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(Former title was 'Everypony Deserves Love')
One morning, Celestia wakes up to find an unexpected surprise from Twilight. Now, She, Twilight and her friends venture into the alternate Equestira to turn the other Sombra good again and unite him with her.

Note: You have to at least know how the 'Reflections' comic arc ended to read this story, or just read the synopsis.

Thanks to Word Worthy (Formerly known as Izanagi), PinkieLunaShy and Tripy998 for editing the chapters.

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It's always nice to find a fic that is based on the comics, especially the "Reflections" one. As for the number of dislikes, maybe it is so disliked because of Celestia and Sombra and it isn't because of how you wrote it (kinda like Twilight and Flash fics). Regardless, you get a like from me.

6125979 Thank you so much for the support!:twilightsmile:

6125992 add another like for me but make sure you do Sombra justice and make his evil form a cynical asshole

Dislestia shippers hate that arch with a passion.

6128672 Thanks and don't worry, I'm working to make Sombra's evil form as scary and cynical as possible!:rainbowdetermined2:

6129426 Really? I expected that, but I didn't know they hate it that much! With all my respect for Dislestia shippers, of course.

I loved the Reflection arc. I am putting it on my read later. Good luck! :twilightsheepish:

6137595 Thanks and I'll do my best to not disappoint you:twilightsmile:

I quite liked this an upvote and follow from me!

So far, so good. Can't wait to see where it goes next. :ajsmug:

6137637 Thanks, and...oh my gosh! Your avatar pic! Cuteness Overload!:twilightsmile:

6137668 The next chapter is coming soon.:twilightsmile:

Wow, I smell some shipping hate that's giving your story an unfair judgment here :twilightangry2: I don't mind neither Somlestia, or Dislestia fics, but this kind of behaviour is ridiculous. After reading your story, and considering the fact that I'm a Reflection arc fan, I can only say that it's well written, and that it deserves the fav and a like from me. Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

With extreme interest.

But there are a few grammar mistakes that are better fixed. And be ready for a storm of downvotes from Dislestia shippers.

And do me a personal favor: make Celestia be useful.

6137978 Thanks. And don't worry, she will be useful. She's the main character after all.

I'm not reading this, in particular because I don't like the comics that much...

... BUT... I am giving an encouraging thumbs-up anyway. Why?

Because nearly half the people glancing at this have given it a thumbs-down with no chance. So I just... balance it out.

Have fun.

Ya know, it's ashame such a nice looking story is getting disliked over something as petty as an uncommon ship and because it's based on the comics that I still beleive aren't as strongly rekindised or are considered canon as the main series.

Still, I fave this.

Love it I'm also following it on my Fanfiction.net account as well

Excellent chapter. Now I'm wondering if we are going to see Alternate Chrysalis or Alternate Sirens. Sonata being smart one, Aria being Kind and Adagio being a bimbo. But I want to see Sombra more then anything.

Holy crap! That thing about Princess Trixie AND Sir Discord had me choking on a pretzel for a sec. I mean "WHOA, they're WHAT!?"

6142354 Thanks:twilightsmile:

6143533 Well, sorry for making you chock:rainbowlaugh: I hope you enjoyed your pretzel after all:pinkiehappy:


You went out and married Trixie! Congrats in all but WHY WASN'T I INVITED?!:flutterrage:

great story so far...(i read the comic so i know this is going to be good) also this remained me of a song

Wow...just, wow.

This is a rather interesting story. I'll definitely keep a look out for the next chapter.

I love it, I like how Chrysalis is a Duchess. Onward to save Sombra!:pinkiehappy:

Now my caaaaaaments!

TRIXCORD! Or Dixie.... FTW...

Spike's a hero in any dimension.

:raritystarry: Rarity blast daaaaaahling

You know I don't mind Shining Armor being a doormat, after throwing his wife like a football he should enjoy some whimp-ness. Enjoy it fool.

You know 'Tia, everyone's gonna be all "Aww your lover turned into a villain so we're gonna show pity." It never fails. Especially since the most evil thing of the century was, y'know, you.



I'm willing to bet the Sunset Shimmer in this dimension is student to Celestia.

"Were are your Elements of Harmony?

:facehoof: 'Where'

You know... I wonder if the reason Mirror Equestria doesn't have the Elements is because the Tree of Harmony, like everything else, is morally inverted in this world?

...that's actually kinda depressing.

Hmmm.... vanilla Chrysalis is ruler of the changelings... I wonder if in this world she'd be ruler of the flutterponies? ...just a thought.

6184699 Thanks for reading :twilightsmile: And sorry about the grammar error :twilightblush: About Chrysalis, I don't know, but I mostly think she's still the ruler of Changelings, but in this Equestria, the Changelings are good.
About the Tree of Harmony being morally inverted...that's an interesting idea, but it can't be true. The good Sombra would've mentioned something about the Elements of Disharmony when he first heard about the EoH from Celestia.
Thanks again!

"Yes! They're one of the most famous musical bands in Equestria. A trio of Sirens. They're so talented! Their next concert takes place in Manehatten," Trixie replied.
Twilight smiled sheepishly. "Well, if you're sure it's safe, then we'll be there!"
Trixie blinked in confusion, but she just shrugged and continued trotting in her way.

Sure. Why the fuck not. WHY THE FU- Wait a minute. Does that mean this worlds Starswirl is in this worlds version of the human world?:twilightoops:

The fight scene was kinda weird for me. Could've been more fluid in my opinion. Otherwise nice chapter.

Is it weird I expected it to be Tirek?

6234535 Maaayyybeee :applejackunsure:
6234537 Well, I'm glad you liked the chapter. Thanks for the comment.
6234560 No, it's not weird at all. I kinda hinted towards it. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

I knew it was Teirk. But good chapter it was really action packed. And the whole Olef and Pinkie was a kicker. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Author, please tell Pinkie to stop breaking the multiverse. It's messed up enough already. :pinkiehappy:

Well, I was surprised it was Tirek... I thought that was just back and forth between the characters. :derpyderp1:


Author, please tell Pinkie to stop breaking the multiverse.

Pinkie will always stay Pinkie, you can't change that :pinkiecrazy: Anyway, thanks for the comment :pinkiesmile:

I'm kind of surprised they just went and killed those Frost Giants. I mean, 4 Princesses would seem to me to be enough fire power to win the fight non-lethally, and Celestia just opens up by literally punching someone's head off? I guess it's a bit of a contrast since it seems like they were fighting non-lethally in the last chapter against Shining Armor and Cadance and those soldiers, but then again those are pony lives we're talking about.

6240697 First, thanks for the comment. Second, remember how I mentioned that the Giants' eyes were just green lights? Remember the Timberwolves? The Giants are considered like 'Soulless' beings. They're made of ice, just like the Timberwolves are made of wood. That's why killing them is not a big deal. You're not even 'killing' them, you're more of 'destroying' them. So there's no need to make a funeral for those Giants, my friend :pinkiehappy: The Changelings were something else. They were beings who could think and feel like ponies and they attacked ponies because they needed to feed and live, while the Giants and Timberwolves attack ponies just for the sake of attacking them. The Changelings had 'souls'. That's why the Mane 6 didn't fight the Changelings lethally.

6241180 Ohhhhh. Ok, that explains it, they're malevolent sentient ice. I assumed if they were some sort of construct you would have said they were "broken" or "dismantled" rather than killed. Wait, the black-armored creatures in chapter 3 were changlings? I thought they were Shining Armor's pony followers. Of course, changlings could be in disguise.

Anyway, thanks for clarifying things for me!

6241550 Your welcome :twilightsmile:. And the ponies in chapter 3 were just soldiers in black armor, not Changelings.

Trixie and Discord married? I don't know how to feel about this.

6251647 Feel however you want. I myself don't know how to feel about it, but I think I brought something new since there are too few, if not never, Trixie x Discord ships on this site. Oh, and thanks for the comment and the fav :twilightsmile:

I don't know how to feel about this.


I love this concept. Although I do have a question: When is this set in the timeline? Season 4? Season 5?

Oh no not Solar Flare! Twilight it's a dream, Wake up! I wonder what will happen. Will Sombra be cured? Can the mane six plus the princesses stop Sombra? Tune in next time for the next chapter of Everypony Deserves Love.:moustache:

So... the Princess is like this now?
EDIT: Holy cow, I just noticed that her throne has the EoH built-in in this picture...

6260937 Well, it's either during Season 5 or after Season 5. I still didn't decide, because it's not important yet.
6260989 Indeed :trollestia:
6261002 Thanks for the comment :twilightsmile:
6261233 No. She looks like this:

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