• Published 21st May 2012
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Twilight's Inferno: A Brony Comedy - The Young and Free Dragon

Twilight must descend into the depths of Hell to save Spike.

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Canto II: Descent to Limbo


There is no greater wealth than family

Went afterward, and much confirmed thereby
The faith that sets us on salvation's road

~Dante: The Divine Comedy 1: Hell, Canto 2, Lines 29-30


Twilight Sparkle knew not where to start
Where to end, or how to proceed
Which struck fear deep in her heart

She knew not how she had escaped
Death's realm, or how she had come here
To the scene of Innocence’s rape

But fortunately for her, her prayers were heard
And the clouds did open up and a divine light shown on her
An angel descended as graceful as a bird

The great Princess Celestia, in all her glory
Came to rest on the ground before Twilight
And her lips spoke true words of a story

“Twilight Sparkle, my young student of the living,
“You should know why I've come, why I sought you out
“For everything you've committed is unforgiving”

Twilight Sparkle bowed; “Dear Princess, I know,
“But how...why? My sins, were they not forgiven?
“If not, tell me why they haunt me so.”

Celestia's horn glowed and a vision came to Twilight's mind
It was of a time long before this great fight for Equestria's land
The night a promise had been made, and one left behind

“Twilight,” Spike spoke in the candle light,
“I give you my gem, as a sign of our friendship
“Swear upon it, that you will always do what's right.”

“I swear on every drop of blood spilled on this gem
“That I will always do what's right, by you,
“To the heaven's: know, Spike I will return to him!”

“Then I give you this gem, that by it I shall swear,
“My innocence to take, if you should break your promise
“May the devil take my soul if you so dare.”

“Neigh, he shall never take your soul,
“I shan't fail you, my dear dragon,
“Keeping my promise, is my only goal.”

Then the vision burned away, fire swallowing it
And it was replaced then by something else
And deep upon a heart string it hit

For young Twilight gazed into battle
Horrifying slaughter of ponies as if they were
Lesser beings, like cattle

They fell, all beneath magical attacks
Their souls exploding from their bodies
All dissolved by these desperate acts

And then as the fire burned in fire
There was a time of rest between war
But it was still a fight, with wanton desire

And Twilight saw herself, committing sin after sin
They were so fast, but a blur, and she could only remember
The horrible feeling, her stomach felt within

She watched them fly by and felt tears sting her eyes
She screamed at the visions to stop their actions
From the ashes, for goodness to rise

To no avail, no such thing occurred
And as they burned away, there came another
Which left upon her lips, a desperate word

Spike was sitting alone, dreaming of delights
When the door burst open and dark shadows
Quickly, they extinguished the lights

But yet, Twilight could still see and watch
As their torture began upon him
Beating him with a crooked notch

And soon, as he was within moments of Death
A foul blade shone in the light and came forth
And wickedly tore out his last breath

He then burned away and the vision cleared
And Twilight was left crying and fearing
What horrors, might next appear

But none came, and when her eyes opened
She saw Celestia looking sympathetically
Leaving a can of fears alone, unopened

“What foul demon am I?!” Twilight cried,
“What terrible blood pumps through my veins,
“To cast the stone, from which innocent died?!”

“Steel yourself, and be silent!” Celestia said.
“Make yourself worthy of his love,
“Or face a fate worse than those dead!”

“Martyrs, for the dead, your sins are!
But know this, that if you save him
You may redeem your hateful spar!”

“I do not wish for redemption, neigh life after death!”
Twilight cried, throwing herself to Celestia's feet,
“I seek only to save my baby's breath!”

“To push it back in his lungs, to heal his wounds
To make this horror, this abomination, this terrible thing
Nothing more! To pull him out of his early tomb!”

“Then I shall guide you,” Celestia said softly,
“I will take you through Hell and thereafter,
To save him from what he suffers so awfully.”

“Neigh, Princess! I must do it alone!”
“I must tear off his chains myself,
And bring him back home!”

“Look now upon your greatest mistake!”
Celestia said, conjuring another vision
“The one which caused all this heartache!”

As the ponies so freely sinned and relished
A figure approached, spreading sparkles
One for each sin it embellished

And then it took place above them all
And called attention, from the blasphemous
This in itself, lacing and sugar-coating the call

“I -the great and powerful Trixie- hereby declare,
All off your sins are to be now absolved
Nopony will remember, not a soul, what you did there!”

As cheering erupted, the vision did fade
And Celestia looked with harsh judgment
On her pupil, a sinner now made

“So now you see!
“You're morals are lacking,
And you would fail without me!”

“And now, never again will you deny my words!
“For I am doing you a kindness, a favor
“To separate him from the damned herds!”

“I repent, dear Celestia, my apologies!
“I did not realize how much I needed you,
“In this terrifying chronology!”

“You will always need me, and that's why I'm here,
“To help you right the wrong, and avoid what you deserve
“Though your sins shan't disappear.”

“The blade you took from Death, and the holy symbol,
“So terribly used to slay Spike, have powers you shall wield,
“A strength I command, that will make all in Hell tremble.”

“But Lucifer of course, he shan't be afraid,
“And you cannot harm him,
“The sterner stuff, from which he is made.”

“But I grant you the power of damnation,
“By the wicked scythe, and the blessed object,
“Will deliver those who deserve salvation!”

“By what grace of your divine rite,
“Do you give me the authority to wield,
“Such holy and hellish power and might?”

“My reasons need not be explained, time shall tell,
“I cannot help you in your desperate location,
“You're ears are deafened, by the screams of Hell.”

“Riddles! Would a holy stallion tell a dying mare a riddle?
“Does she not have the right to know her fate?
“I know not what comes in Hell, until I reach the middle.”

“And that's all you need know,” Celestia answered,
“Your fate is sealed within the walls made of the damned,
“I shan't tell you what you by chance heard.”

“But they scream so loud!” Twilight expressed.
“I cannot listen to a thousand voices at once,
“And why speak of me, and not their own distress?”

“Because you are their pain,”
Celestia said darkly, rising into the air.
“Any foul sinner now knows your name.”

“Can you not answer my questions?!”
Twilight Sparkle cried, as Celestia began to glow.
“Who do I look to for suggestions?”

The Celestial being spread her hooves slowly
As she began to fade, the earth split open
And the air was filled with screams of the unholy

“Enter Limbo, and there you will find me,
“Turn back out of cowardice, but look below,
“You will face worse torment than you will ever see.”

She disappeared, and bearing the threat in mind
Twilight Sparkle descended the stairs that entered the earth
Her only weapon; her will and soul combined.


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