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Ah yes I remember that pic.

Disgusting story. I can not say more than that:pinkiesick:

It's not bad. A little... different. I guess the change to Sweetie's character doesn't seem necessary, but that's a style choice you make. I don't know how it helps or betters the story. But yeah, overall, not bad.

The later part of the story was a bit fast, had to read through it a few times to understand what was going on. Alot of the stuff I write tends to be heavily fetish oriented, lots of explanations on the apparel and feelings. I draw alot on my personal experience for alot of this work, as it tends to put the reader into a place they have been before, or a window into what it feels like if they haven't been there before.

The story needs work, a fleshed out explanation of the character's feelings, and a more defined paragraph for each character as It took a while to figure out what was going on with who.

Also, under the Cover image section there is an option for a source, pop the derpiboroo link in there and when you hover the mouse over the pic, it gives a link.

6142154 The story was just a quick one whilst I try to break through my block on my others.

As for adding the picture source, that goes against site rules.


Nono, you can add a Source Link to the picture.... not change the cover image.
It's under the cover image settings... a source link. For those that don't have an account, it will say "Mature image"
I have it on one story I have here, and it hasn't been taken down/reported yet

6143458 Then you're lucky. It's against site rules to directly link to any NSFW image, in anyway possible, and this picture is most definitely NSFW. We're not even allowed to send hem via PM's any more.

Telling about or discussing the pics, is not against site rules... for now.

It says 'incomplete' under the story. Is that accurate? I mean, this seems like it could easily be part of something larger, but you also noted that you did it in between projects to break through writer's block. Personally, I would like to see this continued! Having the trio experience just how much they enjoy being fetish doll toys for the colts, maybe introduce some of their classmates to the thing. That would be neat!

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