• Published 29th Jun 2015
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The Phantom of Canterlot High - Lucky Seven

Danny Fenton finds himself at Canterlot High School after a mishap with the ghost portal.

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When the Levee Breaks (Battle of the Bands IV)

It was odd how quickly Rainbow Dash and her friends had accepted Danny. Just a few months ago, he had been a social outcast in his own world. Now, only his second day in this world, he found himself having lunch with three people he could already call friends.

“So how did you like staying with Sunset Shimmer last night?”

As Danny set down his food tray and took a seat across from Rainbow Dash, he chuckled. “It was mostly fine, but she snores really loud. I could hear her from downstairs.”

“I do not!” Sunset protested, “Besides, you talk in your sleep.”

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, you were talking about someone named ‘Sam’ or something like that when I went downstairs to get a snack.” Sunset shrugged, taking a sip of her juice.

Before Danny could ask her what he had been saying, Rainbow Dash butted in. “Alright, you’re both weird, we get it.”

“What Rainbow Dash means to say,” Twilight interjected, “is that she’s happy you’re adjusting well.”

“Yeah, sure,” Rainbow Dash agreed, full of enthusiasm. “So have you run into those stupid sirens yet?”

“Not yet,” he lied. “But if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.”

“Good, because we’ll need all the information on them that we can gather if we want to have any hope of defeating them,” Twilight stated with a smile. “Just be careful not to fall under their spell.”

“I don’t think he’d have much of a choice there, Twilight,” Rainbow Dash punctuated her statement with a roll of her eyes. Everyone laughed lightly at that, and the subject soon changed to the upcoming battle of the bands. While the four were in agreement that the sirens absolutely had to go down, they bore different ideas of how to beat them.

“I’m telling you guys, we just have to have a really hard rock song!” Rainbow insisted, but her friends weren’t sold on the idea.

“Why not just play off of what the sirens do?” Everyone turned towards Danny as he asked that. “I’m just saying, if you take what they do and put a new spin on it, the other students might like it even more.”

“Do you even know how a battle of the bands works?” Rainbow Dash asked incredulously.

“More than you think,” he smirked, flashbacks of his original battle with Ember playing through his head. It wasn’t exactly a battle of bands, but he certainly had some experience battling sirens.

“Unfortunately, while that’s a decent idea, the rules state that every band has to create an original composition,” Twilight replied, bursting Danny’s bubble.

“It’s not that we can’t make awesome music, but we’re going to have trouble competing with freaking sirens because of that rule!”

Rainbow Dash was right, and Danny knew it. As the others began chatting more about what they could possibly do, he couldn’t help but wonder exactly what the sirens were planning on doing not only about the concert, but about him. Excusing himself to the bathroom, he left the others to continue their chat. He was going to get answers, that much was certain.

“That stupid boy is going to throw a wrench in our plans.” Adagio was pacing around a classroom, the same as the day before. Her comrades, to their credit, didn’t seem nearly as worried. Aria was sitting atop a desk, idly waving her legs back and forth, and Sonata was rummaging through a desk at the back of the class.

Come on, Adagio. So he’s living with Sunset now, what’s the big deal?”

“You don’t get it, do you?” Adagio questioned Aria angrily. “That boy is the ghost!”

With that, she officially had Aria’s undivided attention. She rose an eyebrow, “Why do you think that?”

“Think?” Adagio cackled. “No, I know he is. His voice is the exact same, you fool!”

“But how could a living creature possibly be a ghost?” Sonata shouted from her spot at the back of the room. “I mean, that, like, totally doesn’t make any sense!”

“I realize that, you imbecile. Clearly, this boy is some sort of half-breed. Our music can’t affect him, so we’ll have to rely on… other methods.”

“Oh, do tell.” The sirens all shot their gaze at the ceiling, spotting Danny almost right away, and Adagio smirked.

“My, my. Look who’s back. Come to get another beating at the hands of Aria?”

“Not gonna happen, Carrot Top.” Aria snickered at the name, but a quick glare from Adagio shut her up. “I’m just here to talk.”

This was a long shot, Danny knew that. But it was also his best chance to learn how these sirens operated. Much to his surprise, Adagio seemed surprised herself. She seemed to compose herself quickly, though.

“And what, pray tell, do you want to talk about?”

“I want some info. In exchange…” he sighed. If this didn't work, he was going to be in quite a pickle. “I’ll give you some info about myself.”

Adagio seemed to think over this for quite a while, which gave Danny a chance to finally get a closer look at her and her buddies. The one he knew to be named Sonata was playing with her ponytail, seemingly afraid to look at him. She was honestly kind of cute, if not a bit ditzy. Aria, meanwhile was glaring at him in the meanest of ways. It was obvious she was the tough girl of the group. That left Adagio as the leader, and not exactly a nice one as far as he could tell. She was certainly smart, though.

“Alright, I’ll take you up on this offer. But I get to ask the first question.” Well that would certainly be a gamble, but at least this would give him the chance to play off of what she asked.

“Okay, shoot.”

“You…” With a smirk, Adagio walked up to Danny and poked him in the chest. “Are a half-breed. How is that, I wonder?”

‘Of course she’d ask that first…’

“I can sense your frustration, and it’s wonderful.”

“My DNA got spliced with ghost DNA, it was an accident.”

“No doubt you condensed what happened, but very well, I’ll accept that answer. Now, what do you want to know about us?”

This time, it was Danny’s turn to smirk. Crossing his arms in front of his chest, he tilted his head in Sonata’s direction. “Are you ever going to apologize to her?”


“For what?” Adagio frowned. “Being afraid of a little punk like you?”

“She was still right, and you yelled at her. Not exactly something a friend would do, is it?” Danny chuckled. It looked as if a vein was going to pop in the siren’s head, but he quickly put an end to her growing rage. “Either say you’re sorry or our conversation is over.”

She clearly didn’t want that to happen, and managed to calm herself down in what Danny considered record time. “Very well. Sonata, I apologize for acting rudely to you yesterday.”

“It’s okay, ‘Dagi!” Sonata hugged her in response, but was quickly pushed away. “Aw…”

“You’ve wasted one of your questions, fool,” Adagio laughed. “Why ask such a stupid question?”

“Because I felt like it. You just used one of yours, by the way.” That certainly shut Adagio up, and Danny snickered. Grumbling, Adagio mimicked his posture, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Well? What’s your next question, Casper?”

“What’s your plan?”

“To take over the school, or are you too stupid to understand that concept?” Adagio mocked him.

“Trust me, I know the concept. What I mean is, what’s the point in doing that?” Danny questioned her. She didn’t seem to have a response for that, which made him chuckle. “Your plan doesn’t even go past taking over the school? Weak.”

“Shut it, you. Our plan is ever-evolving. This stupid school is just the start,” Adagio scoffed. “I believe it’s my turn to ask a question. Why are you living with that bacon haired monstrosity?”

“‘Bacon haired monstrosity’…?”

“She means Sunset Shimmer,” Aria sighed.

“Oh, duh!” Danny facepalmed. “Well, I don’t have a place to stay, and she was nice enough to offer.”

It was obvious Adagio wanted to say something else, but all that came out was, “That’s certainly nice of her, especially after what she did not even a year ago.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, you haven’t heard? Shocking,” Adagio chuckled. “You see, Sunset Shimmer stole the crown of one Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Equestria. When she put it on, she was transformed into a raging she-demon.”

Danny remained quiet for a few moments, desperately trying to process what he’d just heard. Sunset and Twilight were friends, weren’t they? And wasn’t Twilight just a common high school girl?

“I can see that you’re having trouble understanding. Well, allow us to explain through song,” Adagio signaled her fellow sirens and they fell into place next to her. Slowly, the trio began to sing. To his surprise, their song was actually amazing. It was little more than humming, yet somehow it conveyed many emotions.

But the most incredible part was that, as they sang, images began to form in front of them. Images of Sunset blasting the school, and of Twilight and her friends shooting some sort of rainbow beam at her.

As the sirens’ song came to an end a few moments later, Twilight had helped Sunset out of the crater she found herself in. “Such a sappy ending to a great tale,” Adagio laughed grimly as the image faded away.

“Was that really true?” It was obvious he didn’t want to hear the truth, but Adagio took a sick pleasure in watching his crestfallen expression.

“I’m afraid so, my darling little half-breed.”

‘Great, now I don’t even know if I can trust the girl I live with…’

“We were on the other side of town when it happened, so we rushed over!” Sonata exclaimed, receiving a glare from Aria.

“Sonata, he didn’t ask where we were!”

That was true, but it actually helped him formulate another question. “If you were on the other side of town, how do you know what happened?”

“You’d be amazed how much information one can piece together through idle gossip,” Adagio laughed.

Figuring he could talk to Twilight and Sunset about this, he prepared to ask his final question. “Why can’t you control me? Or the others?”

Smiling, Adagio replied, “Sirens can’t control beings of immense magical prowess, and those… Raindolts, have more magical power than they know. As for you? Well… let’s just say sirens and ghosts don’t exactly get along where we come from.”

“Alright, thanks,” Danny saluted, slowly sinking into the floor with a grin. The Dazzlings couldn’t have stopped him if they wanted to, but they made no such attempt. When he was finally out of sight, Adagio began to cackle wildly.

“What’s so funny, ‘Dagi?”

“That foolish boy thinks he can stop us, but he’s fallen right into my trap.”

“What are you talking about?” Aria groaned, wanting her friend to get to the point.

“Our song has given us a power over him, though not in the… conventional sense. The seeds of mistrust have been sown, girls. It’s only a matter of time before we can make our next move.”

“But what if something we said helps him?” Sonata questioned quietly, not wanting to get yelled at again.

“If that were the case, he would have done something just now. There’s nothing he can do to stop us, so let’s not worry about him. Let’s worry about what we’re going to do with Sunset Shimmer…”

After leaving the sirens, Danny made his way to the basement of the school. Lucky for him, it was empty. With a long, drawn out sigh, he looked down at the thermos attached to his belt. Taking it in his hand, he used his other to twist the cap off. With his thumb hovering over the button, he let out another sigh.

‘Come on, Danny, it’s now or never…’

With a quick click, the button was pressed, and the thermos began to glow a bright blue. In a few seconds, he’d have one of two things on his hands. Either a solution, or an even bigger problem than before…

“I know you hate me, but you might be this school’s only chance,” Danny spoke slowly. Unsurely. “... Ember.”

“That’s right, baby. Say my name…”

Author's Note:

Surprise surprise, this story isn't dead! For a while, I've lacked the free time to do any sort of long-term writing, so I had to wait to continue this story. It's a shame because it's probably my favorite out of the multi-chapter stories I've written. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this update. As always, leave comments with your thoughts, criticism, etc.!

Also thinking of having Ember cover a Dead Kennedys song, but we'll see