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Twilight knows the Apples. Three siblings and a grandmother. Live on a farm. Oh, and apples!

Except none of this is true. Twilight Sparkle is about to discover to her horror what the Apples actually are, and they certainly are far more than they seem to be...

And this revelation may just come with a high price.

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Comments ( 16 )

Interesting....Interesting. This will definitely be a unique concept.

I got the idea from this:

So I asked myself, "how do you explain Granny Smith to me? Looks kind of old to be any daughter of AJ's, right?"

Then I concluded that the Apples must be Time Lords.

6157612 Indeed....Also Husband? Were did that come form.

How is this incomplete, looks complete to me?

Because it is complete, I simply forgot to let everybody know that! Thanks for pointing that out, and thanks for faving!

6157612 wow its like the people who wrote that know nothing about mlp

Kinda would've prefered if it they were good instead of evil...

But still a good story.


And you know, I'll bet that may be the reason why this got so many dislikes; it's because by making Big Mac an antagonist, it has the
effect on people. I may make an alternate take depicting Big Mac as a very different sort of Time Lord.


Hmm... Maybe the alternate one could have Applejack as the star though? That'd be interesting, just an idea, it's still a great story, this is just an idea...

The sun was setting, causing the clouds to be set into a pastiche of numerous firey colors.

Well, it beats: It was a Sunny Day in Ponyville.

Finally, Big Mac spoke:
"I think it's time to drop the charade. We're not who you ever thought we were."

Gasp of shock.

"We come from the planet Gallopfrey."

Ten points off fro the pun.

Applejack put a sympathetic hoof on his shoulder. "It's okay honey-bun. Still..." she added with a sigh, turning back to Twilight, "it's an incredible shame that she never got to be on our side. She was my favourite native around here."

We're seriously ending it here? ITs not over yet, and you casually killed of Twilight for...what, shock value?
eh. Its alright, but it could have been better.

This was a fun read. I could see this being turned into a series. Too bad about Twilight though. :S

I really enjoyed this story, you came up with an interesting concept. It would've been interesting if this had been made into a series exploring this more. Anyways it was a good story to read.


Chloroform isn't lethal if you just put the cloth over someone's face briefly. It just knocks them out.


True but I figure that the plan was to brainwash Twilight Sparkle because did not join them. The Master, if he planned to kill, Twilight Sparkle would have used a faster surer weapon.

The trouble with anesthetics used for incapacitating, is that difference between not enough, the right amount, and an overdose is razor-thin.

6825653 - Right. The safe amount to use would vary depending on the individual being knocked out.

Well at least we know that The War Chief will ultimately be defeated, though even then if he The Master, then the universe will still be troubled by him time and again.

*ties you up in a chair*


Nah seriously good work, you need to write the next story.....

Oh wait *unties you from chair* sorry

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