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"Healthy" Competition - IfFoundReturntoRarity

A new pony has just opened up a clothing store in Ponyville! Is she just trying to follow her dream like any other pony has the right to, or does she have something against Rarity?

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Chapter 2

Author's Note:

Sorry for how late this chapter came! Like I said, I got incredibly busy, and the chapter was originally lost on my computer, so I had to write it all over again.

I tried to clean up all errors on my own, as I still don't have a proper editor. For when I posted it in a couple of "looking for editor" places, I've never received a response. So if you've seen something that slipped my radar, please let me know immediately.

Thank you! :raritywink:

Dear Rarity,

In regards to the new store location in Manehattan, the details regarding the floor space has been cleared up. We can now discuss what you’ll be focusing on in the new location, and the upcoming exclusive line for the store. It is important that we make time to have this conversation, and relatively soon, to finalize these details. The earliest date I may be able to travel to your current boutique in Ponyville would be the 17th of next month. Please be prepared.

Until then,

Hoity Toity

Finished reading, Rarity used her magic, sending it across the room and pinned it to the wall just above her work station. It was incredibly important for her to remember the date, as Hoity Toity is not one with a flexible schedule. She sat back down at her desk, and rubbed her hooves in her eyes. Things looked a bit packed for her in the coming weeks. Not to mention, things haven’t been all that fantastic the past few days, either.

Rarity’s newest client was an Earth pony named Persnickety, and to her discovery, a rather impatient one. The day she was set to meet with him was the day she was running back from Fabrica’s. Despite making it a few minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time, Persnickety was standing outside waiting for her. Apparently he had the wrong time scheduled, and began to berate Rarity as soon as she arrived, as he believed her to be tardy. It took all of her might to try to calm him down, and even after she proved to have the correct time, and offered to make up for his waiting by offering a sizable discount, he still didn’t appear too happy.

He needed 5 gowns of various sizes for his daughter’s cute-ceañera, and needed them in just a week. Fortunately for Rarity, she had enough fabric to get the job done, and in a matter of days, had already completed 2 gowns, and was adding the finishing touches on the 3rd.


“Just a moment, I’ll be right there!” Rarity got up from her work desk, and proceeded to walk downstairs. That’s odd, I wasn’t expecting anypony… She looked at her clock hanging on the wall. It read 3:30. Sweetie Belle is a bit late, but she said she would be playing with her friends. And even still, she never would ring the doorbell, she just comes right in. Rarity opened the door, to reveal Persnickety.

“Mr. Persnickety! Oh what a pleasure to see you again, I was just in the middle of the 3rd gown, one of the filly-sized ones, would you like to come in and see-”

“Yes, I came here to speak about those, I’m cancelling the order.” Bewildered by the statement, Rarity took a step back.

“W-what do you mean you’re cancelling it?”

“Don’t need it anymore. Found a better shop, had some clothing ready. As such, I have no use for what I ordered from you.”

“But what about what I’ve already completed, will you at least be taking those?”

“I have no use for them, just sell them to someone else.”

“But Mr. Persnickety, I’m simply afraid I cannot! The order you placed was so incredibly detailed with measurements and in design that it would be almost impossible to find another pony who would be a fit!”

“That’s not my problem, I came here to cancel the order, and I’ve done so. It’s your problem what to do with the current gowns, I will not be accepting them nor paying. Good day.” With that, Persnickety trotted off. Holding herself back so she didn’t escalate the situation, Rarity just slammed the door.

“AAAAAAARH!” After letting out her scream, she walked upstairs to her room. Without a second thought, she climbed onto her bed and just laid there. Opal took notice of this, and in a rare moment of compassion, joined Rarity and curled up beside her.

“Oh Opal… What am I going to do about this?” She put her hoof around her cat. “It’s just so stressful. How could he do that, make me rush through completing dresses on a short time frame, clearing my schedule, and to cancel it? And for what?” Rarity rolled over in bed. “He mentioned finding a new shop… could it be…?” She put her hoof to her eyes, wiping away the forming tears. “She can’t already be hurting my business, can she? I don’t want…” She held Opal closer. “I don’t want to get closed out of my home town…”


“Rarity! What are you doing? It’s only the afternoon, it’s not bed time already!”

“WAHAHA~!” Rarity, startled from her sleep, awoke to the sight of her younger sister. “Sweetie Belle, you’re home late, where have you been?”

“Apple Bloom and Scootaloo wanted to check out that new store in Ponyville, so we went. I didn’t really find anything interesting though. Especially since I’m trying to save up for that new music player and-“

“Wait, just a moment Sweetie Belle.” Rarity got out of her bed. “What store are you talking about?”

“The new clothing store. Apparel Avenue. I didn’t like it too much because I felt there wasn’t anything really special to it, your store is much better!”

“Thank you dear. You have no idea how much better that makes me feel.” Rummaging her hooves through her mane, Rarity trotted over to her desk. “I just lost a customer to her. I’m not feeling too great about it.” She sighed, and picked up the pen, and already started sketching up some new designs. “I guess I just have to pick myself up and start over.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Thank you for asking though.”

“Really? You know you can tell me.”

“Normally I’m the one telling you that.” Rarity giggled at that. “I’m just… well… I never had to deal with something like this before. I guess I have a bit of anxiety.”

“Oh… and um, I should tell you something. The pegasus who runs the shop-”


“Yes her. She asked who we were, so I, um, told her I was your sister. And she said she needed to stop by if that was okay. I was sure what to say, so I said it was okay…”

“She’s coming here?”

“Yes… Did I do something wrong?”

“No, absolutely not. Thank you darling.” Rarity gave a gentle hug to Sweetie Belle. She did say she wanted to finish fixing that gown… maybe she’s here to drop it off. “Did she say how soon she’d be here?”

“She looked like she was getting ready to leave shortly after we-”


“I’m going to assume that’s her. Wait here Sweetie.” Well that certainly was fast. Rarity left Sweetie Belle in her room, and walked down the staircase. “I’m on my way! The door’s open!” Making it downstairs, she encountered Fabrica making her way inside. “How have you been darling?”

“Well I’ve been fine, business is okay.” Fabrica inspected the area around her, almost judging the boutique.

“Might I ask, what brings you here? I wasn’t expecting you.” Rarity noticed Fabrica didn’t have a clothing bag on her, or something of the sort. So she clearly wasn’t there to return the dress.

“I was running my store, and happened to bump into your younger sister! I thought it would be okay to stop by and say hello if you were around.” She continued to look all around the room, as if looking for something that wasn’t there. “I thought you wouldn’t mind.”

“No not at all! But, um, is there something in particular you were looking for?” Rarity tried to start up some conversation, she was getting a bit uncomfortable with how Fabrica was almost snooping around.

“As I mentioned before, I was kind of interested in selling some higher end stuff.” She walked up to one of the dresses on a mannequin. “How much does one like this sell for?”

“Well, that one in particular is about 200 bits.”

“Sounds a bit pricy. What’s the reason?”

“Well, the material is pretty expensive, and the time it takes to create the details goes into the price, I try to be a bit generous and sell things a bit lower than they’d usually go, but I also have to keep my store open.”

“Understandable, I get it.” Fabrica stopped her apparent wandering, and looked to Rarity. “I apologize for barging in, I just thought I could come over and stop by, say hello, chit chat, the usual.”

For wanting to come over to… ‘chit chat’, you don’t seem to be too interested in it. Rarity thought to herself. “Would you perhaps like to have some tea or something? I can place some hot water on the stove.”

“Well, if it’s not too much trouble, sure!” Rarity then led Fabrica to the kitchen, and she took a seat as Rarity prepared the tea.

“Have you had any interesting customers yet recently, in your short time here?” Rarity said, again trying to spark up some discussion as she placed a tea cup where Fabrica was sitting, and went to grab her own.

“Why yes, actually, just yesterday! There was this one rather… interesting individual. His name was Persnickety, and he-”


The shattered cup she just dropped was the last thing on her mind for the moment. At that second, Rarity’s mind just went blank.

“Is everything okay?” asked Fabrica.

“I apologize darling. I foolishly wasn’t paying attention.” Rarity just stared at the shattered mess, unable to move to clean it up.

“You know, maybe I should leave, I’m sorry for troubling you.”

“D-don’t worry about it, really.” Fabrica didn’t hear Rarity say that, she was already at the door. But Rarity didn’t mean to say it to her, she was saying it to herself. And she wasn’t talking about the broken tea cup.

Standing over the counter, and with her fears confirmed, Rarity cried again.

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