his throat, now grasping the scope of his error. "Yes, well, uh." Looking across the crowd of angry faces, Discord tugged on the scruff of fur around his neck like a collar, paused for a moment, and then vanished with a flash. The moment he was gone, the window's bars were back in place and the two unicorns' illusion spells winked out as an evidently previously-disabled magic dampening field turned back on.

Hey, you can't just leave like that! You're the fundamental cause of this madness, you need to do something.

Anyway, I'm sure the crew could use some comfort, that's one hell of an information dump they just got; I'm sure their heads are spinning wildly.

"Standby one," and after several more minutes, "We will be relaying additional override codes shortly. You are to input them in the helm to allow remote override of the ship's trajectory, leave the improvised power source alone, and then return to the Valiant with the aberrant pony." With a sour note, the captain added, "Ground's ordered us to hoof it and the Guiding Wing over immediately. I'm not sure which they're more keen to study."

Oh no, this situation just got more delicate. It needs to be handled with the utmost care, if peace is to be made soon. Princess Celestia, I hope you can keep calm; you know, judge not a book by its cover...

And Discord, this your chance to contribute! If you can transport several ponies to another world, then you can surely transport yourself to said world. You need to relay facts and ease any tensions, which I suspect there will be from Celetia accusing the other ponies of being responsible for a murder and an act of war.

I don't understand what happened here. Celestia decided to fly the ship back and made it there in record time but is unconscious because lack of magic or even she has to eat?

In the previous chapter, Thatch Roof activated the ship's jump drive when Celestia arrived, before she started teleporting ponies away. She was unaware of this, and did not leave the ship fast enough. The reason for her unconsciousness has not been addressed, but you're on the right track.

Pressing his head to the floor and trying to peer beneath the large metal door keeping them in the prison barracks, Thatch Roof let out a sigh. "You'd think Celestia would've told somepony to come get us by now."

Two weeks later...

They're dead, Jim...

But seriously, though. A guard patrol should have found them within a day. Makes you wonder why those ponies still think the Erisian ponies have left.

I'm not sure what Discord is playing at by letting things drag on like this so long after his setup fell to shreds, but he's just digging himself a deeper grave at this point. :rainbowhuh:
The time skip also feels excessive. We're just going to gloss over Equestria handling the loss of its chief princess, a perceived act of war by an alien power, or the astronauts being stuck for a week in a Canterlot jail cell with no one noticing? :applejackunsure:


I think its a 'Lost in Space' joke

Fluttershy is going to be quite upset when she learns

Interesting headcannon, the princesses needing so much magic that without it they are unconscious

As for 'refined' let's instead try 'More efficient to make the most out of VERY VERY little' if I understand their magic deprivation issues correctly.

I think "refined" is perfectly good, because they had less magic to work with the needed it more precise. Celestia just pumped in extra magic and the spell matrix did the work, we can assume this technique would cause "automatic refinement" of the spell with multiple castings, each time its cast it is more complex but requires less magic.

I agree with this statement. They just lost their head monarch and there's no word of this reverberating through equestria. This seems like a quick chapter pumped out to not make it seem like the author's abandoned this story, tbh.

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