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Oh this sleepy little town, nearly ashes on the ground. I'll leave it all behind, even thoughts of you and I... So I tell you now; Goodbye :heart:


We have all been through a long and tiresome day at some point or another.

The problem comes when we lose that spark in our eyes. Cause what good is a star that has lost its light?

You fight, but it's so hard to find the strength to wake up.

But with the help of friends, and a spark of generosity, everything is possible.

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I loved it! :raritystarry: Descriptions were nice, it was well paced, and Pinkie talked a mile-a-minute.

Fantastic work. :twilightsmile:

There was only one part that made me twitch. :rainbowhuh:

Calm down, sugarcane

:ajbemused: AJ is bemused now, Happy?

6455710 Aww, thank you!:twilightsmile: Happy to hear you liked it! Yeah, Pinkie is very is easy to write, however many writers just write her as a silly goofball and I hope I avoided that:rainbowlaugh:

And that:trollestia: I don't know really where that came from, I just tried out something new:scootangel:

I loved it. <3

A beautiful, well-written, thought-provoking piece. If I may be so bold as to suggest that Generosity is actually one of the most important assets in making a friendship? After all, you have to be pretty generous to open yourself to others and hope that you'll make that special connection.

Generosity, as you explained, isn't just giving things to others. It's giving yourself to others, for their happiness—which eventually becomes your own happiness. Their joy is your joy.

We would do well to remember, then, just how valuable Generosity is for Friendship. It may seem like a rare thing to use; but you may find, if you look hard enough, that it is one of the bases of the foundations for friendship.

-Jarvy Jared

6458889 Thank you. And yes, I comletely agree:twilightsmile: Thank you for reading and the beautiful comment!:heart:

Pretty good story. Well executed and a cool read. :twilightsmile:

A really well-done story that just shows how enjoyable this kind of genre can be. Thanks for sharing it!

6487470 Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!:twilightsmile:

6502031 Aw, thank you!:twilightsmile: You're too nice!:pinkiehappy:

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