• Published 21st May 2012
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Twilight's Inferno: A Brony Comedy - The Young and Free Dragon

Twilight must descend into the depths of Hell to save Spike.

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Canto I: Conquering Death


There is no greater wealth than family

Midway this way of life we're bound upon,
I woke to find myself in a dark wood,
Where the right road was wholly lost and gone

~Dante: The Divine Comedy 1: Hell, Canto 1, Lines 1-3


Sparkling Twilight fell to her knees
The hard light of the sun shone
Behind the archer in the trees

She bit back blood, drying her tongue
Her farther fate crushed by an arrow head
And she never thought she'd die so young

Upon the end of the arrow; death sighed
Another victim, another dead
He pulled the object from her hide

Twilight stared up at the shrouded soul
Who stood on his hind legs in cast iron
And pulled Twilight deeper into a black hole

There she rose, her wound disappeared
But her mind was not free of thoughts of death
For the monstrous figure did reappear

“Twilight Sparkle,” He called her name,
“You've been brought before me by your peers,
“Those who hate for those you've slain.”

“But wait!” Twilight called. “I've still many years to come
“And the thought of death should not occur to me
“Not until I've committed all that I could have done.”

Death smiled, and brandished his horn
“Ah, but you; none shall miss
“You're death will be go without a mourn.”

“You lie!” Twilight shouted. “Spike will miss me
“So young and pure, my presents cannot be replaced!”
Death smiled, knowing all that he could see

“So such a silly pony! He would miss you?
“The one who denied him in front of Celestia?
“He who is damned by all that you do?”

“Damned?!” Twilight cried. “There is no damnation on his head!”
But she was rejected as death laughed and smiled, raising his blade.
“I know! I left him! Safe and sound in his bed!”

“Ah, but you left his soul vulnerable to my touch,
“You forgot the first rule of a virgin promise,
“You cannot break it to those you love so much.”

“My promise?!” Twilight cried. “I've made no promise, that I've broken!”
Death just smiled and raised his blade higher above his head.
“All that you believe cannot absolve your sins. Now, he is forsaken!”

And Death's blade came down, aimed at Twilight who reacted as well.
The tool of the damned connected with her horn, but did not break it.
Twilight's will was too strong, her dear Spike could never go to hell.

“What foul abomination is this?!” Death cried
“What power do you wield that protects you,
“From all the lives of those who have died?!”

“Spike is innocent!” Twilight screamed
And she maneuvered her horn and parried the blade
But her fate was sealed, or so it seemed

With a call that wracked Twilight's bones
Death lunged again, driving for her heart
But it was buried deep, within the stones

As Death found himself defenseless
Twilight charged, and magic did build in her horn
And all of Death's cries were useless

“I can help you!” he shouted. “I can make you immortal!”
But Twilight's horn struck true in his breastplate
And in his chest, filled with souls, opened a portal

He screamed, clawing for the damned escaping his ribcage
As Twilight's horn pierced his beating heart
And war upon his existence then was waged

He let out mighty howls, calling for the souls to return
But they did not want to be trapped in his chest, and taken to hell
So a raging torrent began to churn

Twilight watched in awe as they pushed themselves into her horn
And were injected into his bleeding heart
And the organ exploded, and broke the ribs, from which it was torn

With one last call of pain, Death burst into shadows
And his body did dissolve into dust
Leaving a symbol, for Twilight it foreshadows;

“Come, find me!” Lucifer laughed, his face swirling in the wind
“Join your friends, in eternal agony
“For you belong here the most, for committing every sin!”

“Release Spike! He is the purest of beings!
“Allow my soul to die, and feed your hunger
“But he is made of the truest meanings!”

“Which is why I want him, for myself,
You've defeated Death, was that not enough
Or must you commit more unto yourself?”

Twilight Sparkle seized the blade
And looked into the polished fear
From which it was made

“I will save him, and bring him back!”
Her reflection pledged, “Upon my life!”
“Light upon all of this, cold and black!”

Lucifer challenged; “Then come and find me!
“We will welcome you with open hooves in Hell,
“And make clear all the misery we see!”

And the dust swirled away, leaving Twilight alone
Despite her talk with Satan, she had to be sure
Before descending to Hell, she must check home

Light swirled about her, and she was transported
And though the land matched her memories
The vision was thoroughly distorted

She tread hooves to the library, up the hill
She made good time, and upon reaching the top
She placed her hooves on the window sill

Looking in, she was met with the horrible truth
A purple dragon, now red, innocence bleeding
From every hole, draining his youth

Day was breaking, and the sun reflected
Off of the red life that stampeded from the dragon
But to his wounds, she had not yet detected

Until the sun alined just so
And among his torn flesh and scales
A golden object did glow

Finding the door broken in
She made her way to his body;
The rape of her innocent kin

She placed Death's blade upon her back
And took from his body, the object
Which nearly gave her a heart attack

The stained gold revealed to her
Cutie Marks of Celestia and Luna
Forming Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter

The marks did meet and create a gate
Which was a hollow in the golden symbol
Showing her beauty which could not compensate

The life of her dear Spike, and his descent
Upon the golden gates of Equestrian, Twilight swore
All his torturers would repent

The Images:

Twilight Sparkle is in the midst of battle when she is shot from behind by an archer. She is sucked into another dimension where those who die put up their final fight against Death; one they never win. However Twilight Sparkle drives her horn into Death's chest and releases the souls he keeps inside his ribs. They charge Twilight's magical horn and destroy his heart, killing Death. Lucifer then becomes an image in the dust left behind and challenges Twilight. After accepting, Twilight travels back to the library, where she finds Spike dead, killed by a golden pendant that is in the shape of Princess Celstia and Luna's Cutie Marks; a holy object among Equstria during this time of war. In the middle of the symbol is a hole, which represents the gates of Heaven.

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