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Following the events of "Make New Friends, But Keep Discord," Twilight tries to find out if Celestia has feelings for Discord.

*Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 34 )

How curious, I wonder where you will take this.

Questions are in mind:
Where was Luna at?
How did Punch liner Maud literally punch?
Why is Twilight afraid to ask Flash Sentry out?

If you have an opportunity to edit this chapter, I'd say go for it. The dialogue and characterizations can be more natural and Twilight's objective can be more streamlined to avoid repitition.

Twilight has no respect for someones privacy?

Come on Twi, basic friendship should have taught you not to pry.

6080909 Once this fanfic is completed, I'm going to have someone edit the whole thing.

uuuh its getting really interesting here ^^
i miss the romance tag tho

I've been reading your story, and I have to say, I'm intrigued! I can see that you're going somewhere with this story, and I'm eager to find out where!! :twistnerd:

Next line “ Run Sunny! They're onto us.”

Protective? More like possessive.

Jeez twi. I wonder if she will lose the ability to use her element if she keeps abusing iits powers like this.

"Fluttershy's right, Twilight," added Rarity. "Perhaps maybe you'd better let this go. I mean, you acted like this before at your brother's wedding and we all know what happened then."

Yup Rarity we indeed do know. Twilight got sent to a cave and found the real candancr after nearly trying to kill her. Escaped said cave, fought through brides maids, revealed that the wedding was actually a sham which started a changeling invasion that nearly took over canterlot and all because no one listened to her seemingly paranoid thoughts.

So.. how is her acting this way again bad or reason to ignore her again?

Discord really needs to learn about casual dating. You don't need to marry her, bro. :ajbemused:

Quite a good chapter. I'm excited to see more!

uh interessting ^^ so it IS turning into a romance :3 LOVE IT

Quick Discord! Blackmail Twilight of her secret meetings with Flash Sentry and Luna's magazines!!!!

Well that was fast. From, just friends to having feelings for celestia. Not quite sure what twi and luna are doing, don't they need the Elements to contain discord? Seems a little silly to walk in un-armed so to speak.

Very adorable idea and all, however some phrases are a bit repetitive. The point of views kind of switch around a few times, when it began at Twilight's.

6094638 I actually took that part out as I am going to be rewriting Chapter 5 tomorrow to make the story flow better. If you go on my blogs, I wrote a blog concerning this and why I am doing it.

6141497 oh ok. I'll go have a look at that blog!
Good luck with the writing.

6091225 Twi's out of line, but yeah, don't go there Rares. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm in love with this fanfic!
Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

Yeah, this is much better than Luna and Twilight screaming at Celestia and Discord.

6149958 I didn't know what the hell I was thinking when I wrote that. :facehoof:

"1,000 years ago, they ruled Equestria with the love and respect that they showed for their subjects,"

Wasn't Luna's banishment 1000 years ago, though? Might need to move that history a bit further back. :twilightsmile:

strange cut ending there but MAN
haha its sooo much better now
glad you re-wrote that chapter ^^ it was terrible haha

"There is much more to this pony than meets the eye," he thought to himself. "Perhaps I should learn about my history and teach her that I am not the master of chaos that I claimed to be."

This line confuses me. It almost sounds like even Discord doesn't remember everything about his own history...

Twilight what!? I don't know about Discord, but i'd be very upset if someone was forcing me to tell them my PERSONAL history! I mean, it may help to talk about your troubled pass, but nobody should ever demand you to do so. I know Twilight cares about Celestia, but that is no excuse to teleport someone out of there home, wake them up and interrogate them, then demand to know of there past! Rude.

Despite my mini rant, I really Do like the story. What Twilight did doesn't make me think the story is bad or anything, it simply shows me how much Twilight cares for Celestia. Enough to throw manners and the feelings of others under the bus.


6154176 That's because he doesn't want to remember it.

replied Twilight. "But, I don't want to be kept waiting any longer.

omg i so hate how twi thinks she needs to know everything
she doesnt have the right to act like that ...
its his past

"Fluttershy's right, Twilight," added Rarity. "Perhaps maybe you'd better let this go. I mean, you acted like this before at your brother's wedding and we all know what happened then."

Wow Rarity, way out of line there. Twilight may be acting like a jerk but jeez, that's not something you just bring up in conversation.

soooooo.... your gonna tell us when the rest of the story is posted right?:pinkiehappy:

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