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Experience of Love - Shigo96

After the siren's defeat they'll go through a change of themselfes

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It was half an hour after Adagio and Sunset left the house to take a walk. It was silent between them the whole time.
Adagio just stared at the ground while Sunset was thinking about what to say now. She knew that she had to be careful what to say, she didn't want to rush Adagio.
They walked across the street and passed a few buldings until they stood in front of Sugarcube Corner.

"Wanna go drink a coffee?" asked Sunset, "I'll invite you." she said.

"Yeah sure. Thank you." Adagio replied.

"Nah, not for that." said Sunset, smiling at the girl next to her.

Adagio and Sunset entered Sugarcube Corner and sat down on a table next to the large window. The waitress took their orders and brought their coffees not five minutes later. They sat there in awkward silence. Just looking at each other every now and then but nobody spoke a word for quite a long time. Finally Sunset broke the silence.

"Why don't you say anything?" asked Sunset.

"I don't know what to say. By the way, you didn't speak a word either until now." said Adagio, slightly grinning.

"Okay, you're right." said Sunset with a giggle. "So... How's it going for you? Especially with Aria and Sonata, if you don't mind me asking."

"Pretty well actually. We had a lot to talk and so we did. I finally got the chance to tell them what happened to me back in Equestria. Before I met them. I know that I did things which are unforgivable but I wasn't me the whole time... Gosh. That just sounds like a poor excuse but I'm glad that they know that I never wanted to be who I was."

"It isn't just an excuse. It's the truth. And I'm really glad to hear that you're getting along with them."

"I'm glad too. I really thought that they'd hate me and avoid me for the rest of my life but thankfully they don't."

"See? Just like I said when we spoke for the first time." said Sunset, laying her hand over Adagio's.

"Yeah. You where right." said Adagio, smiling at the girl and blushing slightly.

Sunset returned the smile and stared deep into Adagio's eyes for a long moment. Adagio began to get nervous. She felt the heat rising in her face and she didn't know what to say or what Sunset was expecting from her. It was awkwardly silent between them until Sunset spoke up again.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Adagio replied.

"Okay, if you say so." said Sunset, "So... You wanted to tell me what's bothering you."

"Nothing's bothering me. It's just that I'm a little bit confused."


"Please don't laugh at me when I tell you this. I know that it'll be ridiculous for you..."

"I won't laugh."

"Okay. Well... Uh... Do you remember that day two weeks ago where Aria got mad at Rarity?"

"Well, I remember that day but what do you mean with Aria getting mad at her? She never was." said Sunset with a smirk.

"But when Aria wasn't mad, why was her face red like a tomato after Rarity said that she believes that Aria has a "crush" on Sonata?"

"Because she nailed it. Aria wasn't mad, she was embarrassed indicating that Rarity was right. Or maybe just because everybody began to laugh and thats why Aria's tone sounded harsh as she said that Rarity should shut up."

"Okay. Uh..." Adagio rubbed her neck nervously, "I know that sounds ridiculous and that I should know that after I've been here over centuries but I never gave attention to things like that..." said Adagio, "Uh... What is that "crush" thing?" she asked, blushing from embarrassment.

"Thats a tough question. I mean, I know what it is but it's hard to explain because love isn't a thing, it's a feeling."

"But I was speaking from a crush, not from love." said Adagio. Sunset nearly facepalmed but she could stop herself from doing that and just stared dumbfounded at Adagio for a brief moment.

"Well... Beeing in love is actually that what we call a crush. And that feeling is a thing which I can't really explain. You have to experience it."

"Okay, that makes sense. But when I fall in love, how do I know that I'm in love?"

"When you aren't able to stop thinking about this person. When your stomach is tingling when the person you feel affected to smiles at you or touches you or when your face gets warm when that person compliments you. But all this are just indicating hints. In all honesty I don't really know what you'll go through until you know it. Nobody does. But when it happens you'll know it."

"Wow..." was all what Adagio could say for that moment. What Sunset just explained to her was exactly that what Adagio felt towards her but she didn't know how to tell her. She was afraid of how Sunset would react. If she'd reject her or if she felt the same way about Adagio.

"So... When it happens, how do I know that that person feels the same way?" asked Adagio nervously, turning her head away hoping that Sunset wouldn't notice that she was blushing like crazy.

"This depends on how that person acts towards you. Some people hide it, other people show it. But it's always difficult so you have to tell him or her how you feel to know for sure."

"Well... Okay. I guess I get it... Uh... Thanks for answering my questions... I really didn't know all that..." Adagio stammered nervously, her face still a bit red.

"No problem. But in all honesty... Uh... You've been here for centuries and you didn't notice at least a bit of that? I mean... It was everywhere around you..."

"Ridiculous right? I know. But it's not that I didn't notice. I just didn't understand why people were acting like this but I never paid attention to figure out. I didn't care about those things until a few weeks ago... Sirens have different feelings than humans and that's why we didn't really know how to deal with this."

"Well. That explains a lot."

The girls went silent again and drank their coffees. After another coffee they paid and left Sugarcube Corner.

"Do you want to go back home or something else?" asked Sunset.

"I dunno... Uh... What do you prefer?"

"I'd like to spend more time with you alone. We never did that before."

"Yeah, you're probably right. So what are we gonna do now?"

"How about me showing you my favourite hiding place?"

"Hiding place?"

"Yeah. I often go there when I want to be alone without anybody around me. It seems like those people here don't know about that place. I never saw anybody around there."

"There's seriously nobody around? Sounds nice... Lead the way then... I guess..."

Sunset smiled softly at Adagio and grabbed her hand. Adagio said nothing and felt her stomach tingling like crazy. They walked across a few streets and arrived at the park where they also walked a long way through. After half an hour of walking they arrived at Sunset's hiding place.
It was a little part of a beach which was surrounded with big rocks and trees. No wonder that almost nobody knew that place. It was completely untouched.

"This is the place where I landed when I came her from Equestria." Sunset explained as she gently squeezed Adagio's hand. Adagio said nothing. She just stood there and looked around the place which was stunningly beautiful for her.

"This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." said Adagio.

"I'm really glad to hear that. I love this place. If you don't want to be disturbed by anything then this is the perfect place to rest." said Sunset with a big grin. Sunset and Adagio were talking about everything they came up with and they didn't really notice that it was getting dark already until Sunset took a look at the time.

"Holy shit, it's getting late. I think we should go soon, it's really cold here when it's dark."

"Huh? But I don't really want to leave..." Adagio pouted.

"I said soon, not now." said Sunset as she winked at her. She stepped closer to Adagio and sat next to her as they watched the sun disappear in the horizon.

"I never realized how beautiful a sunset could be." said a stunned Adagio.

"Do you mean the sunset or me?" Sunset asked with a wink.

"Uuuh... B-Both?" Adagio stammered, her face flushing bright red. Sunset just smiled softly at her and looked deep into her eyes. A few moments later Sunset slowly approached her head towards Adagio's. Adagio was lost in her thoughts and didn't notice what Sunset was doing. She thought about how she could tell Sunset how she felt, she knew that this was the right moment.

"Now or never." Adagio thought to herself as she felt a pair of lips connecting her own. Her eyes went wide, her stomach began to tingle and she got goose bumps all over her body. Soon she relaxed and closed her eyes as she slowly melted into the kiss. It felt warm and soft, she forgot everything which was around her. Instictively Adagio brought her arms around Sunset's neck as Sunset did the same. A few moments later they parted, staring deep into each others eyes and smiling widely.

"So... Does that mean... you l...l-like me?" Adagio asked nervously.

"No, Adagio." said Sunset, "I love you." she whispered into Adagio's ear.

"R-Really?" she asked, Sunset nodded, "I uh... I... I l-love you t-too." Adagio stammered. Sunset pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her again. A minute later Sunset pulled back, smiling widely and so did Adagio.

"What does that mean now?" asked Adagio.

"That I'm your girlfriend now. And you're mine." Sunset replied softly. Adagio smilet at her and brought her into a tight hug. It was silent now. But it wasn't awkward for a change. They just enjoyed each others embrace. After a few minutes Sunset spoke up again.

"We should go home now, it's late and pretty cold." said Sunset.

"I don't really want to but you're right. I don't want Aria and Sonata to worry about me." Adagio replied.

Adagio and Sunset linked their hands and began to walk home. A long walk later they arrived at the Dazzlings house. Sunset kissed her goodbye and left and Adagio stepped inside the house with a wide smile on her face. She walked through the living room without noticing Aria and Sonata sitting on the couch. Adagio got a little heart attack as she heard Aria's voice.

"That was a really long walk. How did it go?" she asked.

"Damn it, Aria! You scared me!" Adagio shrieked but immediatly calmed down, "Yeah, it sure was. And it was the best day of my life." she said.

"What happened?" Sonata asked curiously.

"Well..." Adagio hesitated, a bit afraid of their reaction about what she was going to say, "She's my girlfriend now."

"That's nice!" Sonata said cheerful, "I'm happy for you!".

"Me too." said Aria, slightly grinning.

"Thank you girls. You don't know how much that means to me." said Adagio with a soft voice.

"No problem." Aria and Sonata said at the same time.

"Anyway, I'll go to sleep now." said Adagio, yawning and stretching a bit, "I'm pretty tired."

"Well then. Have a good night!" said Sonata.

"Believe me. I will."

Author's Note:

That was a hard one to write considering that this wasn't my plan at the beginning. Anyway, hope you enjoyed :twilightsmile:

As alwas: Grammar issues and spelling errors, blah blah

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