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Cover artwork by Kirby Fokson: http://fokson.tumblr.com/post/18654545174/commissions

#1 of the Techorse short story series.

Techorse has gotten accustomed to living in Ponyville, and needs to have his castle inspected by Celestia to ensure that it's safe. Twilight, when helping him to clean up his home, suggests they use a shrink ray Techorse has invented to study objects from the perspective that insects have. But when they in conjunction with Pinkie Pie make a mistake, everything goes haywire!

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Fantastic Voyage: Pony Edition.

Very good story. Faved and liked:pinkiehappy:

i was thinking about this story in gym AND WHAT HAPPENS NEXT I TAKE A SOCCER BALL TO THE NUTS AND IT FUCKING HURT:flutterrage::twilightangry2:

640991 Read ponies... and you will feel better.

I'd say, interresting story indeed. Well written good sir.

al' though if they would "teleport" outside of Pinkies vom, and be in such heights then couldent Twilight just levitate them both gently to the ground?

Well, that was actually really good. Wasn't expecting something like this when I got here form the Vore page, but I'm glad I found this. It follows the same friendship lesson premises (Albeit in a slightly more twisted manner of learning) as the show, which is a really nice thing to see.


Goodness, this ended up on a vore page? That was NOT the intent of this story.

2379742 HAHAHA, I'm well aware. :twilightblush:

So many references come to mind.
Fantastic Voyage
And the made for TV(so its obviously badly written and animated)

Not a bad story.

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