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A large growl filled the air, It was so loud that the earth shook. Fluttershy's first response was to flip over with her hooves straight in the air. The other ponies thought they heard a goat noise come from the yellow pegasus.
"Don't worry Twi, we'll git there liggity split." Applejack said. So the four other ponies proceeded up the mountain trying to find a good place to meet up with Applejack and Fluttershy.
After climbing for a few more minutes,they finally came upon a flat surface on the mountain and decided that it would do.

"Well, now what do we do?!" Rainbow Dash said with a large trace of annoyance in her voice.
"We wait for Applejack and Fluttershy. We don't have any other choice." Twilight replied. All she got back from Rainbow dash was a grunt and a facehoof.
"Ooh ooh, I got it!" Pinkie said enthusiastically. "We should play a game while we wait!" Pinkie said hopping in place.

"Sorry Pinkie, but I'm going to examine the map more while we wait. Becuase we have to wait for Applejack to bring Fluttershy over, I have to find a route that'll make up for the time we lost." Twilight said pulling out her map from her saddlebags with a simple spell.
Pinkie then looked at Rainbow Dash with a questioning look.
"I'm fine Pinkie, I'm just going to fly around for awhile." Rainbow replied, still sounding very annoyed.
"Well, I'll happily play a game or two with you, darling." Rarity told Pinkie, happily. "What game did you have in mind?"
"Hmm" Pinkie placed her hoof to her chin and thought for a second before bouncing back up and saying "I know, how about we play tic tac toe!!" Pinkie said with a little too much excitement.
"Oh, that sounds wonderful!"

Rarity and Pinkie began to start making marks on the ground so that they could play. After a few minutes, and Pinkie winning ten games already, Rainbow Dash lowered down near Twilight. "Hey, Twilight," Rainbow whispered. Twilight looked up from her map and looked at Rainbow Dash, then looked back down to her map.
"What is it?" she said with little interest.
"Have you noticed how... Close Rarity and Pinkie Pie have been today?" Twilight looked up at the two ponies playing tic tac toe and saw that Rarity was pouting, and she was saying something about seventeen games in a row should not be possible.

"What are you talking about, Rainbow? They're just passing the time with a simple game."
"Well, it's not just that. This whole time we've been climbing this mountain they've been walking next to eachother really closely, I mean, they're practically cuddling while walking. And there was the fact that Pinkie complimented Rarity's scarf."
Twilight thought about this, but almost immediately passed it for nothing important. "I think you're just looking too far into it. I mean, they could be walking close so that if one trips the other one can catch her, this is a pretty steep mountain, after all. And of course Pinkie would compliment Rarity's scarf, it was pink. Pinkie Pie loves pink." Twilight finished, but then a question filled her mind. "Wait. Why were you looking at them like that anyway?"
"Huh? Oh, no reason. It's just that, we've been going really slowly and I was really bored, so I decided to watch you guys below while I flew. And I just happened to notice." Rainbow replied. Twilight searched for a lie, but as far as she could tell, Rainbow was being completely honest.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense." Twilight finished, thinking that the whole conversation was done. But, something in the back of her mind reminded her of something. A little while back she had tried to do some research on romance, but no books she read ever satisfied her interest. She read almost every romance novel in her library and still did not understand romance at all. The entire concept of love and romance was one of the few things she did not understand at all. So, Twilight started thinking, maybe she should keep her eye on the two ponies. If Rainbow Dash was right, then Twilight would learn a lot from them.

Just then she looked up at Pinkie and Rarity and saw that they were still playing their game. She looked over at Rainbow Dash and said "Well, I guess it IS a little odd that they've been playing that silly game so long."
"Ah-ha! See? I knew it!" Rainbow said victoriously. Twilight looked back at them and then back at Rainbow. She thought for a second to come up with a plan.
"Okay, this is what we'll do. We're going to keep a close eye on them the rest of the day, and if we don't think anything is up by the end of the day, we'll drop it." Twilight finished her plan, and Rainbow Dash responded by giving Twilight her most serious expression she could muster, and placing her hoof to her forehead.
"Got it, boss!"

"Okay, so we'll start simple for now. Let's both casually stroll by them and see what they're talking about." Rainbow nodded in response. Twilight and Rainbow put on their most casual faces and slowly walked, and flew, past the two ponies. Just as they went passed, Pinkie lowered her head and drew another circle with her nose, making three circles lined up in a row.
"Woo-hoo! I win again!" Pinkie yelled.
"Ugh, that's thirty five games in a row. Best of seventy one?" Rarity said popping up with enthusiasm.

Twilight and Rainbow Dash continued until they were passed hearing distance. Just as they were about to talk about what they heard, Twilight saw something coming around the corner. Applejack was finally here with Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash seeing this, just remembered why they were there in the first place, and it immediately frustrated her again. Especially since it appeared that Fluttershy was still in a shocked state. Since the last time they saw her, her expression hadn't changed at all.

Applejack was dragging Fluttershy behind her, she had tied Fluttershy's tail around her her, so that she didn't have to carry her.
"*Huff* We *huff* made *huff* it." Applejack said just as she finished she collapsed.
"Told you it would take them forever." Rainbow Dash whispered to Twilight.


Author's note

I want to thank PonymianRhapsody for editing this fic, without him it'd be a lot worse. I hope you continue to read this fic, and I hope you enjoyed this small prologue.

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