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Chapter 6

Pinkie and Rarity walked side by side, leaning up against eachother. As they made their way back to the boutique they talked about the events that they just witnessed.

"I just don't know what Rainbow could've gotten so worked up about. That was quite a shout," Rarity offered.

"Hmm..." Pinkie rubbed her chin in deep thought. After a long pause Pinkie finally chirped a simple, "Dunno!"

Rarity sighed. "While I appreciate your input, that doesn't help us much Pinkie." Usually Rarity would be bothered by such a useless response, but with Pinkie she was able to just brush it off. "Well, all things aside, did you have anything that you needed to do while we were in the middle of the town?" Rarity suggested more than asked Pinkie.

"Nope! Can't think of anything! Plus, the Cakes told me yesterday that I'd be able to take today off! So I'm completely free!" Pinkie replied happily.

"Well, did you want to do something then?" Rarity asked.

"You mean like a date?!" the pink pony asked excitedly.

"Why yes. I suppose it would be a date." Rarity was almost too happy to contain herself as the possibility dawned on her. "So, do you want to?"



Rainbow Dash flew through the air, a huge grin spread across her face. Sometimes she amazed even herself with her brilliance. She had come up with such an amazing plan. She'd be able to pretend she was dating Twilight, and as an added bonus, she'd finally find out if her suspicions about Pinkie and Rarity were correct.

First things first: she'd have to get Rarity and Pinkie. She finally arrived at the boutique, coming to a safe landing at the entrance. Rainbow approached the door and knocked on it. But there was no reply. Growing impatient, Rainbow Dash ran over to a window. She looked inside, only to find nothing. "Ugh, I guess they aren't here." Rainbow thought. "Well where else would they be? I guess I'll go check the rest of Ponyville then." Now a bit more frustrated then before, Rainbow Dash took off into the air headed towards the center of Ponyville.

Now right above Ponyville's town square Rainbow decided to stop and scan the area, it was more than likely that they'd be here. "Okay, where are they?" Rainbow thought to herself. The blue pegasus looked over the town, but didn't see anything of the ordinary. It was all the same stuff, Derpy Hooves was trying to stuff too many letters into a single mailbox, Lyra was sitting with Bon Bon on a bench, and Berry Punch was passed out next to the town bar. But no Pinkie or Rarity.

"If they aren't here, then where are they?" Rainbow moved around a little bit, until she saw a resturant. "Hmm, maybe"' Rainbow got a little closer to the resturant until she was close enough to see all of the outside diners. "I know that Rarity likes this place, so let's check it out." Rainbow glanced at some tables, and, sure enough, they were there. "Alright, time to start the plan!"


Twilight sat in her study, reading the newest Daring Do novel. Although, every word disappeared from Twilight's mind the second she read them. The only thing on her mind was a certain rainbow-maned pegasus. She still had her doubts about the plan that Rainbow had come up with, but she had to admit that the impulsive pegasus was right. They had been investigating long enough, and Rainbow's idea was definitely the fastest solution, even if it was flawed.

"Augh! I give up!" Twilight shouted as she flailed her hooves through the air. "I can't concentrate on anything." Twilight took one last look at her book before closing it with her magic and put it back on the shelf. She let out a long sigh as she got back up and paced around her library.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Coming!" Twilight said as she made her way to the door. Twilight opened the door to find Fluttershy. "Oh! Hey, Fluttershy!" Twilight said, happy to finally have somepony to distract her from her nervous thoughts.

"Hi, Twilight. I'm not interrupting anything, am I? I could always come back later." The shy pegasus backed away, lowering her eyes and letting out a quiet squeak.

"Nope, I wasn't doing anything at all. Come in." Twilight smiled and beckoned her friend forward.

"Oh, thank you," Fluttershy mumbled as she made her way into the library.

"So, what can I help you with?" Twilight asked.

"It's not really anything too important. It's just that I'm having a bit of trouble with Angel Bunny. He has very picky eating habits and I was wondering if you had a book that might help."

"Hmm, hang on." Twilight said quickly. Twilight heading off towards one the many shelves, she stopped in front of a row of books. "Let's see," Twilight muttered as she scanned the books. "Oh! Here we go." Twilight levitated a book off the shelf with her magic and walked back to Fluttershy. "This book should help you with your situation, but if you ask me you shouldn't let Angel kick you around so much Fluttershy."

Fluttershy took the book from Twilight and put it in her bags. "Thank you so much Twilight. And don't worry about me and Angel, I just need to find a few things he likes and we'll be fine."

"Okay, whatever you say, Fluttershy," Twilight said unconvinced. "Anything else you need while you're here?"

"No, this is it," the pegasus answered happily. "Thanks again, Twilight."

"No problem. Anytime you need anything, don't hesitate to ask."

"Okay, I'll see you later then, Fluttershy said, ready to depart.

"Alright. Goodbye Fluttershy." Twilight waved a hoof and Fluttershy returned the action as she headed towards the door to leave. Before Fluttershy could reach the knob, the door flew open, sending Fluttershy back with a surprised scream.

"Okay Twilight I got them!" Rainbow shouted as she barged into the library. "Now we ca- huh? Fluttershy? What're you doing here?" The blue pegasus tilted her head in confusion. Fluttershy had taken shelter behind Twilight. Still shaking she peaked around Twilight and settled down when she saw it was just Rainbow Dash.

"Oh, Rainbow. You scared me." Fluttershy said as she got out from behind Twilight.

Pinkie and Rarity followed behind Rainbow Dash now entering the library. "Hi, Twilight!" Hey, Fluttershy!" Pinkie said happily. "So Dashie, what'd you want to tell us?" Pinkie asked.

"I would like to know what this is all about as well, Rainbow. So, if you would be so kind, could you please tell us what is going on?" Rarity added.

"Is this a bad time? Should I go?" Fluttershy quietly asked Twilight.

Twilight looked around the room nervously. Things had gotten a little more complicated with Fluttershy here. Twilight knew she couldn't just throw Fluttershy out; she was such a fragile pony. With no ideas coming up, she ran over to Rainbow Dash. "Rainbow! What should we do?" She whispered hiding her mouth from everypony else with a hoof.

"Whaddya mean? We're just going to go with our plan," Rainbow said, matter of factly.

"But what about Fluttershy?"

"What about her?"

"Are we just going to tell her we're dating too?"

"Yeah, why not?" Rainbow shrugged.

"Well, I thought... Fine. Let's just get this over with." Twilight walked over to the other three ponies. When they all saw her they cut off their conversation and turned to face her. "Okay, so I'm sure Rainbow has told you two," Twilight pointed a hoof to Pinkie and Rarity, "That we have something to announce. And since you're here too Fluttershy, we might as well just tell you too."

"Tell us what?! What is it!?!?" Pinkie looked like she was about to explode trying to contain her excitement.

"Go on Twilight. What is it?" Rarity gave a motion with her hooves signalling Twilight to continue.

Twilight took a deep breath. "Me and Rainbow." Pinkie and Rarity, and now Fluttershy tilted forward in anticipation. "We're... Uhh."

"Yes?" The three ponies said in unison.

"We're kinda..."

"YES!?" they said in unison again, tilting forward further.

"We're..." Twilight paused. 'Come on Twilight. You can do this, it's not even true. It's just a small lie that we'll clear up once this is over.' Twilight took one last deep breath. "We're-"

"OH FOR PETE'S SAKE," Rainbow yelled as she flew in front of Twilight. "We're dating! There I said it."

There was a long pause. Nopony said anything. Not a single sound was made. "I KNEW IT!!" Pinkie yelled finally breaking the silence. " WE WERE RIGHT RARITY!" Pinkie screamed in happiness. "Rarity?" Pinkie noticed that Rarity was still silent. "What's wrong?"

Rarity sat in silence for a little longer, then finally spoke. "Prove it."


Author's Note - Okay, another chapter out! Everything coming toward the conclusion of the story. Sorry it took so long to get this one out. It seemed like every time I tried sitting down to write this, something would happen and I'd have to push it off for another day. But I got it out, so it all worked out in the end. Like always, I want to thank my amazing proof reader Sir0Chicken, for not only being great at correcting my bad wording, but for getting these chapters back to me so fast! Thanks for reading!

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