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Enjoy yourself, (because I know you will). ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Your name is Jack. You are a musician looking to make your way to the top. These are ponies. They took you away from your world by accident, and with a massive language barrier, you aren't sure who or what to trust. What's a man to do?
Join yourself on your adventures in Equestria, and take in the culture.

There's a whole new language to learn, after all.

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So far a nice read :3

Looks like an interesting concept. Few stories go with the ponies speaking another language and I applaud your choice to use this in your story. I will be following.


Sweet, 'cause I was actually afraid the pony language would be a bit of a turnoff, considering I actually had to make a new language to really get the feeling of fish out of water.

Comment posted by XanaDurian deleted Jun 23rd, 2015

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and start

The code. Now that I am done laughing it makes me wounded why she would use that code. I prefer the universal greeting from Transformers.


I am sorry that Konami wounded you.

You may be entitled to compensation of over one-million dull hairs.


Not really wounded but nobody in my family getting why I found it funny it hurt worse. Still great job and keep up the good work.

so im curious... did you actually create a set of rules to translate english into equuish?


Well, yes I did, actually.

First, when it comes to descriptors, it's alot like spanish. In spanish, you don't say "That is a red car.", you say "That is a car red." Instead of decribing the object and then telling you what it is, you're telling what the object is and then describing it.

Second, all capital R's are r's rolled with the throat, (think along the lines of the French word rondevouz, or the English Loch Ness), and all the rr's are rolled with the tongue, like in Spanish.

Third, in written form, C will only ever appear next to H because I'm trying to not use letters I gennerally wouldn't use in regular speak, (like Q).

And then here are all the words and meanings to said words that I've gotten down thus far.

A = Vae
Animal = Ankila
About = Varralka
At = Ja
Actually = ARllak
Accident = Oopsa
Am = Ak
And = Ala
Are = Til
All = Loe
Be = Ba
But = Blok
Bad = Yoon
Badbye = Yoonki
Barrier = Brramoz
Body = Bolka
Boy = BooR
By/Beside = Balie
Child/Young = Die
Certain/Sure = SelkaR
Can = Kat
Cygnus = Sygnalk
Day = Diellkap
Do = Doe
Drab/Dirty/Junky = Janka
Decipher/see through = Darrloo
Every = Eny
Even = Evala
Everybody = Enybolka
For = Ifal
Forever/Infinite = IfalaR
From = Rram
Fun = Faj
Girl = Goorr
Good = Yon
Goodbye = Yonki
He/Him = JuR
Hello = Rraka
Hers = Jurra
His = JuRa
I = Hi
In = A
Is = E
It = pirr
Language = Shilka
Late = Aerr
Long = Gole
Look = Lonk
Looks = Lonki
Looking = Lonkal
Like = Kak
Make = MaRkal
Massive/Big = Barrsiva
Message/Text = Takala
Mighty/Powerful = Marrtal
Mine/my = HinR
More = KrroR
Moon = Henelai
Music = Myosik
Musician = Myosika
Night = Henelaikap
Name = Man
New = Nook
No/Negative = Rolk
Not = Ilt
Or = Er
Pony = Pon
Probably = Prroka
Pulse = Poke
Sent = Stenk
Since = Sinkal
Scary = SkaRalka
She/Her = Jurr
Sparkle = Shpijal
Sun = Dielli
Strange/Odd/Weird = Galagad
So = O
Talk/Speak = SpaR
The = Ja
Thing = Theil
They = Koonda
These = Eek
Theirs = Koondarr
This = Rra
Time = Kap
To = Ote
Took = Jolk
Top = toka
Trust = Krrusta
Twilight/Late day = Talli
Use = Uke
Full of use= Ukela
Veteranarian = Ankila-pon
Would = Whal
Way = Wake
With = Kip
What = Whola
Why = Whakal
Who = Ooli
World = Dorre
Yes/Positive = Rral
You = Oonka
Yours/Your = OonkaR


Calm down = Kaldoka
Belonging to the thing being talked about = iz
Man who is or is to be experimented on = BooRak
Women who is or is to be experminted on = Goorrak
Middle aged = Yalaki
The native tongue = Krrashilka
The native land = Krrashilk
whatever it may be = Wholkala
To have the knowledge of something = Nokiel
Well/And yet = Waneta

6132628 nice... :twilightsmile:
although im guessing it took you a while to sit down and write/think of all the rules and semantics :moustache:

Rra lonki kak pirr jolk vae... damnit you don't have long or time :pinkiesad2:


Nah, I just thought of all the things that I thought were stupid about English, and I got rid of them, and I just think of words as I need them in the story.

And the R stuff was just to add some spice.


I do now.

Long = Gole

Time = Kap

And I've updated the list below as well.

It's not bad, but personally I hate the second person narrative. I'm going to give it a chance, though, and track it.

6126476 interesting. Seems phonetically similar to English. I can pick out certain words, seems subject verb object, subject optional same as English.

In terms of ease of learning I'd rate this as super easy which corresponds to the whole mirror universe thing with the original mirror.


And yet I myself, creator of the language, still needs to use the little dictionary list to actually make sentences.


In other news, go to this link over here for a more comprehensive list of Equistrian, because I couldn't be bothered to post it here.


Comment posted by Grabnock deleted Jul 30th, 2015

Oh yeah, and in case anybody's wondering, the Character Tags are gonna be changing all the time because I never actually bothered to make a plot, so I"m just throwing whatever comes to mind in the chapter out and leaving it because fuck it.

When our weary world was young....

Damn! the name of this story brings back memories


Glad to know that someone caught the referance.

7296563 What are your favorite prog rock bands/albums/songs?


Prog isn't really my main thing, but I know a few good ones.

First, if I had to pick my favourite Prog album, it'd either be Sacrafice, by Black Widow, or Afreaka!, by Demon Fuzz. My favourite Prog band, (aside from Rush, who were actually something of a Pop group for most of their carreer), has gotta be Black Widow, whom were most famous for writing the Occult-Prog album Sacrafice. A few other good Prog bands I like are Demon Fuzz, Fuzzyduck, and there's one more band whose name isn't quite coming to me at the moment.

Once again, though, I'm not really much of a Prog guy, thougj. Much of it is a little too masturbatory for my tastes, y'see.


My tastes really evolved from coming into contact with the non prog material that prog artists produce, and vice versa with me getting into non prog bands via their prog work

One example is Jethro Tull, who made an album mocking progressive rock known as Thick as a Brick.

Here is just an excerpt from a 45 minute song:

From there I explored his previous albums, my favourite one of his is Stand Up, which leant more on the side of blues rock than anything I have heard in TAAB.


This is really what happened with most bands: I just explore and discover entire new genres.

Don't you just love it when you get to the end of a canceled story and see a song of one of your top 5 favorite bands? :raritystarry:

As for the story, interesting concept with the languages, but not executed as best it could be.

This story had a very sarcastic tone that I wouldn't normally associate with MLP. I also didn't feel the voices of the characters matched up well with their TV Counterparts.

Hopefully your next project will be more fruitful! Good Luck! :yay:

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