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Claire, a young pony-dragon hybrid is entering in her first year at Canterlot-Lunar-Elementary and is not that quite excited for it for she expects it to be a bad year, but would actually be a crucial point in her life that she can be able to reflect upon and remember that she lived through all of the bullies, pointing and laughing, and discrimination. And all because of those who supported her throughout the whole school year and the future love of her life.

All characters that are OC inclduing Crystal Clarity, Coal and Illusion are copyrights of Kilala97 on DeviantArt and all other OCs in this story are mine and are allowed to be used under my privilege.

Cancelled due to new story being written at the moment

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You have a few extra words when Rarity entered a sleeping Crystals room, Sort of stumbled when reading .

:raritywink: You can breath fire!

:moustache: When you're angry just give them the CLAW! :twilightoops::raritystarry::rainbowlaugh: The middle feather ?

:raritystarry: Spikey how could you ?!

:moustache: easy, look. :facehoof::raritycry:

Well~, I do plan on getting Claire in trouble and Spike offering the not-so-much useful advice in the long run and Rarity just being absolutely embarrassed about it.


Hmm...I see quite a few grammatical errors in the description alone...

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