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The Young and Free Dragon


Based upon the Divine Comedy; "Dante's Inferno", Twilight must descend into Hell to save Spike. With the powers to damn those who she meets, or to absolve them; she must forgive her friends' sins, and Celestia must forgive her, for committing every one of them.

But above all; she must save Spike's innocence.

The Seven Destructive Friendship Sins: Dishonesty, Distrust, Selfishness, Begrudging, Blame, Insurrection, and Disband.

The artist of the picture: http://mangaka-girl.deviantart.com/

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 86 )

Dante's Inferno...
Dante's Fucking Inferno....
This DESERVES To Be Featured!

Looks like we've got some epic poetry in the vein of the original and a plot in line with the video game. And ponies.

This is going to be boss.

Wait a minute. A Pony Fanfiction about a Bible Fanfiction?


You do know that the video game was nothing like the book right?


Exactly what I said!

Cleopatra had no business being in that game though. She isn't a fucking archdemon! Why would she be an archdemon? Because tits?! What the fuck!

Egad! The cover art! It is my avatar!

But anyway. I have to admit, I was very unsure of what I would find upon clicking this fic.



Fav'd so hard my boner pierced the moon. Sorry Luna.

pls do not skipp the bloody action for slaying them to gain exp. not to upgrade orsomting no yust getting the hang of the new powers

This deserves custom fanart... curse my inability to draw something worthy of this.

Maybe Twilight as Dante...

in lieu of that, all I can offer is this... maybe add "Twilight's Inferno" in a fancy font?


627541 You sure that was Cleopatra? I'm pretty sure that's Astarte, the greek version of a cannanite god named [url=Athtart.]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astarte. That would be fitting, primarily because jewish religion and therefore Dante's Inferno, if the original writer of the story did his homework, equated her with the demon personification of lust.
And I just proved myself a random factoid dispenser.


Nah, the bitch in the game is Cleopatra and her "champion" is none other than a badly mutated Mark Antony. Talk about throwing in random shit. That's no Astarte. That would have been cool though!

638464 Well, perhaps Cleopatra was an easier analog to use? Designers must be forgiven, as they are the ones that work their tails off to produce something for us to enjoy remember.


True, true. But it's still a bit of a lame copout. Still liked the game though, even if it was pretty much just a reskinned God of War.


I Is Happy.

wait, why is my DA linked on the bottom?

Edit: I just realized I didn't comment on the story itself. Derp.

Anyway, I like it, but it's been so long since I was exposed to anything related to Dante's Inferno that I can't understand the full complexity of the story. I am sad for that.
So... Twi doesn't care about the afterlife herself, she just wants to bring spike, and maybe the others, back to life/save them from tartarus?

That's all I got, aside from the fact that she's got death's scythe and some kind of holy object that I assume is the equestrian version of the cross or bible. I do like the poetic form BTW... it's unique among the stories I've read, and I like that.

Edit2: Maybe try using the code that we use in the comments? [img][/img] with this in the middle?

Novelty of the concept aside, I actually think you're a really good poet. You've captured a "Dantean" vibe in your words, I think it's fair to say.

Now this is where it's gets EPIC! Sad that it is not a Spike/Twilight romance fic though, but because it is awesome and made by an expert, I don't mind as much. FUCK YEAH! Twi has the scythe of Death, this is going to be SICK. Like how you combine the game and book together along with MLP. Can't wait for more of this, Free. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry:

627033>>652069 totally agree. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowwild::derpytongue2::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

I don't know what's more remarkable, that you've put action scenes into poetry or that it actually works. Another fine chapter!

I must say, that's one thing that never made sense to me about the Dante's inferno game. Everything in Hell/Tartarus is dead right? Therefore, you cannot kill it, therefore, Death's Scythe is absolutely friggin' USELESS.

Why is she hauling that thing around?

Holy fucking shit. You're writing prose... With badass action scenes.


Death is just an abstract. It's more of a force of destruction in general.

669236 Noted, and yes he's really good at prose combat. Does that make this Purple Prose?

I am just sad that that banner I made for this didn't take. Granted it was only a couple hours of shopping, but it just makes me so sad...

O.o ''bloody'' perfect but... how do sompony kills what has been dead already where is it going if dead drags the body to limbo???

At first I thought this was going to be a half assed attempt at crossing Ponies with that horrid Dante's Inferno game. I'm going to assume you've read the actual Dante's Inferno. I'm interested to see as to how faithful this will be to the actual thing. Anyway, you have my interest.
Oh, and what was your favorite punishment from the Inferno?


To be perfectly honest, it's been quite a long time since I read; "Hell" so I'm actually rereading each Canto as I write it. I believe my favorite punishment was... I think the Lustful were set on fire and unable to put themselves out? That's the only thing I really remember, so the fact that it stayed with me is why I think it might've been my favorite. In any case I'll go ahead and warn that the river that comes before Limbo in the poem, is after the gate in my story and is a little different. I realize this, and I meant for it to be that way.

670780 No problem. A good crossover should be familiar to those who like it, but different enough that it's not boring, and that's what you have here. (in my opinion). Anyway, the lustful are tossed around in a giant whirlwind.


Ah, well yeah that's about how well I remember it. Anyway, I'll most certainly know it as I write so...

Anyway, thanks for the compliment, and I hope you'll enjoy the future of it.

This is going to be badass, but then again it's Free writing so of course that's a given. Damn, I can't wait for more...wonder who will be her guide through hell? I think it would be cool if AppleJack was it, or maybe even Derpy LOL. Cannot wait for more. :pinkiehappy: Also, Free, I know every circle so I should be able to help you if you need it.

You magnificent bastard, this is amazing.

im more cuoruois as to waht twilight did then how she is going to save spike
my glasses jsut broke in two deffrent places and im having totype based of mposemory so ingor the ty

728406 it's in the scraps of my DA, the finished one is. I am not averse to making more either, for other fics.

So wait.. dishonesty is the second circle... then who was in the first, if any? From what I see there was none present for her to meet, save celestia, of course, but she doesn't really count.


The first circle is Limbo. The circles afterward are the circles for the sins, which are occasionally divided by certain things like the City of Dis.

I actually read the book, so I after skimming the first chapter, I can tell it's nothing like it. After all, the book was fanficition in itself, Dante meeting the ghost of his idol poet and all. Will there be a sequel to the story for purgatory, and a sequel to that for heaven? And will the ending be comparable to Dante's Inferno, where Dante has to crawl up saten's hairy plothole?:pinkiesick:

Cheerilee in Hell for lying to kids?

Twilight kills Applejack?



BUCK! Twi punished Appljack fir her sins....shti, this is going to become very, very dark....I LOVE THIS. Maybe Rainbow Dash could be in a boss battle for the seventh circle with Twilight. Damn.....this just get better and better, I'm having a great day now.l :pinkiehappy:


This. I was pretty damn shocked on both counts. But then again, it'd be too easy if Twilight just pardoned all of her friends. If the gist of Applejack's guilt is that she stood by and did nothing, then she is absolutely guilty. Those who stand by and watch evil and do nothing to stop it are just as guilty.

Still, holy fuckballs. And I don't see Cheerilee as a liar; so does this mean pretty much every named MLP character has ended up in Hell? Whoops. Guess the pastel horses aren't so pure after all.

this became sudely so much more! would the mane six all have sinned or are there the kind sould wandering with in the realm... i fear for fluttershy and pinkie pie ...PP>TS>FS in that order

??? greed? and... im so happy pinkie got the blessing for what it is shes my nr 1 pony :pinkiesmile:

As amazing as always.

But... Well, so everypony is in hell? Everypony? My suspension of disbelief wails and begs for mercy. Then again, all of this would be meaningless if they were all OCs. I'm cool with it.

Shit...I mean I could understand Rarity and her sins but Fluttershy? Damn...how did she take her own life? Really glasd to have read more of this...keep it up brother.

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