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Rise of the New Nightmare Order - Raven Blackwood

What happens when a young girl named Elisabeth dressed as both Nightmare Moon mixed with a dark Jedi outfit at a typical convention to enjoy meeting with other hardcore fans of the 2 universes? Let the New Order begin with our friend.

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New ruler of the Changlings

Author's Note:

Here's chapter two my fellow subjects. This chapter is short but the action will come in the near future of my story.

Thank you Inazuma for assisting me in improving in this chapter.

Critics are much appreciated to help me strive in my written abilities.

Enjoy! And may the Force be with you all. :rainbowdetermined2:

As I continued to fly, I could see the damage I had done to the building. Ponies were scattering everywhere and I could see the mane six slowly getting out of the building. Rainbow Dash was being carried by Pinkie Pie, who's mane and tail were deflated, and I could actually tell that Rarity's horn seemed to have cracked when Rainbow Dash smashed into her. Twilight was being carried by Fluttershy. Applejack, on the other hand, was being carried by Rarity. Tears could be seen dripping down Rarity's face to have her friend hurt and to know that her horn was possibly broken was too much to bear. That meant that both Twilight and Rarity were unable to use magic against me in the future for now.

Serves them right for trying to think they could fight me, a Sith Master.

1 hour later.......

I was flying in the Badlands to see if I could possibly discover where Queen Chrysalis and her army of Changelings would be living.

I could sense the energy of 'love' that they rely on to survive.

As the minutes went by trying to discover where the Changelings were living, I decided that it would be a good time to just land back on the ground.

This place....it holds much darkness. I could see dead animals everywhere I walked. Only bugs were walking over the remains of the animals that had once lived in this part of Equestria.

I could hear echoes of voices from around me. I sensed the voices were of great evil here in the Badlands. The voices were not loud, though. They were mostly quiet, but can be heard even while walking.

I crossed my arms to try and think where these Changelings were located. 'It's quite possible they could be living in a dark cave where no pony would discover them. That would be my best bet,' I thought. 'They wouldn't just show themselves out in the open to be attacked by a foreign force that seeks to either kill them or rule over them.'

Continue walking, the love was getting stronger by the minute. Getting closer, I could see a cave in front of me. I couldn't be able to even hear any movement.

As I got into the cave, I used my lightsaber to light up my surroundings to get a clear view of where I was going. I could hear the sounds of water dripping from the top of me splashing down to floor. The cave's noise sounded like a monster that was disturbed from its slumber.

It was still quiet from anything that would considered to be alive.

I was willing to bet they were watching me walk into their home. But they didn't make any sound. They must've been trained to not make a sudden sound when it came to intruders here in this cave.

I noticed something else. The cave was getting brighter now. There were sticks that had fire on them. The fire itself was green.

I smirked while saying this. "I know you are watching me, Queen Chrysalis. It's easy to for me to know where you are by sensing how strong the love you are using to build up your energy to do an attack on me." The sounds of buzzing could be heard now.

"How is that you can....know where I am?" The Queen wanted an answer from me.

"Why the force is what guides me, Chrysalis. It's connected to everything. It's everywhere I go. It's a creature that hides inside everyone of us, ready to be released to do either good or bad deeds." I stopped walking when I was hearing hearing more buzzing sounds from all my sides. I could see what looked like hundreds of blue eyes looking at me. These must be the changelings. They were studying me. Their eyes were more attached to the lightsaber I was hiding in my right hand.

There was pair of green eyes that I could tell was towering over the rest of the smaller Changelings. Those eyes would have to belong to no other than Queen Chrysalis. She walking toward me, but keeping a good distance from my weapon. She was trying to see who I was. But she couldn't be able to fully see my face that I had covered with the hood of my robes.

"Who are you?" Was all she said.

"My name is Darth Nightmare Moon. I'm a Sith Master that has returned to conquer Equestria, bring eternal darkness, and.....establish a new order that'll last for all eternity. If you may not know, I'm the former sister of Princess Celestia. The one who had banished her beloved sister to the moon for a thousand years. And now I require some help to do a massive invasion against Canterlot Castle."

"Seems I wasn't the only one who had plans to do invade Canterlot. But I don't make allies. I and the rest of my children would be better off if we work alone. Leave this place. Or I will order my army to destroy you." Her voice was filled with callous.

"I'll make you a deal," I said. "Let me fight a few of your bravest soldiers that can defeat me. If they win, I'll leave and never come back. But if I win, I'll be one who's in charge of your whole army. How does that sound?" The Queen remained silent. She thinking about this very carefully.

"Hmmm....that does seem to be...a good deal in my book. Very well then. Let the challenge begin," She smiled evilly.

I sensed five figures about to attack right above me. I looked up to see five armored Changelings trying to make a quick attack on me. Are they really this stupid to pull off something this dumb?

I got into my combat stance and waited for the right moment to strike. Once they were close enough, I wielded my lightsaber and snapped it to wield dual-lightsabers. Without any hesitations, I swung my lightsabers where it only sliced two of the Changelings while the others were able to avoid contact with my weapon. Impressive. They have great speed to avoid my lightsabers. But, for the other three, they didn't not what was gonna happen to them. I gave a chuckle to see that they would fall against me.

They came in for another assault. Once they were a few feet from me, I used my lighting from the tip of my fingers to make them scream in agony.

'Seems their armor is ineffective when it comes to shooting lighting right out of my fingertips,' they lay on the ground trying to get back up. I wasn't going to let them do so. I walked over to them and I plunged my lightsabers into their guts. One by one. They were being killed by me. Even their hard skin was easy to cut right through like a knife cutting through bread.

Was this really an army Queen Chrysalis has been trying to raise from the ground up? Surely she must be kidding! These soldiers couldn't even get a whack at me from the beginning of the battle. They weren't fully equipped with any weapons. They could take the form of somepony, but that wasn't going to help them in the long run. Such a pathetic excuse for soldiers! I could do a better job in turning the Changelings into a fighting force than their queen.

"You're fellow soldiers are.....not strong enough to do any type of damage to me, Queen Chrysalis." Turning around, I could see she had wide eyes. Seeing that her elite soldiers were annihilated by me. I walked over to her and said "Do you now wish to work with me? If you do, I'll let you rule with me." She was pondering over the offer. She couldn't refuse a deal like this. She sighed in defeat. "I accept your offer Darth Nightmare Moon." She said flatly.

I looked to notice that the Changelings were acting normal.

"Now that your old master is wants to work with me," I proudly spoke. "All of you will now swear your allegiance to me now. The Changeling empire will be recreated and follow my commands. Does anyone have any objections?" There was no word from them. Not even the sound of their insect wings were buzzing.

One bowed down. Then twenty more followed. Than the whole swarm bowed before me. Good.

"I will need to speak to with the generals of this army to help train you all to be better at fighting against my enemy. Her forces will fight till the last pony standing has fallen. Luna's guard will also fight for their kingdom. But, they have yet to learn they are dealing with a far more different Nightmare than the one that Celestia created to take hold of her dearest sister. And once both their forces are completely destroyed, I'll find what remains left of them to swear allegiance just like you all did. Their captain, Shining Armor, thinks he's powerful and is the commander of the Royal forces, but he will fall just like his army."

I noticed that there were seven figures approaching me. Their eyes were different than the Queen's and the other Changelings. Two had the color of purple. Three had the color of red and the last two had the color of light green. All of them had pupils just like Chrysalis.

"Since Queen Chrysalis has agreed to work with you, we will follow your plans to invade Canterlot Castle. Your orders when ready, Darth Nightmare Moon," the one of the generals with purple eyes.

"Thank you. I want all seven of you to train all the Changelings to become the most lethal fighting force that not even Shining Armor is capable of defeating. Also, try to make armor that is much more harder to break. They must be armored from head to hoof."

"As you wish, Darth Nightmare Moon," They said in unison.

I turned around to walk where the throne room was located. Opening the doors, I was walking in the hallway of where the throne was located. Perfect. A place where I can sit down and start meditating once again to formulate a battle plan to take over Canterlot.

I would also have to find some way to make the Changelings not to rely on love to keep them alive; they need to use hate as their source of food.

What's important is I'm now in control of these creatures.

I criss-crossed my legs, closed my eyes, and started to mediate to look to sense what might happen in the near future.

But there's one thing that I wondering about. How many soldiers does Canterlot even have? One would think they could cover every square inch of territory that belonged to the Capital of Equestria.

The mane six have been crippled for now, I didn't injure all six of them when I appeared in front of them all. But, at least four of them are not ready to battle me. Which makes it easier for my army to steamroll through Canterlot. I do know that there are bound to be more military commanders stretched across Equestria; while a few would remain in Canterlot.

Shining Armor. The captain of the Royal guard. He would be a good one to take out. If he's out of the picture, it would strike a major blow to guard. But there would be others who would easily take his place if it were to come to that. Then there’s the Night Guard to consider. The Night Guard might be a far more elite than the Royal Guard. Luna had probably made them more stronger than that of Celestia's forces. And for all I know in her absence Celestia could have improved on them too.

Better yet. Maybe I could play around with his mind. It would be fun to see him betray his fellow comrades in battle. It wouldn't be an easy task to do. He's hard headed. And I'm sure he was trained very well to lead the guard into everlasting victory.

Since I am a different nightmare, I could just enter in his mind and do some.....'evil' shenanigans to make him break. Hehehe. I could already see that event unfolding now. Still, as appealing as that is I shouldn’t underestimate him.

Maybe, just maybe.....I could create a nightmare where he sees his future wife being killed by himself. Yes. Princess Cadance. It would be something to enjoy with my own eyes to see such an elite stallion to think he would kill somepony he would marry at Canterlot. And the only way to stop that event would be him to fall to the dark side. Wonder how would that turn out? Might turn out correctly. But I could underestimate him. He'll be a tough nut to break I would assume.

But first things first. One of these Changelings will have to be my apprentice. But who? Who would be willing to follow my orders precisely? Or more to the point, is there even a single Changeling with a strong connection to the dark side? If there was then I must find him or her quickly.

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plz change tha name to darth moon/nightmare if you can

Hmmmm, we see that infrastructure for the Changeling race would be required for long lasting success. But they STILL would be feeding on emotions of others, perhaps having slaves as the Empire does would be fitting... But what of Celestia? She whom plays a big role as well in this dance with the balance at stake.

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Sorry for the lack of updates on this story. I've been writing other stories on here. I'm still brainstorming ideas for the next chapter of this story.

6393955 Well thanks for telling us:twilightsmile:
But do you think you will have an update plan for this story?:rainbowhuh:


I honestly don't know when the next update will be for this story. I'm in college and I'm having a few days off from school. In addition, I'm making a new story called Lost Leader that's about Air Force One being teleported into a wartorn Equestria. And I'm also working on revamping my first story thats called New Loyalty.

6393976 Well thanks for telling us this:twilightsmile:
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I really liked your story, so I'll review it.
Name of story: Rise of the new Nightmare Order
Grammar score: 10
Pros: Being a big fan of Star Wars myself, (I mean, just looking at my username will tell you that) I loved the concept of this story. You did very well at showing off Darth Nightmare Moon's skill with a lightsaber and the force. Seeing her take over the changeling empire and totally rek the royal guard was very fun to read and I hope more stuff like this is coming soon.
Cons: I'm not that big of a fan of her sith name. I'd suggest changing it to Darth Nightmare, or Darth Moon. Darth Nightmare Moon is a bit of a mouthful. Twilight seemed a bit out of character in this, I don't see Twilight standing there frozen in fear as her friends were attacked. She'd at least attempt to defend herself and her friends. Is Darth Nightmare (I'm just gonna call her that) seriously planning on turning Shining Armor to the dark side? No offense, but there are ponies that would be much better than him. Like Twilight, for example. She can't use magic anymore, and her chance at friendship is gone, so she turns to the force for guidance. Or maybe even Spike, using his loneliness, greed, and neglect against him could send him on a quest for revenge, the dark side of the force complementing his dragon biology.
Notes: Overall, this is a good fic with lots of potential. There were a lot of good things about it, but a few things I would change as well. I already covered most of it, but one more thing I would like to see is Darth Nightmare showing her skill with magic along with the force.

Enjoy your review! Please help me out by checking out The Reject Chronicles or The Joke's on you.

Update soon, and may the force be with you.


I'm terrible sorry for the late reply!

I think I should change the name to Darth Moon for it to make sense. And Twilight Sparkle could be the apprentice to Darth Moon. That would be interesting to see. I think I should change the part where she's frozen in fear when the lightsaber is pointed right at her.

Thanks for the great comment on my story! It's good to get some amazing feedback like this! :pinkiehappy:

May the force be with you also, Darth Pestilence.

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Of course! I'm just trying to gain motivation and ideas for the next chapter.

6965975 I'm extremely busy with my studies that I am unable to do anything on here currently. :twilightblush:

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I do apologize for not keeping track of all my stories. I haven't focused much on this story. I'm more focused on my other story Rebirth of a Nightmare and several other future stories that might be published on here.

Could you try and do at least one chapter? It's been a year.

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jedi and sith are joke. star wars is great because good action scenes and beautiful set pieces.

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