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Black Nightshade The Night Guard Origins - Black Nightshade

An Origin about the Strongest Night Guard Ever Alive

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Prologue: Introductions

"So... you maggot's think your good enough to be Night Guards, do you?" said the drill sergeant, his green slitted eyes looking at the young males and females standing to attention, not daring to follow his steely gaze.

"Well guess what..." Like a flash, he got in the face of a young male and yelled, making the cadet's ears flatten due to the noise.

"YOUR NOT! If you already had what the Night Guard was looking for, you'd be made a Guard right on the spot..." he got in the face of another male and started him straight in the eye, making his legs start to shake.

"What about you hot shot? Think you got what it takes?" said the Sergeant and the male shook his head, his brown eyes wide with fear.

"N-n-no sir!" said the Cadet with a shaky voice to which the sergeant nodded, a sly smile on his face and walked up the second row; most of the earth ponies were shifting uncomfortably, sweating, or clearing their throats... all except one female.

The sergeant stopped dead in his tracks: the Pegasus, if she could even be called that, was staring straight ahead, two large bat wings tucked behind her back, her punky blue and black mane standing straight up, her tail twitched and her blue slitted eyes blinked.

"Well well well, we have a Bat Pony here. Where you from maggot?" the sergeant asked, getting straight in the pony's face, but she remained stoic, not moving a muscle.

"Sir, I'm from a place called the Sapphire caves Sir!" she said, her voice showing confidence and she continued to stare ahead, even as the sergeant walked behind her, lifting his hoof to her large wings and touching the membrane. She shuddered but kept her attention focused straight ahead.

"I've never seen wings like yours before Cadet, how did you get them?" The sergeant asked and the Bat Pony snapped off, her voice crisp and clear, like flowing water.

"Sir, my mother was an Earth Pony and my father a Dragon/Bat Pony cross. I gained his wings size and Bat Pony characteristics Sir!" she finished, a slight clicking sound coming from her mouth and the sergeant swore he saw sharp, long incisors poking under her lips.

"Thank you Cadet, that will be all!" said the sergeant, the Bat saluting before he walked back to stand in front of the other cadets.

"Well, welcome to the first day of your 3 weeks of boot camp Maggots. Your captain will take you to your bunks. If you have a bunk mate, suck it up! DISMISSED!" yelled the Drill Sergeant, snapping a crisp salute and walking back the way he came.

The ponies started to move, the Bat Pony stretching from standing for so long and yawned. Ever since arriving from her comfy home, she had been stared at, whispered about her looks, and for her clothes which was a high collar shirt and black spider web dress. However, she'd soon show them, she'd show them all how strong she was.

A few minutes later, the Bat Pony entered the small two bedded bunk, as the Captain, a pony with raven black hair and a flying uniform, held the door open.

"So, you're the Bat Pony huh? Nice to have you here." he said, as the Bat Pony placed a small carry bag on the bottom bunk, looking back at the Captain.

"Thank you Captain." said the Bat Pony and he nodded, closing the door. The door clicked in the frame and the Bat Pony looked around once again, her ears twitching as she got used to the strange sounds, until...

"Oh my, I didn't expect to see you standing there!"

The Bat Pony jumped, turning around to see a green female Pegasus standing in the bathroom door, steam slowly escaping from under her fetlocks

'How did I not hear the water running? Could be she just finished.' The Bat Pony thought and walked over to her bag, beginning to organise the contents when the mare came walking across.
"No don't, relax. i'll deal with your stuff for you." she said, The Bat Pony taking a few steps back.

"Thank you." she said, the mare smiling and getting to work with the Bat Pony's bag...

A few seconds later, The Bat Pony was examining the clean and organised placing of her items and turned to see the mare had dried herself off and hung her towel up, her long blonde mane spilling out.

"I'm Swift, nice to meet you." She stuck a hoof out and the Bat Pony held her hoof up, then grabbed Swift's hoof and shook it.

"I'm Black, Black Nightshade. Nice to meet you too." said Black, a small trace of a smile adorning her lips, as Swift smiled as well.

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