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Lots of rape....

Yeah.....HELL NO!

Comment posted by La Barata deleted Jun 22nd, 2015

Well for starters eww, but the story itself was not terribly written.

Comment posted by Despoiled Vessel deleted Jun 22nd, 2015
Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Jun 22nd, 2015

You are not beIng the frIend PrIncess CelestIa knows you could be...

It always makes me wonder why some rape fics (of similar writing quality) get downvoted to oblivion, while others get significantly more upvotes than downvotes. Is it the time of day of release (so different people find it first), a more obvious description or title (so people who hate rape fics easily see it and come in to downvote), or something else?

6117694 A combination of it all really. I probably should've waited until later to post it, but it was like four in the morning and I probably would have lost my nerve otherwise. Also, it doesn't help that this is practically the complete opposite of what I normally write.

Comment posted by SoulFyre deleted Jun 22nd, 2015

6117725 To find out if he could do that.

If you write the same thing over and over again, you may become great at writing that, but it becomes boring. People want to read different things, writers want to test new things.

6117743 So you say:

One author has to write the same thing over and over again!!§$UO

No? Because it sounds like that to me.

You follow an author because you like his writing style, his general writing and establishing of worldbuilding. Maybe because he had a story that was simply great, but you never, ever should expect them to only write one genre.

You should always expect them to try different things, even if he has written one hundred times the same genre.

And if you think he shouldn't because you don't want him to, then congratulations! You are a horrible person.

If not, then cool down bro. It's not that bad, is it?

Comment posted by SoulFyre deleted Jun 22nd, 2015
Comment posted by Thunder Lightning deleted Jun 22nd, 2015

Rape is much less niche than a lot of the sexual stuff people write, like vore, egg laying, inflation, macro, mind control, and more. You'd be surprised how many people of both genders like rape fantasies even if they loathe the concept in real life.

Well yeah, but you don't have to put up with it either if you just read the description, and not enter the fic when you see it's likely rape.

6117808 This is a really bad story. But bnot because its a rape story or a fetishy story. Its bad because of a poorly thought out concept, which is also poorly executed as well, and rushed writing.

Put simply, sombra got his ass handed to him by the regal sisters when they were a hell of a lot younger. No elements of harmony, just head on conflict. They are older, and celestia especially has had a thousand years of experience dealing with threats. Even if twilight lost, sombra would have to deal with the regal sisters. Though the issue was what harm he could do before they put him down.

6117819 Because you don't want freedom of expression, meaning the writer is allowed to delete your comments if they are against what he wants. Because freedom of expression is BS.

That just made my day, you messed up with that comment. Freedom of expression is BS, but you express that, meaning you go against your own words.

6117819 dude, there is hating on a story, then there is those who just show up, dislike the story, even though not having read it (yes, I do think it is shit as well, but still) then there is you, who attacks the author and any defenders, your not helping anybody here, they way I think of it is this, everybody has there own opinions, beliefs, and the such, you don't need to bombard everyone with yours, so make your peace and be gone

I think this story is kinda shit, but that being said, some of your commenters need to unclench.
Seriously, it's just a story. You were warned what was in it. If you don't like it, say so, and move on with your life.

Wow this was...Dark

I kept wondering who could save the mane six and the princesses.

Shining Armor: Probably died when Sombra took over.
Prince Blueblood: Oh yeah, he doesn't exsist anymore after serving his purpose in the S1 finale.
Spike: Cadence never invited him to the empire after he saved it.

So yeah...i guess they're fucked, unless Twilight goes god mode again. Wait what was I talking about oh yeah this story...I like it...thumbs up.

Wow. You weren't kidding when you said you posted this. So yeah I'll definitely take it off your hands if it's allowed. I still really want to see it on the site, but I know you're not comfortable with it.

Still it was fun seeing you squirm a bit.

6118094 Really? Leaving a comment? I'm literally a few yards away from you. You're an asshole btw. I'll keep it up for now. It's not like I'm that thin skinned. Still you're a jerk for making me do this. Although it was kind of fun in a weird disturbing sort of way

6118094 sooooo, your the one who caused this?

I'm not against dark stuff in a story, but this is sickening, to be honest. Sounds hypocritical of me since I upload dark stuff in my work, but nothing like this whatsoever.

The most "dark" I will put is a hero showing his inner demon for revenge or to get some answers. Other than that, I can honestly say that I will never write this kind of stuff.

Sorry, but I have to downvote for the simple fact that I am entirely against these kind of stories. Plus it made me cringe.

I feel like I saw this somewhere else before. --But where?

6118574 Unless the commissioner saw it elsewhere I doubt it. I was given an outline of what was wanted and I conceived it in one night. It's probably not the most original thing in the world so it might seem similar to other things. But I haven't seen anything quite like it, though I do typically avoid it. Too dark for my taste... surprised I pulled something like this off actually.


I conceived it in one night

I don't think that's good for your circadian cycle. . . but whatever.

Too dark for my taste... surprised I pulled something like this off actually.

You and me both, mate.

*looks at groups*...WHY!


You caused this?

You're a terrible person, and I like you.

I don't see what the problem is. Sure it's rape but compared to some of the already existing clop stories this is pretty vanilla. There was no blood, no death, or any other extreme fetishes. Just non-consensual sex and slight mind-break.

This story needs alot more upvotes. Really loved how Sombre already had his guards working over the Elements, Luna and Cadance before he even started on Celestia. Personally I would have had the Elements, Luna and Cadance all dragged to the throne room and harshly violated right in front of Celestia after getting her to give in.

6117880 Like you have any room to talk.

Well, isn't this comments section just a total fuster cluck.

6119964 Yeah. It's kinda fun.

6119688 I ain't never written any dark rape stories, so, yes I got plenty of room to talk

It really is. Like, damn, it's like the war over, "Should rapefics be a thing?" just exploded all over here.

To weigh in, lest I seem uncharacteristically not critical, I personally am not a fan of rapefics. However, that's not on any moral ground of censoring obscene material. I'm pretty neutral on rape being present in stories. I mean, as utterly fucked up as rape is, it is a part of our real world, and writing is a battle where the writer duels against realism. As writers, the best way for us to capture an audience in a lasting way is too make our worlds so immersive and realistic- so grounded in a plausible way the universe could work- that they don't want to leave it or find themselves subconsciously synced into that world. As such, even terrible things are tools for a writer to paint a nuanced world. For instance, how good (read as realistic) would Game of Thrones be if they never showed any of the characters getting murdered? Not very.

However, the problem I have with rapefics is much more simple than the morality vs. censorship aspect. I just don't like them because in general, rapefics have the plot serve the rape when it should be the other way around. The plot of a story should always be able to stand alone. Even if it is supplemented by other things, the plot needs to be completely self sufficient as a litmus test. If the given rapefic is a character drama about the trauma the protagonist, or someone close to them, experiences post rape, I'd consider that a good story, and one series on here I like in spite of the rape because he focuses more and more on the characters and their dynamic instead of the rape (although even that one needed a few less sex scenes in my opinion). However, I'd wager ninety percent of rapefics just handwave a halfassed backstory to explain why X character is raping Y character and then proceeds to just be a oneshot of the extended rapescene, ending abruptly after it. Now, this is a symptom of that problem in the larger clop community, that the plot serves clop instead of the reverse, but it's especially jarring in rapefics.

Besides, I don't judge people who get off on it in purely a fantasy, but rape (and clop in general) doesn't really tickle me pink, so there's not much for me in these stories.

Sir, I must inform you of the most expeditious manner that your literary work has left me in a deeply shocked span. More than that, I feel the need to communicate a severe case of unbelief that now dent my perception of equine anatomy.

That said, I have only one question to be clarified if possible.
Will you have more?

(p.s) :moustache: COC :trollestia:

Good job.


Good story, but I have spotted a few grammar mistakes.

Two large stallions,clad in red and black armor,lead her to the newly constructed throne.

Instead,a twisted throne of black crystal was in its place.

It wasn’t until Celestia had arrived with her sister and the Element Bearers at the supposed invitation of Princess Cadance that the learned of events.

Before the could even react,some of Twilight's friends had already been subdued.

Now, the things needed to be added are highlighted in green, and the grammar mistakes that need to be fixed in red.
I may, or may not have spotted every mistake in this story, but I hope this helps a little.

This has alot of latent homo sexuality init.

i sense a new addition to my group inbound....

thought this was gonna suck cause sombra is a shit character that doesn't even communicate through speech , i was surprised for some reason when he did talk in this but over all not bad.....

Too tame for my tastes, but it's not your fault. I just have very high standards. Anyways, have a fav.

I have read quite a bit of fictions on this site; some left me with feel trips over sagas of adventure or tales of hurt and comfort and what not, while others would have left me with feelings of disgust at the time I wasted.

This however, I think I would be safe to say Wanker's Regret applies here all too well. If you were looking to write a filthy rape clop then you've ticked all the boxes - great job! It really completes the whole domination and mind/will break fantasy quite well. On the other hand, however... I really love the sisters as characters and for all I could care the whole show and other characters could burn around them because Luna and Celestia are best ponies.

This really was an entertaining... Read... Yes, but at the same time I'm really ticked off from the description of what vile acts were committed to the dear Luna. They are going to haunt me for the longest of times to come, especially those dead eyes. I only got myself and my 'waifu' (I hate that word.) obsessiveness to blame.

Edit: Oh and by the way I forgot to mention that the story was well structured and that semi-unexpected plot twist at the end made it just so much more darker in terms of its themes. You have not over done on the dialogue which is a plus because it doesn't turn it into a manuscript and I doubt that's the last thing you would want to write. Leaving constructive criticism for you is the least I could do... Even though like, people just come here to jerk off.

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