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Fragile Emblem

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Haha, no need to be ashamed of your lack of description. In fact, I think you put the perfect amount of detail in. It's enough to let the reader know what's happening while still giving them room to imagine it for themselves. :)

This is great nice simple anon x Twi clop. Well done. :twilightsmile:

What do?

Ask why her eyes are so wonky. Offer her a pudding pop.

Okay, I'm curious... Where are all the favorites coming from? O.o

Was it put in a community shelf? Or are most of you just searching for twiclop?

“Twilight, you’re bleeding…”

Whu? :rainbowderp:

.... damn, that was a neat surprise. :moustache:

Anyway, it was short and vague (vague like you said, but frankly i liked it) but it was sexy. - Liked

:moustache: a hearty good day to thee sir, have a moustache

amazing a very good work :pinkiehappy:


Meme review
Meme review

This meme gets a... 4/10. Too much pony.

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