• Published 10th Jun 2015
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Let's Play: The Mafia Game - PinkieLunaShy

On a long boring summer day, Pinkie thinks of an interesting game.

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Day 2 part 1

"Morning." mumbled Sweetie Belle, shuffling into the dining room the next morning.

Today was considerably cooler than the days prior, the morning being in the low 50s. Twilight, Spike, AppleJack, and Pinkie Pie where already gathered around the table eating anything from sandwiches to gem oatmeal. Sweetie Belle sat down in the empty seat next to Pinkie Pie and set her head on the table.

"Morning sleepyhead!" chirped Pinkie, standing up, "What do you want for breakfast?"

Sweetie shrugged, "Anything is fine."

Before Pinkie could reply a shrill scream rang though the castle, causing everyone to jump. Pinkie was the first one out the door followed by the rest of them. Racing down the halls, they made it to the door of the room the scream came from. Pushing the door open, Pinkie walked into the room.

"Rarity! What's wrong?" asked Pinkie, rushing over to her friend.

"I've been, been!" Rarity broke out into tears.

"Been what?" asked Twilight, looking at her friend.

"Murdered!" Rarity wailed, falling dramatically back onto her bed.

Fluttershy and Rainbow stumbled into the room, the chiffon haired girl looking utterly terrified while her prism haired companion looked frustrated. The two younger children were right on their heels, peeking there sleepy eyed heads into the room.

"Ugh, what happened?" Rainbow stretched her arms over her head, "What's with the screaming?"

"Rarity's been shot." replied AppleJack, tilting her hat back, "'parently the killer snuck in last night."

"Rarity? She's the first victim? Why? Was she a cop or somethin'?"

Rarity shook her head, "No, I was a poor innocent bystander!"

"At least it wasn't me." muttered Scootaloo to Apple Bloom, causing the girl to nod in agreement.

"How awful!" said Fluttershy, a sad look appearing on her face, "Do you know who did it?"

Rarity sat up in her bed, "I haven't the foggiest idea. Though even if I did I wouldn't be able to tell you."


Rarity got out of bed, "Either way I should get ready for the day."

"We'll leave you to it." said Twilight ushering her friends out of the room.

"You know what we have to do?" asked Pinkie Pie after the rest of the group had come down and was seated at the table.

"Wut?" asked Rainbow, mouth full of oatmeal.

"Have an autopsy!"

Everyone turned and stared at the pinkette with no small amount of shock. Even though Pinkie's ideas were usually far out this had to be one of the weirdest. AppleJack slapped a choking Rainbow Dash on the back, clearing her airway. Twilight was the first one of the group to recover.

"Pinkie! We can't have an autopsy! Rarity isn't dead in a physical sense!" Twilight stared as Pinkie giggled at her friend.

"Its not a real autopsy! Its a pretend one, we have a fake set of forensic scientists and they look for clues in the victims room!" Pinkie bounced in her seat.

"But who?" asked Scootaloo, looking around the table, "Everyone here has a role already."

Before Pinkie could reply there was a knock on the castle door, followed by the sounds of the giant crystal doors creaking open on there hinges.

"Hello?" A voice rang out through the castle, "Twilight?"

"One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater! Where are you!?" Another voice rang out.

"In the dining hall!" Twilight called, not even bothering to get up from her seat.

Sets of armored feet clanked across the crystal floors, only muffled by the few runners that lined some halls. Four guards strode into the dining hall, fully uniformed in Solar Guard gear. Saluting Twilight, they took off their helmets, the others watching in slight awe as the enchantment wore off.

"Hey-o Twilight. Have you seen Discord? He's supposed to travel with us for his weekly get together with Celestia, but we can't find him." One of the guards, Runner asked while shaking out his bright orange mop of curls.

"Actually, no. I haven't seen him in a while, come to think of it." Twilight looked at Fluttershy, who was staring intently at her oatmeal, "Fluttershy, do you know where Discord is?"

Fluttershy jumped in her seat, dropping her spoon, "Oh, no. I haven't seen Discord since our weekly tea last week. He should be at his home though."

"He has a home?" asked the other guard, Golden, pushing up his thick glasses.

"Oh yes." Fluttershy nodded, "Its actually very nice."

"Huh... Who knew?" Shield pushed down on his hair, smoothing it before snapping his fingers, "Oh! Also, we still need to know which guards are going to be part of the 'Friendship' squadron."

"'Friendship Squadron?'" asked Rainbow Dash, leaning back in her chair, "What's that?"

"A group of 4-5 guards that are supposed to be stationed in Ponyville to protect the Castle of Harmony." Starshine stated simply, shrugging her shoulders, "Twilight is supposed to pick out the 4-5 out of the 20 applicants that applied for the positions."

Before anyone could say anything else Pinkie let out a huge gasp. Hopping to her feet she inspected the four individuals. With a nod of her head, she ran out of the room.

"...Does she know of personal space?" Golden stood unblinking.

"It's a concept that seems to escape her, you grow used to it." replied Rainbow as Pinkie dashed back into the room and quickly put goggles and lab coats on the guards.

"...Wut?" Wyatt pushed the goggles up onto his forehead, "I'm confused."

"How about it Twi-Twi?" Pinkie asked, bouncing on her heels.

"I don't know what I'm approving or disapproving." Twilight stared at the pinkette who simply rolled her eyes and laughed.

"My autopsy idea! They can be the forensic scientists!"

"We're on duty though." Stated Runner, "We kinda have work to do."

"Not if she makes you part of her friendship squad thingy!" Pinkie grinned at Twilight.

"...That's a crappy reason to give us the job. I highly doubt Princess Celestia will accept it." Starshine deadpanned Pinkie.

"Please Twilight! Just check!" Pinkie pleaded, looking at her friend with puppy dog eyes.

Twilight looked between her friends. Princess Celestia had been adament about her getting at least a small squadron of guards ever since she became a princess. This would solve that problem, plus it was people she was comfortable with.

With a sigh Twilight said, "Spike, take a letter."

Author's Note:

Oh look. I updated this. Finally.

Yeah not sure how I feel about this chapter, but eeeeh what the hell!

Back a while ago Vamp Dash gave me the autopsy idea so THANKS DUDE/DUDETTE!

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Comments ( 10 )

Not a problem.

Yeesh. Finally.:rainbowlaugh: With Rarity dead, I've narrowed down my suspects... by one.:trollestia:

so rarity is the first victim?

Well, I suppose it is time to compile our clues once again and see if we can discover who the mafia member is, before it is too late and the mafia rules the town.
Spike: Sheriff #1
Rainbow Dash: Doctor #1
Rarity: Murdered Civilian
Twilight: Nothing new or of relevance.
Fluttershy: She walked in... afraid? Interesting... afraid of what...?
Applejack: Lying isn't her forte. She's probably not it.
Pinkie Pie: Autopsy.....? I don't even know anymore...
Scootaloo: "At least it wasn't me" Hm...? Seems like a strange statement. If I were to harbor a guess, I'd say that we just found our second sheriff.
Applebloom and Sweetie Belle: We have yet to see enough of them to tell.

I do believe we have all the evidence in this day one, but day two will offer some more clues on this matter. Who is the murderer? Who is the next victim? Will Dr. Roy G. Biv be able to save a life? Find out next time, where more clues will lie.

P.S. Glad to see another chapter.


Dr. Roy G. Biv

:rainbowlaugh: You magnificent bastard! :pinkiehappy:

6474384 you don't want to know how long it took me to think of that. It's an embarrassingly long amount of time.

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