• Published 31st Dec 2015
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The fight for survival - lost worlds

The story of Jack cresten and his life in equestria, starting with his faithful run in with his soon to be mortal enemy.

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It begins

Chapter 1

Today I had just gotten out of my history class and I felt like I hadn't learned anything, and that I was going to flunk my class or get as low as a C. History was the last class of the day for me so at least I could get home and study for my test tomorrow, I was usually very good in school but today of all days I nearly broke down, which nearly got me a trip to the counselor's office. Most days of the year I felt nearly no emotion, but moments where I break down, all my emotionlessness rushes to my mind and I remember all the times that I didn't cry when a family member died, when I saw a friend die, and when my mom turned insane.

Like every day this year I started to walk home and was greeted by the same silence that was always great for me about 10 minutes into my walk. then I heard a small sound, like a whisper, but I couldn't make it out. When I turned around all I could see were the many houses lined with bushes and fences. But when I turned back around, Just for a second, I saw a large creature with wolf like facial features and ears, sharp and pointed teeth that dripped with saliva, and dark black fur covering its face and body. After that I bolted to my house to prepare for the next morning, because I finally concluded what the whispering must have said, it said "Tomorrow you will die."

The next day as soon as I got up I got dressed in a black T-shirt with a wolf in the center, a pair of white boxers with white socks, dark blue jeans, and a red jacket with black and blue sneakers. Then I dumped out my back pack and put in new items. I grabbed a small sword with a gold colored sheath, attaching it to my belt, then I grabbed 500 rounds of ammo for the .22 air rifle I was bringing, a small search and rescue switch blade knife, and the .22 air rifle which I put on my back. On the way out, after climbing out my window, I gabbed some gasoline and some matches from our shed as well as a hatchet and axe. By the time I was finally off it was nearly 5:00 AM and I was tired from my lack of sleep.

When I reached the spot I was waiting for any sign of an attack of some sort, but for half an hour nothing happened, so I sat down after a while and decided to wait for my enemy in a more comfortable spot. After 15 minutes of me sitting there and waiting I decided to just leave and not even bother, but that was my mistake, when I got off the grass I had been sitting on I picked up my backpack and walked onto the concrete. As soon as both my feet were on the sidewalk I started to sink in and had no way out. When I was to my waist I heard a maniacal laughter from the near by lamp post, under it I saw two glowing eyes and a sadistic smile, the same smile of the creature I had seen the day before. "Why? Why do you want me dead?" I asked as I looked up into his eyes with curiosity and his mouth moved as he answered me.

"As you die with your final breath, you take your final rest, no more hate, I destroy your fate, to foil my master plan, to be rid of your future clan, so sleep ever so soundly, and know the future you will never see," said the creature in its deep and echoing voice. By the time it finished I was up to my mouth in concrete and it only took seconds more for me to be completely submerged. I felt my lunges fighting for air after 20 seconds and as I suffocated my vision began to darken and my lungs were on fire. then it went away and I felt nothing and saw nothing but an endless black void.


When I awoke I was greeted to the sight of a clear blue sky overhead and birds chirping all around me, then my lungs started to hurt after a few seconds and made me start to gasp for air very frantically as I remembered what had just transpired. I then looked myself over and found that all of my body was covered in a dusty cement and that all the muscles in my body were aching like I got into a fight with three professional UFC fighters. I then began to inspect my surroundings, next to me was my bag that had somehow been opened as well as all my items falling out, and I was in a small clearing around 10 feet in diameter and surrounded by trees and shrubbery. I quickly started to pack my stuff so that I could go and see where my foe had left me after he tried to suffocate me.

After a few hours of walking I came across a small pathway that seemed to lead to a small cottage near the forest I had walked through, when I looked around and saw a sign that said 'beware, Everfree Forest', 'hmm, so that's where I am, the everfree forest' I thought as I started to walk up to the cottage. When I got the door I noticed how low the door was and how small the cottage was, I was standing at a height of 5 foot 10 inches and it looked like inside the cottage the ceiling was probably 6 foot 4 inches on the first floor, so the ceiling wouldn't be to far above my head. I knocked on the door and awaited the doors to be open, what I wasn't waiting for was a yellow Pegasus with a pink mane to open the door, scream, and then shut the door right after.

I stood there for a few moments before finally being hit with reality, a yellow PEGASUS with a pink mane just SCREAMED at me and shut a DOOR in my face, when I thought it over I realized that that's no weirder than being nearly suffocated in cement by a six foot, rhyming, wolf like demon that wants me dead, not even close.so I then knocked on the door again only to be met with an icicle falling and cutting the back of my hand, I gasped at the sudden pain and finally realized that there was snow all around me and that the air was freezing cold, and that the door had many icicles over it. when I was about to leave I saw the door slowly open and heard a loud gasp before the yellow Pegasus slowly walked out and began to look at my hand as blood fell into the snow. "a-are you ok y-you seem to be bleeding Mr. whatever you are, umm. what are you exactly? if you don't mind me asking," she whispered while hiding behind here hair.

"Umm, well my name is Jack Cresten but call me Jack, as for what I am I'm a human, and I'm fine it was only a cut, it didn't puncture my hand," I said as I looked at her blankly, slightly surprised that any creature could care enough about another creature getting hurt to get over their fear of the unknown. She looked back at my hand wincing as my hand continued to bleed, and not slowing down.

"You need to bandage your.... your.... what is that exactly?" whispered the Pegasus, all while continuing to stare at my hand. I just looked at my hand and started to chuckle to myself as I realized that there must not be any humans here, 'wherever I am that is'. Before I could answer her question I herd a loud growl coming from the woods, when I looked towards the noise I saw four sets of glowing eyes coming from the woods, then I heard the Pegasus scream. "TIMBERWOLVES!!!!" The wooden looking wolves started to advance as my ears were ringing and the Pegasus cowered under a patch of snow.

I sighed and shook my head, I then grabbed my sword and hatchet and readied myself for combat, the leading wolf got ready to spring as the two lackeys continued forward, all while growling and baring their wooden fangs. they began to circle me and when there was one on either side of me they all sprang at me, the two on my sides sank their teeth deep into my legs as the leader sprang for my neck, I was able to stop the creatures mouth with my sword and while it was biting onto my blade I snapped off its head with a strong hit from my hatchet, I then grabbed the wolf on my left leg while swiping at the wolf on my right leg. When I detached the wolf from my left leg I readily cut off its head, when that was over I was met with another set of vicious fangs biting onto my left arm, this and the added weight on my right leg made me scream out in pain. I used the hatchet in my right arm to break its head in half and sever it from my arm.

I watched as the wolves healed back up and realized that I was out matched, I grabbed the Pegasus and (while tearing up) opened the door and got us inside before slamming the door shut and locking it tightly. When that was done I sat down and looked myself over, There were several gashes on my left arm spewing blood quickly, both my legs were cut and punctured with teeth marks and bleeding rapidly, and when I tried to stand the wounds ripped open, revealing a lot of the veins in my legs as well as (in some parts) my bones. I screamed and fell, a pool of blood gathering around my body. As my vision was starting to fade from the pain I heard the Pegasus rush over franticly talking, but I couldn't focus on her words as I finally passed out.

When I woke up I found my shirt had been taken off, my legs, left arm, and right hand were also bandaged, although sloppy it was enough to get the job done. I slowly got up and regretted it because I instantly felt my entire body flare up with pain as I fell back on the bed, my eyes teared up as the pain coursed through my body. As I sat there the door opened up and the Pegasus walked in, When she saw me she gasped and ran over and pushed me back on the bed all while telling me that 'you needed to stay in bed' and that 'you were injured to badly to get up now' then she said something that really shocked me, "I'm surprised that you have wings, especially when I've never heard of anything like you before," all I could do was stare at her like she was crazy while my jaw gaped at what she said.

"Umm... I don't know what you're talking about, I don't have wings," I stated while still staring at her, then she sat me back up and turned me around, then I felt a hoof run over a strange appendage on my back and then pulled out a feather from my back, making me gasp. I stared at it before looking at my back and noticing a pair of obsidian black wings on my back, then when I felt the mare run her hoof over my wing, I felt a small volte of pleasure and both my wings sprang out word, thoroughly freaking me and her out . she blushed as she slightly giggled at my problem, I on the other hand was slightly freaked out by the fact that I randomly had wigs on my back, not to mention the fact that they were fully erect. she then began to go into a full on laughing fit as I continued to freak out and try to push my wings back inward. After a somewhat long time she explained what happened to my wings and finally told me that her name was Fluttershy.

After our talk it finally hit me "Hey how come you rubbed my wing that way if you knew they'd react that way?" I asked, slightly mad she had done that.

"To see if you were being honest about your wings, anypony with wings knows about that and would have reacted differently," She responded while smiling. Before we could continue talking we heard a knock at the door, "that must be twilight and nurse Redheart, I had my friend angle bunny deliver a letter to the both of them, I'll be back soon," she said as she got up and walked out of the room, I heard mumbling coming from downstairs, but I was to tired to care and went back to sleep. I passed out the instant my head hit the pillow.


(Third person)

Twilight rushed up to Fluttershy as soon as she saw her coming downstairs. "Fluttershy, we got your letter and came over as quickly as possible to help, also was that blood in the snow outside?" Twilight said hurriedly as Redheart just sat their silently. Fluttershy only motioned for them to follow her upstairs and into Fluttershy's room where Jack lay asleep.

"Huh, he was awake a moment ago, must have been to tired to stay awake," said Fluttershy as they neared the bed. Twilight used her magic to lift the blanket and to discover a strange looking human under the blanket, covered in bandages that were stained lightly with fresh blood. As Twilight looked him over he started to grumble and open his eyes.


(First person)

I slowly opened my eyes again only to be met with the face of a purple unicorn with wings and with dark purple hair and that had a single violet streak running down her hair. I let out a slight startled scream and painfully fell out of bed, feeling two of the wounds on my legs re-open. I felt a strange sensation all around my body as I saw the unicorns horn glow with a violet light and then I started to float up as my body spread. "OW, what the heck, what's happening?" I asked as the pain coursing through my body was nearly enough to knock me out cold. I heard Fluttershy gasp and stop the unicorn from hurting me, I wish she hadn't because she broke the unicorns concentration and I fell to the floor, fortunately I landed on my blanket, though I still did land on the floor and felt an agonizing amount of pain, it wasn't as bad. Fluttershy and the unicorn's argument was interrupted by the previously quiet white pony. As I lay there I realized that I heard hoof beats coming towards me and then felt my bandages come undone before passing out again.


(third person)

All the mares but Fluttershy gasped at the sight, Fluttershy just shrank back and whimpered a bit at the sight. Most of the legs were covered in stitches and some were freshly opened and releasing blood quickly. Twilight could only stare as she realized that she had probably caused some of the wounds to reopen and cause the man that much pain. He was just as Twilight remembered them from the world on the other side of the mirror. What made him so odd was his wings, and the fact that he was still a human even though he should have changed into a pony upon entering this world. "So twilight, do you know what he is?" Asked Fluttershy as nurse Redheart tended to his wounds.

"Well I can say he reminds me of the humans from equestria high, but they didn't have wings, and he would have turned into a pony if he had come through a normal portal.... I think," said Twilight as she continued to study the human. After he was completely bandaged and re-stitched the three mares put him back in bed and left the room. Nurse Redheart promised to be back daily to check on the human and Twilight left to message the princess of this new discovery.
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Author's Note:

(please ignore the authors note below this one.)My first ever story, so be sure to judge away so that I can improve upon my skills and become a better writer, also help decide the romance, leave comments on who should end up together and those with the most votes will be together. except for jack and who I've already planned for him to be with. I also plan for every chapter to be 2,000 or more words and to publish close to one a week once I start. and also keep in mind that I am in my freshman year of high school so my work will not be completely professional, plus I have no one to edit for me. but still be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments and tell me where there are grammar issues. Also thanks to Meeester and moderators in general, because I actually enjoy constructive criticism and when my story failed they were nice enough to tell me that I should go and correct my paragraphs with dialogue.