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Three days after the wedding of Cranky Doodle and Matilda, Ditzy Doo (aka Muffin) pays a visit to her friend The Doctor. But after he tests his latest creation, something in the lab breaks out after Ditzy accidentally causes a jar to break. Can the two overcome the calamity that strikes?!

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“W h o o p s……that’s one BIG hole!” Ditzy sadly exclaimed,


heheheh, nice job on this! :D
Twas niceness, dat robot tho.


Thanks, I worked on this for the writers training grounds for Equestria Daily. Had it posted on another site and brought it here.

This is my first story made with my editor.

Thanks for reading :coolphoto:

6201123 You're welcome man, this was written very well and I enjoyed it.
Really? that's neat! :D

Keep up the good work

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