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{Insert Rarijack Here}


Once upon a time , Discord became reformed. But then the boredom set in. So he decided to do the most chaotic and least harmful thing he could. Ship ponies.

But one faithful morning he finds he is not the only one, and him and Celestia go on the quest to make Rarijack canon!

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"Backup Plan."

Lost it here.

"Thou hast impressed us! We demandeth thou to make more of these fanfics! And thou must tape the Orange one and the marshmallow together more often! It is hilarious!"

The marshmallow one!! Oh, man! :rainbowlaugh:

In other words... There are no words to describe this fic. Loved every moment of it!!! I'm calling it now, it'll be in top rated very, very soon!

I'll fix them as soon as I can.

I wondered why there was a quotation mark at the start, you clever clod you...

If it was not for the big final revelation of this being just a big fanfic I would not have like this story, well played

Okay. I am confused. Was the cake... And the dream... And Equestria creation... "Windows.exe has shut down and is attempting to reboot"

now i don't get this fic?

:rainbowhuh: That was... Certainly unexpected. All of it. The fourth wall jokes, the roofies, Pinkie Pie clopping...
:twilightsheepish: That's my theory of what she was doing.
:pinkiesmile: Welp, time to see what else Shutup868 meant by "This author writes like you." when they sent me this.

Haha! The fun has been doubled!

I love that Supernatural episode! :pinkiehappy:

Ok. This a thing. I like it . Let's continue.

This is so oddly amusing.... you should continue it!!

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