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If you happen to cry, I will be there. If you happen to smile, will you do the same for me?


My name is Philomena, and for the last eight hundred years I have been Princess Celestia's spymaster. nothing could happen in Equestria without me knowing about it.

I thought I could retire, leave matters to others, and in doing so I failed my princess.

Now, I am back. And this time, there are going to be some changes...

Inspired by A State of Darkness by Wing

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 3 )

:P Now that is how you write a prologue. Very captivating, and a very interesting take on Philomena's perspective to boot. :3


Yay! Thank you, Wing! :)) Coming from you it's an honour! :)) Will try not to disappoint, and follow your shining example :D

This is brilliant. Would love more if you ever get a chance :)

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