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Octavia is sent off to a special school, for all the talented ponies at a young age. As she is separated from her family, she meets some new friends among the way.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 7 )

I'm liking this so far :scootangel:

Seems a bit rushed, actually. Don't think I'll track it, but I may look at it some time later on. The concept seems interesting enough, even if you did rush it out too quickly.

Well, this has been typed up for atleast a month, and I'm gonna revive it. I used to work on it day and night, and I just kind of got caught off gaurd by school, so I was like :raritycry: can't continue my fic!

cool beans bro hope theres more :rainbowkiss:

Hummm the beginning seemed a little rushed, and it made the school sound like a she was sold to a slaver LOL but this do look really and O mean really good.

Humm, vinyl's feelings seem to be a little rushed, and I don't care much for the OC's. But this story Idea is Fantastic! and I am liking the plot you have set up, please Keep going!


My opinion seems to be shared a lot here, great idea but everything feels rushed, particularly Vinyl's feelings.

I like the concept and I'll be watching this and I'm hoping you can go back over the first two chapters and lengthen them a little, space out the pacing better.

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