• Published 31st Dec 2015
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The fight for survival - lost worlds

The story of Jack cresten and his life in equestria, starting with his faithful run in with his soon to be mortal enemy.

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the child of chaos

Chapter 2

After a month I still hadn't left Fluttershy's room, my only visitors being Fluttershy, Nurse Redheart, and Twilight Sparkle. I did go outside to work on my physical therapy and get to learn how to fly, but that only lasted around 5 hours at anytime, otherwise I was forced to stay in bed to heal. I would have left already but After having a head on demonstration of the power of a timber wolf, I couldn't leave Fluttershy here alone, so I continued to work on controlling my wings in private. I haven't eaten anything made of meat for the month and I chopped that down to being because I was in a world inhabited by mainly herbivores, though I did miss eating bacon.

As I woke up again, ready for my new routine set for the day, I was greeted to the sight of a violet colored face, swirled purple and violet eyes, and a purple mane with white streaks covering my vision. Rather than screaming, I usually just, jump really badly at these kinds of surprises. 'THUD!' I instantly was in the air and slammed my head into the ceiling, managing to leave an imprint on the wood of the ceiling.
"Oww, what the hell, who are you and why were you watching me in my sleep?" I asked, rubbing the back of my head to sooth the pain, I then noticed she was still staring at me and slowly starting to smile.

"You remind me of my daddy, Discord, my names screwball," She said starting to hover over to me. I then noticed how she was hovering, A propeller hat was spinning on her head and causing her to lift off the ground, which should have been impossible due to her lack of a horn for magic and wings to fly. I began to scratch my chin as I began to think over her earlier comment of me reminding me of her father. so I asked her why and she gave me an answer that agitated me. "because you look like chaos, and smell like chaos," she said while sniffing my arm, I pulled away angrily at her saying that.

"I know I haven't gotten to shower much or brush my hair, but you don't have to be so rude about it, honestly," I said as I sighed. When I looked back she was just confused.

"What does that have to do with what your magic smells like, yours smells like chocolate rain, just like my dads," she quietly said the last part as a tear ran down her cheek, so I put a hand on her shoulder, not wanting to risk Fluttershy walking into the room to find me with a strange child crying. I ran a hand through her mane, hoping that would help like it did when petting a pony in my world, though I didn't know if that worked in my world and was just guessing. I sat down and allowed her to lye down beside me, she rested her head on my leg as her crying slowly turned into snores as she fell asleep.

A little later I heard a light knocking at the door and responded with a quiet "come in" as to not wake the sleeping child. As Fluttershy walked in she gasped, obviously surprised by the sleeping child, but as she looked at me her face held absolute shock. "What is it Fluttershy?" I asked, I was confused by the look on her face, it wasn't a bad look or a good look. Her gaze was full of concern, and of knowing, as though she knew who the child was.

"S-s-screwball?" she asked, tears in her eyes, she asked the question as though asking if the pony in front of her was a good friend that came back from the dead. Screwball woke up at the sound of her name being said, and smiled up at me before yawning and stretching. "I-it is you," gasped out Fluttershy before scooping Screwball up in a hug. I just sat there as Fluttershy and the young pony hugged and cried together.

"So how do you two know each other?" I asked, interrupting them. They both looked at each other before Fluttershy explained that Screwball was the daughter of Discord, a chimera like creature that is more akin to that of a god of chaos (at least that's the connection that I made), and that after her and the other elements of harmony had sealed Discord away, he forgot about her. "and what about screwball saying that I have magic and that it smelled like 'chocolate rain', what does that mean?" I asked, not expecting any form of answer that made sense.

"well maybe like your wings you have magic and didn't know," She suggested, 'dammit, that made sense' I thought to my self. So I tried to make something magical happen, but as expected, nothing happened. I continued there trying to make something happen, but after 5 minutes of nothing happening, I just sat down.

"Nothing happened," I stated blankly, a little upset to not have a newfound ability to use magic. screwball just started laughing and spinning in the air. After 2 whole minutes of laughter I asked " what's so funny," and was only met with more laughter. "cut that out kid," I said, feeling my anger rise.

"Y-y-y-you looked s-s-so funny," She stuttered between laughs. I then realized she was laughing at the way I tried to use magic and started laughing myself. That's when I realized that somepony's voice had been missing for a while, Fluttershy wasn't in the room anymore and the door to the room was left open. a moment after the realization hit me, Fluttershy walked into the room with nurse Redheart.

"I just explained to Fluttershy that today would be fine for you to leave, and it's a good thing to because the princesses want to see you soon," explained nurse Redheart as she entered the room, followed by twilight. I thanked my lucky stars that I could see somewhere else than the area around this cottage. But I soon remembered the Timberwolves.

"But what about Fluttershy, what if the Timberwolves come back and she isn't protected?" I asked, and regretted asking. After I asked my question twilight pulled out a chalk board from seemingly no where 'damn magical ponies' and began to explain to me for the better part of 2 whole hours about the hunting habits of Timberwolves and how the main reason they would leave the forest is if they were stalking prey and followed it out. I thought about it and realized that the only reason the Timberwolves attacked before, was because they were after me.

"can I come with you, I'll be good," voiced screwball who had been silently watching until then. Both nurse Redheart and Twilight seemed shocked that she was there, but I only chuckled at the little girls question. I was about to say yes when I noticed Twilight pull Fluttershy away and start whispering in her ear, I tried to hear what they were saying and while focusing, I missed nurse Redheart trot up to me and sit down next to me.

"So, who's the filly?" asked nurse Redheart in a hushed tone. I began to describe the events of the morning and who she was, but before I could finish there was a loud knocking on the front door that made me stop my explanation. I then heard a voice say something I couldn't understand but I could tell that the voice was masculine at the owner of the voice was male.

"I'll get it," said Fluttershy before getting up and trotting out of the room. I looked around and at Screwball who was obviously nervous about something.

"Hey, Screwball, what's wrong kiddo?" I asked 'I hope she's okay' I thought, but she seemed to calm down when I walked over.

"The pony at the door, I already know that it's my dad, Discord," she explained, seeming to tense up again. I sat down next to her and started to comfort her, telling her that it was okay to nervous with how he was portrayed. as I was comforting her a realization came to the front of my thoughts and I realized that a month ago, I never would have been doing this, comforting some little girl, normally I wouldn't have cared. 'what the hell's wrong with me' I thought as I continued to comfort the filly. After a while Fluttershy returned with a 8 foot tall, chimera like creature that looked right at me.

"Ah, so your the new creature in equestria, I hope you haven't done anything to upset my friend Fluttershy when she was nice enough to help you out," said discord before disappearing and re-appearing next to me before whispering into my ear, "by the way, good job handling those Timberwolves, you only managed to become a chew-toy rather than die," 'what the hell, why does he sound so much like John De Lancie, and act like his character Q' I thought to my self before giving a half hearted 'thanks' to Discord and turning my attention back to the filly next to me. She was pressing herself next to me, seemingly hiding from her so called 'father'.

"hey, Discord, do you have any kids?" I asked as turned my attention back to him.

"ha-ha-ha-ha, I have no descendants, I have no need for children since I'm immortal," Responded Discord before going into a large laughing fit. I looked over to Screwball and saw tears in her eyes, and I felt something strange, something I hadn't felt for so many years, I felt pity for another living creatures suffering. I could feel my hand clench and I felt a desire to make Discord look at his daughter, to make him say sorry, to make him pay for making her cry. This feeling was so new to me, I had watched so mush suffering, so much pain, so much heartache, and never felt the slightest bit of pity. 'What is this world doing to me, why the hell do I care, my own mother bawling her eyes out didn't make me flinch, my own father slowly wilting away didn't make me shed a single tear, and my closest friends slowly dying one by one around me didn't make me feel anything but wet from my blood stained clothes, so Why, The, Hell, DO, I, Care!' I screamed at my self in my own head feeling my anger slowly rise, my blood pumping, my ears ringing. I stood up and slowly walked towards Discord. Then I blacked out.


(third person)

All the mares in the room gasped at the sight before them. As Jack stood up he began to change before them, his black wing slowly changed to that of a bloody, crimson red. His brown eyes turned to a dark, endless black, and his light brown hair that seemed to flow down his head like melted chocolate, now turned the same blood red as his wings and stood up like spikes. the air slowly tuned colder as Jack changed and all the mares could have sworn they felt a strange sense of hatred in the air. Discord only looked at Jack as he began to walk towards him, jack slowly grabbed his sword and continued his path to towards Discord at that of a snails pace. When Jack reached Discord he raised the sword and prepared to strike Discord, every mare in the room was about to scream for Jack to stop, but Discord had other plans. Before the sword could hit Discord a table flew across the room and his jack right in the right side of his head, shattering on impact, causing Jack to fall to the floor instantly. All the mares remained frozen in fear except for Screwball who ran over to Jacks side and cried while sitting next to him, nudging his hand and face with one of her hooves. All mares, in their states of fear, missed it as Jack transformed back to normal and slowly opened his eyes.


(first person)

I slowly opened my eyes and began to feel a heavy throbbing in the right side of my head. I reached up my hand and clutched at the right side of my head, moaning in pain I began to sit up only to be launched across the room and into a wall. I heard screams but they were muffled do to the pain of slamming into the wall. I felt something similar to a hand rap around my throat as I began to lift off of the floor. Then I heard the muffled voice of Discord (because he was the only other male in the room besides me) and one of the mares arguing. I dropped to the floor before I could pass out, and I began gulping air as fast and heavily as I could. Discord then approached me and asked me, " what happened to you and why did you try to attack me?" I only responded with a 'what the hell do you mean' as I continued to gulp in air. I felt my head get pulled up to look Discord in the eyes as he calmly spoke out, " I mean when your wings and hair turned blood red, your eyes turned black, and you stupidly attacked an immortal spirit of chaos with nothing but a simple and weak sword," I only stared at him before everything slowly clicked into their places and I understood, 'that must have happened while I was blacked out, what's happened to me' I thought to my self before getting let go.

I looked around the room and saw the horrified looks all the ponies gave me as they slowly backed away, all but Screwball who slowly walked towards me with tears in her eyes. For some reason the tears in her eyes and look of fear on her face made my heart twist and hurt in my chest. When she got to me she slowly put her hooves around me in a hug, I had always pushed people off of me when they tried to hug me, sometimes even punching or kicking them to get them to back off, but I felt strangely calm in her embrace. I could only connect this to the feeling a father would feel after making his daughter cry and then be quickly forgiven. I couldn't even respond as I felt all my energy leave with the small anger still left over and I felt my body slump over once more before passing out, again.
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