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Rarity and Pinkie Pie have been pretty close lately, at least that is what Rainbow Dash thinks. When she brings this to Twilights attention curiosity gets the best of her. Now Rainbow Dash and Twilight are investigating Rarity and Pinkie Pie's relationship to see if there is anything there besides simple friendship.

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Hmm... This could just be my author's (or shipper's:pinkiecrazy:) instincts screaming at me, but I've gotta hazard the guess; this is gonna go TwiDash, isn't it? 'Cause it totally should! Y'know, as like a side-plot... or something...:raritywink:

Damn, you beat me to it! I would hazard that exact same guess.

Yeah Blunderbolt is right

But it would still be interesting even if it is just friendshipping:twilightsmile:

Nope the reason why fluttershy is still shocked is because AJ asked her out. thumbs up can't wait to see more. :pinkiesmile:

It's Shipping Mountain Charlie, Shipping Mountain!

I agree. Needs more TwiDash.

You already have my praises and stuff in the e-mail I sent ya, so I guess I don't really have much to say except that I'm happy to see it posted in all its Pinkity glory. Carry on. :moustache:

I actually came here searching for TwiDash and found a possible RariPie! We don't have nearly enough of that pairing. And hey, after all these comments demanding TwiDash you'll probably have to get that in somewhere, too. That's how fan fiction works, isn't it?

Anyway, looks promising so far. Can't say too much yet with just above 1000 words, but I like stories that are placed between episodes. One quick note to you or your editor: Please keep the spacing of paragraphs consistent. Some have blank lines between them and some don't. The thing that most fanfic writers do are blank lines between all paragraphs, so hit the enter button twice at the end of each one.

Another thing is dialogue punctuation. Here's how you do it:
>"Hey, Twilight." Rainbow whispered.
>"What is it?" She said with little interest.

Here's how it should be:
"Hey, Twilight," Rainbow whispered.
The sentence isn't over yet after the speech, so there should be a comma instead of a period.
"What is it?" she said with little interest.
Small 'she', because the sentence isn't over with the speech and the '?' works like a comma. Same for exclamation marks.

662047 Gotta agree. There is no such thing as too much Twidash. :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

Wonderfully interesting so far. Do go on.

I'm just dropping explosives in a lake and seeing what fish I get here but… I just got the idea that Pinkie and Rarity might be investigating Twilight and Rainbow as well. With… similar progress.


That would be deliciously ironic.

What's this? Subliminal twidash?

Stamped and approved. :moustache:

Great chapter but way to short

Please heed this (666864) advice. I came looking for PinkieDash but Pinkity and/or TwiDash is fine too. But I can't read this w/o getting a headache. Each paragraph needs to be distinct from the others. The dialogue punctuation/capitalization pales in comparison.

YES! Twidash FTW! :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh, and I guess some Raripie can get mixed in too. :applejackunsure:

I wouldn't mind the Twidash if id didn't get in the damn way of the RariPie.:derpytongue2:

hehe I would laugh so hard when in the end comes out that that between Rarity and Pinkie was just a huge misunderstanding from Twi and Dash.


I won't mind the RariPie if it doesn't get the in the damn way of the Twidash.


I hope that you can balance the Raripie and Twidash equally, because I love them both very much.

814571 You can copy-paste a burn but the pain is still real. :fluttershyouch:

YES! This story is definitely heading in the right direction! :rainbowkiss::twilightblush:

Edit: also you made a mistake where Twilight said, "I kindathoughtaboutyouinawaythatfriendsshouldn'tthingabouteachother".

Its supposed to be "I kindathoughtaboutyouinawaythatfriendsshouldn'tthin(k)abouteachother."


Haha, yeah I guess I did mess that up. I'm actually impressed you caught that:rainbowlaugh:

Nice story man :pinkiehappy: ... I hope the Raripie is real . Mah favourite ship!

I'll pre-read for you if you'd like. Also, another entertaining chapter. Keep 'em coming, if you don't mind.

I'd love it if you could pre-read for me, just so long as you can guarantee that you can finish proofreading a chapter in less than a week.

1033351 I should be able to do that. PM me when you have something you'd like me to pre-read.

Really liking this so far. I can't wait for the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

UPDATE! YEAH!...that is all.

No problem! :twilightblush: It was a lot of fun to proofread. I think it turned out very well. Can't wait to see where the story ends up.

Keep em coming! :pinkiehappy:

Honestly, I cannot believe you guys like my story so much. It makes me feel really good when I see so many people saying good things about this fic! Just wanted to say thanks!:twilightsmile:

What were they talking about?

It'll be explained next chapter.:twilightsmile:

I figured it would be explained at some point but the wait is killing me.:raritydespair:

! Oh! More of this story, excellent :3 I've been looking forwards to more.

And better yet, it's dating-dash actually acting more like Rainbow Dash then nervous mc-uncool mare.

I'm loving this giant web of miscommunications. :pinkiehappy:

" Fluttershy had tooken shelter behind Twilight"
Seriously ? Its taken :flutterrage:
"Plus, the Caked told me yesterday that I'd be able to take today off "And you should replace caked with cakes :ajbemused:
Grammar aside :trixieshiftleft:, the content of this chapter is priceless :rainbowlaugh:
'now kiss' moment inbound :duck:

"Hmm, hang on." Twilight said quickly. Twilight heading off towards one the many shelves, she stopped in front of a row of books. "Let's see," Twilight muttered as she scanned the books. "Oh! Here we go." Twilight levitated a book off the shelf with her magic and walked back to Fluttershy. "This book should help you with your situation, but if you ask me you shouldn't letter Angel kick you around so much Fluttershy."

Uhmm... I got one "let"

Caked was a typo, and "tooken" was me being stupid, I've never tried to use that before. Not sure what happened there.

Honestly, I don't know why I wrote "letter". But it's fixed, so no harm done, right?:twilightsheepish:

Noe at all, I'm just surprised nobody pointed it out before me.
I have somewhere between passable and OHMYGODTHISISTHEWORSTEI'VEEVERSCENE grammer, so when i notice an error it must be REALLY bad. So i try to help when i can.

Keep up the great work :pinkiehappy:=best medicine

Hey, you shouldn't leave your web cam on when you write. You'll end up with pictures of yourself all over the internet.....

1415293 I'm watching you :trixieshiftleft:

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